Morning: apple will reduce the “apple tax” of digital media, wanda commercial real estate and the raise

June 8 (text/who)

apple will reduce digital media “apple tax”

according to the financial times reported that apple is working with media companies to negotiate new business terms, in order to reduce was invented by Steve jobs “apple tax” of 30%. Since 2003, iTunes music store, proportion of revenue sharing between apple and media companies have to 37 points.

notoginseng, still matters, it’s a problem, however, apple has less money, generous, will die?

Google free charges in sniper apple

Google recently launched the Android Pay payment service will be taken to avoid handling charge mode. While apple to Banks and card issuers charge high fees, for credit card transactions, issuers need to apple to pay 0.15% commission on every transaction. And for the bank debit card transactions, each transaction fees for 0.5 cents.

the cook found ma about it, seems to be no results, the somebody else all free, you receive a wool ah.

push wanda commercial real estate and the raise

by wanda group, quick wanda company teamed up to build the Internet financial business now on the ground, first the raise commercial real estate project “sure no. 1”, on the basis of wanda plaza, raise money around will directly into the construction of wanda plaza, investors get the square of remuneration, enjoy shops rent double return, and property appreciation is expected to total annual yield can reach more than 12%.

12% annualized, or national husband home and easy.

suning consumer finance first “capricious pay”

Su Ningyun, five companies such as nanjing bank jointly funded suning consumer financial company officially opened, one of the first “capricious pay” product personal consumption credit of up to 200000 yuan. With online consumer finance business, suning formation of supply chain finance + + consumer credit fund insurance complete financial layout.

jingdong “note”, alibaba let you “beautiful bai”, su ning, you are too willful.

foxconn staff waging a micro shop sells 3 c

foxconn’s main 3 c product wechat business project “shells mountain” quietly online, huawei, samsung mobile phone products already. Mount baker from shenzhen foxconn group operating independently, currently in the testing phase, the early part in foxconn factory recruit individual distributors (namely “business partners”). “The promotion for foxconn employees only, did not do any propaganda to the outside world.”

madan, and everyone’s wechat business time is finally coming?

HTC free virtual reality helmet

HTC has begun to the first batch of developers, free virtual reality helmet. This includes all kinds of virtual reality developers, such as large studios, “three A” level of outstanding developers, as well as the development of the first independent development team works of virtual reality. HTC hopes to encourage more developers, for HTC to develop virtual reality helmet application function.

Vive helmets, monitor the wearer in the indoor location two units, HTC’s new game controller. No problem the full version of three-piece suit.

the first finance and economics editor Qin Shuo departure

the first financial daily editor-in-chief Qin Shuo would be leaving soon. Qin Shuo, said in the news a line for 25 years later, the heart has a strong drive, hope to the commercial civilization study of people-centered, promoting the progress of China’s commercial civilization, and the media of the new attempt. Financial author xiao-bo wu wrote “last” watchdog “will go to Qin Shuo highly.

xiao-bo wu, you are so praise you really good old classmates? Qin Shuo, moreover, children’s shoes, do you? No, what is the industry?

the IDG porch has left

according to industry insiders, IDG capital partners porch had left the company. Porch was a teacher of new Oriental school in his early years, around the year 2008 to join the IDG capital, since the end of 2012, he began to focus on business groups after 90, and IDG a dozen 90 after one of the main drivers of project investment. Face of, beavers, appropriate letter, such as copper street project has its participation.

IDG will chang, gaoxiang and old YueBin, the three VC “rich second generation” after the departure of ficus altissima capital is established. Porch for a “FengShuai capital” bai again.

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