Morning: apple watches starting or containing China, male clothing electric business financing

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apple watches starting country is likely to contain China

Apple chief executive Tim cook, Apple’s flagship store in Berlin last week to the store employee said, when Apple Watch smart Watch released in April, the United States was not the new product will only land in the market. Only to the United States for his iPhone, the start, SO, apple watches starting including China is also likely to drop.

IBM and apple multidisciplinary application

IBM and apple to launch the application for the enterprise, the two companies in 2015 MWC unveiled for the first time the three applications. One of them is for airlines customer service staff, one is for retailers, and the other is for wealth managers. All applications will be run on iPads and iPhones. Apple wants to these applications to stimulate enterprises to buy more apple hardware.

PayPal purchase Paydiant against apple pay

the electricity giant eBay’s PayPal payment department, the plan will be for about $280 million price, buy mobile payments startup Paydiant. Paydiant provide authorization technology platform for a large retail chain, in order to help them establish their own brands mobile wallet application. Paydiant from VCS General Catalyst, North Bridge, Growth Equity & amp; Venture Partners and more vc raise about $35 million.

Google confirmed Android Pay and wireless services

Google announced that the company is developing a called Android payment (Android Pay) a new type of mobile payment framework. Android pay is not a user can use the new product, but a allows other companies in the stores and through the application on the android security payments for “application program interface”.

Google will become the wireless service providers, but the company will use MNVO launch its own service. This means that Google will use the other network and service to build your own network, Google will still be at the mercy of the wireless carriers. Google says it is building a “small” network operators, to show the potential in Google in mobile operations.

men’s electricity Outfittery won $20 million in financing

Outfittery electric business platform will allow the user to fill in a questionnaire, questionnaire content including: occasions, modelling style, size, price, color, etc. After the female model consultant platform will be based on user’s foreign set of preferences, pants, shoes, etc., collocation gives the right clothes sent to him, like the user to buy it, put not satisfied send back again. Outfittery the won $20 million in a new round of financing, by Northzone collar.

HP’s $3 billion acquisition of mobile network provider Aruba

HP and American enterprise mobile network provider Aruba Networks, announced that the two sides have reached a final deal, HP will be $24.67 per share in cash for Aruba Networks. The equity of the transaction value of about $3 billion, the two company’s board of directors has approved the deal. Acquisition of Aruba Networks will improve HP network business, as well as the performance in the Chinese market.

qualcomm launch ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology

2015 MWC, qualcomm launched his fingerprint identification technology Snapdragon Sense ID. With our common capacitive touch panel in high-end smartphones, the fingerprint identification technology is used in ultrasonic scanning fingerprints, said the government’s security applications also adopted the technology. Qualcomm have already cooperate with some equipment manufacturers to produce the samples, is expected to lead to later this year.

today closed tencent ROM system, micro view or marginalized

Tencent Tencent OS ROM team presented by its public accounts. Today, will be the official start of the beta testing. The relevant person in charge of the team, said for the mobile Internet, the system is more at the bottom of the entry, therefore, TOS launch will make up for the mobile Internet ecosystem of tencent missing link. Basically geared to the needs of the consumer market, and form of cooperation with hardware vendor is still in discussion.

a year ago in tencent weibo was adjusted slightly depending on the focus of the “superior” products, as well as microblog business, still failed to escape marginalized situation. Tencent micro XingHongYu product general manager has left to join 58 city, depending on what operations director of samarium transfers to join tencent internal a new product team, and micro products more working group disbanded.

small ant movement: camera performance is below the GoPro, but only sell 399

millet company chain enterprise under small ant technology officially launched the “millet GoPro” – small ant camera motion, basic version for 399 yuan, increase the shaft set a travel version of the cost of 499 yuan. Sports camera equipped with a small ants Ambarella A7LS image processor and SONY 16 million pixels Exmor R BSI CMOS back according to the type of image sensor, has a big aperture f, 155 ° to the super wide Angle of aspheric high-definition optical glass lens, can take pictures of the highest resolution of 4608 x 3456 and 1080 p 60 frames of video.

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