Morning: apple’s research and development of intelligent glasses, gree formally enter the mobile phone field

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apple also for product research and development of intelligent glasses

Piper Jaffray analyst gene? Who was reported, industry sources said apple has a small team is developing and exploring the augmented reality. If apple produced for the mass consumer type glasses equipment, at the same time is different from the prototype currently on the market, with its design and “fashion” would likely consumers are willing to really use the product.

new apple patents: fuel cells can keep the cell phone last weeks

the U.S. patent and trademark office to apple granted a patent, titled “the portable computing devices, the power supply of fuel cell system”. Patent claims that the future can take advantage of various fuels, including hydrogen, methanol, its energy into electricity, to power a mobile device. So, computing devices, battery life can be a few days or weeks.

as a result, the standards of a good man and want to change.

yahoo closed Beijing global r&d center

yahoo announced, senior vice President of Beijing global r&d center is closed, its business will merge with the rest of the team. Yahoo said that will be fair and just arranged the affected employees and help them get through this period. , according to people familiar with the yahoo could provide “N + 4” to the employees compensation.

yue four season transition, headhunters, once more.

alibaba give up investment in India’s electricity Snapdeal

alibaba has been possible to Snapdeal investment consultation, but the content of the consultation is not including previous India the economic times reported $1 billion in financing, alibaba won’t consider investment Snapdeal immediately.

how governor ma at this time of the “silent”, who is quietly?

gree electric appliances will formally enter the mobile

chairman dong mingzhu, gree electric appliances for the first time foreign shows the gree mobile phone, this means that the traditional electronics makers will officially enter the mobile phone field. Dong mingzhu announced in a speech, gree is ready and are using the phone, gree intelligent mobile phones don’t emphasize, “Internet of things” concept, using a mobile phone to control household appliances, regulating the living environment.

the shivering, millet. Aunt tung said he says.

China unicom into the smart home market

China unicom released “smart home” business, including intelligent household business applications: users can through mobile phones for a variety of intelligent devices in the home. At present, China unicom intelligent household service is still in guangdong pilot, through cooperation with real estate companies, will be the overall combination of intelligent household equipment when decorate in the family.

Facebook allows its chat tool to transfer your friends

Messenger announced officially launched mobile wallet and mobile payment services, chat friends can be realized by shortcut personal remittance and so on. This means that Facebook, also set foot in the Google, apple, PayPal giants such as was the mobile payment market competition.

WeChat, you can be globally, made a good example.

tencent, hkust xunfei digital, net of the qin dynasty, long bang, le ju, Adobe get rich report

tencent’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 20.978 billion yuan, up 24% from a year earlier. Based on general accounting rules, net profit of 5.86 billion yuan, up 50% from a year earlier. Based on the general accounting, net income of 6.723 billion yuan, up 49% from a year earlier. Throughout 2014, tencent’s total revenue of 78.932 billion yuan, up 31% year on year, based on general accounting rules, 238.1.6 net profit of one hundred million yuan, up 54%; Based on the general accounting, net income of 24.224 billion yuan, up 43% from a year earlier.

xunfei at hkust in 2014 annual business revenue of 1.77521 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 41.6% over the same, the total profit of 433.74 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 35.3% over the same, to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 379.43 million yuan, 36.0% higher than a year ago.

long bond digital in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of RMB 75.1 million ($12.1 million), lower than the same period of last year’s 98.9 million yuan; The net loss of 72.9 million yuan ($11.7 million), compared with the same period last year net profit of 30.8 million yuan.

net of the qin dynasty in the fourth quarter net revenue of $89.7 million, more than $67.9 million over the same period last year growth of 32.2%; Attributable to net the qin a net loss of $21.2 million, with the same period last year compared to a net loss of $4.3 million has widened.

happiness in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of $171.8 million, up 36% from a year earlier. Belongs to joy in the shareholder’s net income of $23.2 million, fell 6%.

the first quarter, Adobe Adobe on revenue of $1.11 billion, $1 billion increased by 11% from a year earlier. Adobe’s first-quarter profit was $173 million, compared to $77.3 million a year earlier. Adobe is in the first quarter net profit of $84.9 million, $47 million increased by 81% from a year earlier.

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