Morning: avatar problem such as financing, apple submitted new patent zoom lens

cloud network hunting on February 13 (text/who)

take letter, Tutu, avatar, purple light group received financing

change according to the social “took the letter” by IDG series A $3 million investment. in terms of communication level, and “took the letter,” the biggest characteristic is initiated by changing photos chat, the other party shall reply a drawing of the current scene or photo album can see photo of my hair in the past.

images barrage social turning online two months received thousands of angels. turning is a focus on niche mobile terminal image social applications. Can be seen from its name and Logo, this is a speech function as the breakthrough point of the product.

“avatar” won $18 million in A round. Fran venture led by Ann. After the introduction of A round of investment, Chen Lijiang said. “that question will continue to adhere to answer for K12 users to provide quality free services, through the photo problem solving, crowdsourcing problem solving, one-to-one problem solving A variety of patterns, implement extreme experience of answering questions in A minute.”

purple light group received 10 billion yuan investment. scale more than 100 billion yuan of national integrated circuit industry investment fund to the purple light group’s chip business investment of 10 billion yuan. After obtaining financing, purple light group will expand recruitment, to expand the scale of the chip business as soon as possible.


apple mobile devices zoom lens new patent

the United States patent and trademark office released the apple to submit an application for a patent for a file, the patent applications relating to a new “mirror tilt drive” (mirror tilt actuation) system. Although apple just for the iPhone 6 Plus added a kind of advanced “the optical image stabilization” function, but the patent is brought by the real mechanical zoom function.

Pinterest work with apple to launch the App Pins

Pinterest to be a partner with the App Store App Pins, that is, the user does not need to jump out Pinterest to App Store can download the application directly to the iPhone or on the device. Find the right App idea where to find products, tourism, interesting content, Pinterest interest recommend their engines will be according to your conduct record recommend related App for you.

images social applications Pinterest intends to push “buy” button

digital scrapbooking service Pinterest is to launch a service electrical contractor groundwork in the future, it is the fastest may be in 3 to 6 months to launch a “buy” button. Pinterest users without leaving our Pinterest site or application can directly to place an order for them on Pinterest website found that some of the goods and pay.

QQ music online 5.0: the new friend hit feature

in addition to the visual and sound quality upgrade: a new page, SQ sound quality. QQ music version V5.0 also new friends “hit”, tells you what song popular in friends circle, Mini player bar support traverse quickly cut song, tailored “guess you like”.

many deny unicom telecom will combine

Internet report about “unicom and telecom will merge” “mobile” will merge with network news is widely spread, as a result, China unicom afternoon opening harden, China mobile and China telecom set up 5%. However, the ministry of industry and the three major telecom operators have denied the authenticity of the news.

the Wall Street journal: drops and fast is to negotiate a merger

the Wall Street journal said, citing people familiar with the alibaba group, and tencent, China’s two largest taxi taxi application are discussing a merger, if the two companies merge, that would put an end to battle for their customers and to establish a dominant in the new company.

company, the company send Q4 earnings

in the fourth quarter on revenue of $193 million, the company more than $176 million over the same period last year growth of 9%; Net loss of $45.1 million, compared with a net loss of $25.2 million during the same period last year has widened.

in the fourth quarter revenue of $925.4 million, the company more than $768.4 million over the same period last year increased by 20%; Net profit attributable to common shareholders of $8.8 million, with a year earlier attributable to common shareholders of a big improvement compared to a net loss of $81.25 million.

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