Morning: apple’s new patent approval, pay treasure to response to the fund company

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new apple patent approved

apple’s a patent application is approved, the patent can make future versions of the iPhone with better camera. The company will use “a system and method, through the use of an image acquisition device to create super resolution photos.

alipay response fund company resist

suspended for a large number of fund company cooperate with pay treasure, pay treasure, officials issued a statement saying there is no fee or pay treasure “strong” “beaten” fund company. In early 2015, pay treasure to pay adjustment fund technical service fee standards and fund company, agreed to by all fund to pay technical services uniform flow. Fund companies to work with alipay continues, only part of the fund company after the contract expires, choose on money funds and bond funds to suspend cooperation with alipay, but the rights and interests of the company funds still support alipay.

baidu, netease, devoted to devoted to respond to that was to check

according to the national “against pornography and illegal publications” office today released “baidu, netease, devoted to devoted to spread bawdy pornography information was investigated.

official said in a statement, baidu has relevant content for the shielding and offline processing.

netease said in a statement, the organization netease cloud reading power, full of self-check the content of the platform.

stranger stranger respond that has been set up special cleaning team, dissolution, banned, close all involved groups, and accounts, and comprehensive check list rectification immediately.

jingdong response to brush a single question

rumors of jingdong official is accused of brush single, jingdong responded publicly, says it is the internal check, if there is a violation is found, will be processed in accordance with regulations of the company strictly. Jingdong open platform from its inception, the strict company policy, forbidden to brush the emergence of single behavior, such as found in violation of the provisions of the businesses or workers, severe punishment as stipulated in the company.

the original yahoo’s global vice President zhang to join jingdong

jingdong group announced the original global vice President of yahoo, yahoo’s founder and President of Beijing global r&d center Bryan officially join the jingdong, on March 31 as jingdong group, senior vice President, fully responsible for jingdong mall technology research and development system, the core team members will soon join the jingdong big family. Original jingdong group, senior vice President lee from at the beginning of this venture out and no longer served as the requirement of jingdong, head of the group technology research and development system, the company agreed to and support the application of lee, and decided to award and appointed lee technology consultant for jingdong group lifelong honor.

ali established intelligent life group

alibaba group announced the establishment of alibaba intelligent life division, comprehensive into the field of intelligent life. The new business will by the original ali cloud light snow (flower) to the general manager, director of line epilepsy (Zhang Jianfeng) as the head. Alibaba will integrate group Tmall electric city, ali cloud, taobao the raise three divisions, internally to mobilize all kinds of high quality resources, fully support to promote intelligent products, accelerate the intelligent hardware hatching rate, strive to improve the market competitiveness.

new samsung 4 k TV 40000 yuan sale

samsung’s latest and best UHD TV will start from this month to sell, starting price of $6500 (RMB 40000). Samsung flagship 4 k TV for latest JS9500 SUHD TV, the TV screen surface effect is realized by using nanotechnology, can adjust the background partial light. In addition, samsung in the above application PurColor technology, make the color more vivid.

happy see flying pigeon with super bike

happy sports and flying pigeon vehicle industry announced a strategic cooperation, jointly set up a joint venture, and smart bike series products, and super bike is le regard sports company was set up after the release of the first intelligent hardware products. “Super bike” will be developed by Letv sports promotion, flying pigeon vehicle industry production and manufacturing, first product will launch in July this year. Super bike on the unification of the more intelligent elements and equipment to the vehicle, in addition to the basic music, first aid, timing, and other functions, and objects association, cycling data, intelligent control, intelligent anti-theft four big functions.

quick launch non-profit hitchhiking service “number one express

fast’s number one car announced today, non-profit hitchhiking service express “1” is launched, the service is aimed at a travel demand but not car users, its price is more common, the future is expected to become the dominant form of city residents travel parity. “Number one express is placed inside the car number one in the APP.

Salesforce to buy mobile phones certification startup Toopher

Salesforce to buy two step Toopher authentication technology providers to enhance its security network services. Toopher it can according to user’s current location automatic authorization for it. After the deal, Toopher will no longer sell this service. Salesforce can use the acquisition enhance the safety of the user to use its mobile applications.

lenovo was charged in the United States: the secret monitor user activity

lenovo in the United States federal court in San Francisco by class-action lawsuits. The prosecution alleged that Superfish hijacking legitimate connection, monitor user activity, and to legitimate web pages into the user does not request the contents of advertisements, and presented to the user in the form of pop up ads. Lenovo’s move violates the computer fraud and abuse act, as well as the federal about eavesdropping, fraud, breach of contract and law of illegal intrusion.

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