Morning: apple will be included in the dow Jones industrial average, lei jun denied for electric cars

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apple will be included in the dow Jones industrial average

apple shares will be added to the dow Jones industrial average in this month, the change is desirable, as the world’s most valuable company, apple, of course, are eligible to enter this one has been set up in 119 in the blue-chip index. According to standard &poor’s dow Jones index company, apple will also in the dow Jones industrial average to the telecoms giant AT& T.

the world’s biggest medium and small size LCD panel makers Japan Display announced that the company will build a liquid crystal Display manufacturing factory. Sources said that the factory will supply for apple smartphone screen. In order to comply with the client identity secrecy, Japan Display did not mention the apple. People familiar with the matter, apple also will invest the factory.

lei jun again denied millet do ev

lei jun says, millet to do the news of the electric car, behind. At present, there is a company called “lei jun electric”, but in fact the company and the products and lei jun, millet is not a dime. Talk with dong mingzhu bet: “tai chi” is willing to cooperate with gree. Denied to beyond apple “ten years” : apple heavy profit millet share. Don’t consider about millet IPO: five years.

amazon announced the day the cat flagship store trial operation

amazon China (Z.c n) announced today that began in the days of cat trial operation “amazon’s official flagship store”, is scheduled to officially launched in April this year. The flagship store of the first to advocate’s consumers welcome amazon China’s distinctive adopt a “direct import” goods, including shoes, boots, food, drinks, kitchen utensils and appliances, toys, and other categories.

the optimal motion response merger rumors: business integration without redundancy

there are media reports said “the optimizing internal employees exposed along abundant optimization motion and hey guest to merge, the optimal motion or layoffs, merger, business architecture will adjust.” Then the optimal motion response, according to the optimal motion and hey guest did not merge, but business is to integrate, no job cuts. Hey guest’s motion’s online community service shop, through the integration of channel resources, to provide customers with more flexible, more convenient, more intelligent offline community service experience.

“micro letter even Wifi” officially released

in micro letter announced “micro letter even wi-fi” apply for entrance to officially open to the public. At the same time, apply for entrance to the synchronization in WeChat businessman backstage release of public platform, open WeChat certified public entities offline businesses, also can through the WeChat public platform application. Previously, the micro letter even wi-fi has already begun to external testing, the official opening to the outside world, all means more merchants to provide users with more convenient wi-fi service experience and precise scene.

baidu vice President dong-chen zhang leave

dong-chen zhang baidu vice President have left, baidu’s game division general manager wang will take over. Dong-chen zhang tenure, also set up sales and supervision team, set up a cover baidu each link of business risk monitoring system, supporting the business in the long-term and sustainable development.

samsung chief marketing officer pendleton leave next month

pendleton is samsung, one of the core of the rapid rise in the mobile market under the leadership of the “Next Big Thing” marketing campaign to laugh at apple device and fan is given priority to, to help samsung’s Galaxy S3 to become the world’s best-selling smartphone. Pendleton’s departure may also be associated with the relocation plan of subordinate departments.

tesla, a third

tesla China is undergoing a massive layoffs. “In addition to technical support and purchasing department, and the rest from marketing, public relations, legal, administrative and sales system of several major departments are cutting staff, lay off more than 30% of the staff, at least before the Spring Festival have completed part (cut), now continues.”

Europe’s biggest software company SAP announced 2250 job cuts

commercial software developer SAP announced that it will cut 3% of about 2250 people in the whole world, the reason is that companies will speed up through the Internet to sell their products. SAP is Europe’s largest software company, currently has about 75000 employees around the world. SAP said that for more than 2000 employees, the affected will be rapid development in the company of other business units to help them find new jobs.

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