Morning: apple’s acquisition of VR ar vendor Metaio, Snapchat refinancing

May 30 (text/who)

apple bought virtual reality ar vendor Metaio

apple has quietly acquired Metaio. Metaio is a project in 2003 by mass grew out of a virtual reality start-ups. The company’s web site said has stopped accepting new clients, now a document issued on Twitter, according to the equity of the company on May 21 and 22, transferred to the company.

apple has applied for many times with enhanced using the related patents, including transparent displays, augmented reality based on iPhone navigation and head wearing a type of virtual reality display. Ready to kidney, SAO years.

foreign media: the next iPhone will have a major improvement

there are reports that the next generation of apple iPhone will be equipped with force touch point (ForceTouch) technology. Using this technique, iPhone users can be realized on the touch screen new pressure-sensitive click operation. Such pressure feedback system can eliminate the complex operations gestures, such as double click and long press. Allegedly apple for iOS9 system development new gestures, and encourage the application developer is compatible with the new scroll, highlighting and browsing.

fudan university anniversary LOGO was accused of copying apple Touch ID

110 weeks of fudan university anniversary LOGO with apple’s Touch ID marks a striking similarities, this also caused suffered infringement allegations of fudan university, centennial LOGO and will Touch ID turned face. Fudan university official propaganda, and the promotion of the university of Tokyo has also been charged extremely similar. Therefore, fudan university also apologized to video events, and reversed the feature films.

the same thing happened twice, known as the “copy” university.

use Google mobile phones will be able to give other charge

Google officially support USB Type – C standard, this means that those who run Android smartphone M mobile operating system can change to “charge”, recharge other smartphone. In addition, smart watches can also support USB Type – C interface, and no need to use a dedicated wireless charging base. When smart watch battery is too low, can make use of intelligent mobile phone power.

first of all, you have to have a table, and there is another phone. Always lend, isn’t it too “lei feng”.

samsung development double screen mobile phone, the screen can be bent in half

technology blog Sam Mobile latest reported that samsung is developing a new phone with two screens, it is said that the internal code-named “Project Valley”, or “V” Project. Project V is still in its early development stage, from the point of the current news, the user will be able to use a particular gestures to switch between two pieces of display screen. At the same time, Sam Mobile even suspected, said from the name of the device “V” Project, the Mobile phone screen, or you will be able to completely bent, even can be folded in half.

are you sure they aren’t a plastic model?

gold push traffic map platform can release the official information immediately

Scott map publishing a new version, “police platform” project. Transport sector by gold traffic platform, instant release road control, construction, and private restrictions such as the official information. Now Scott map only shenzhen traffic police traffic police platform access, guangzhou, dalian, shenyang and other cities the traffic police department is expected to the second.

police platform belongs to the gold traffic information public service platform of new attempt.

South Korea version of “micro letter” Kakao buying American social network Path

the Path has been South Korea, the developer of the popular chat software Kakao Talk Daum Kakao acquisition. According to the statement, the Path and the Path Talk will continue to run, but will focus on southeast Asia market, the company has established a community there before. The particular value of the deal were not disclosed.

at the “micro letter” strong pretty much everywhere.

nokia communication acquisition of Eden Rock

communications announced that nokia has signed a deal to buy Eden Rock, the deal is expected to completed in the third quarter of 2015. Communication through the acquisition, nokia said the multivendor self-organizing networks (SON) in the field of wireless optimization ability will be enhanced. SON increasingly complex heterogeneous network is necessary for all operators. It can provide workflow automation, network performance and higher reliability.

Snapchat refinancing, valued at $16 billion

Snapchat ready to raise $650 million by issuing bonds. After this financing Snapchat valuation will be $16 billion. Snapchat in March E receive 200 million dollars from alibaba in the round, the valuation of $15 billion. So far, Snapchat also received $848 million in venture capital.

money burned so soon?

preach Letv mobile recently completed the first round of $400 million in financing

, according to people familiar with the music will be announced in the first round of financing to the mobile news, amount to $400 million. This, according to people familiar with the Letv mobile has completed the first round of financing, the amount in $400 million online. Letv mobile valuations at about $4 billion. For the investors said that person has been set, does not have is currently on the market rumors of tencent collar.

the old jia, how long have you been all these rumors, is also out the clappers.

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