Morning: Apple Watch start booking, LinkedIn15 $$to buy Lynda

on April 10th, hunting cloud network (text/who)

apple samsung both shortages

Apple said, Apple early Watch listed only through the online form to accept booking. Today, Apple Watch will formally accept reservations. Apple said, in view of the consumer to Apple Watch smart watches “interest”, the product officially open in April 24, is likely to appear in short supply situation.

samsung mobile business executives ShenZong said, although the surface screen Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phone demand is strong, but curved surface screen manufacturing complex, production speed is slow. ShenZong are called as the surface screen is difficult, a new surface screens Galaxy S6 Edge may be insufficient supply. “We are trying to solve the problem of insufficient supply.”

you plow, I weave, you Watch the lack of Apple, I the Galaxy S6 Edge also missing, husband and wife both shortages…

LinkedIn15 $$to buy Lynda

the United States announced the professional networking site LinkedIn for about $1.5 billion to buy online learning website, The deal will be in the form of cash and stock, cash accounts for about 52%, the stock part accounts for about 48%. Is expected, the transaction will be completed within this quarter. Lynda focuses more on the vocational education, more attention to vocational training of practical skills.

application Ola India take a taxi to raise $314 million m

a taxi, India’s largest network service Ola has won Russian billionaire yuri milner’s DST Global Internet investment company led by about $314 million in financing, Accel Partners, Tiger Global and Steadview Capital was also involved in the for ANI Technologies Pvt a new round of investment. Ola claims to the Indian version of Uber, in addition to being able to call a taxi, can also hit the human tricycles and electric tricycle.

Uber tech too intimate

UBER attempt in Toronto, Canada set up self-help alcohol testing machine. The name of the self-help alcohol testing machine called Uber Safe “,, Uber Safe will be monitoring the alcohol concentration in the body. If the alcohol content is over the standard Uber Safe will automatically for the user in the Uber call a car near the Safe, Uber drivers will ran to pick you up, and no! Charge! Cost!

Uber in the Indian capital new Delhi will launch a service called uberAUTO, allow passengers to Uber software three-wheeled motorcycle taxi reservation, to strengthen its existence in India market, and better compete with local rivals. The company said it will not charge for passengers, passengers can use cash to pay the cost of the journey, the pricing will follow the relevant regulations of the local government.

Uber always playful tricks, why always so innovative and caring company target…

Facebook recently seems to do what all don’t flattering

Facebook message service Messenger single page version of However, Facebook will continue to support the Messenger message function, users still can chat with friends in Facebook. Facebook said, will focus on simple conversation function, and other complex functions in Facebook website.

Facebook Europe 25000 users of class-action lawsuits, the collective lawsuit begin today. The prosecution believes that Facebook violated the privacy of users. This class action lawsuit in Vienna district court hearing, the prosecution representative for privacy activists Max ShiLeiM, Austria. The prosecution of the specific allegations the reason is that Facebook data information of illegal track users.

Facebook said has already been crying dizzy in the toilet, why always can not get user support…

12 hours millet sales 2.11 million mobile phones to break the guinness world record for

millet announced by the end of the 8th 23:00, millet millet net sold 2.11 million mobile phones in the inner world of 12 hours, the total payment amount is more than 2.08 billion yuan, broke the guinness book of a single network platform handset sales record 24 hours a day. Section according to the statistics, the rice noodles sold 2.11 million mobile phones, TV, 38600 millet 79000 routers and 79000 intelligent hardware devices, 209000 millet hand ring, 247000 new millet lug plate, only parts of payment amount more than $190 million. Produced a total of 3.05 million orders, millet logistics within 12 hours exceed 500000 single outbound order.

never expected, millet will result in a guinness world record…

test new yahoo search engine

since 10 years, all yahoo search page reads “bing” support, at present is still in the testing phase of the new yahoo search screen shot, not written anywhere on the page “bing support”. This shows that yahoo’s test will no longer be a bing search results page branding.

Google, are you ready to fight?

gold push LBS + open platform strategy

Scott released “2015 LBS +” open platform strategy, transport software oriented, O2O, intelligent hardware, such as public welfare environmental protection industry to launch “tool + data + service” integrated LBS solutions. Scott LBS open platform also announced and China auto rental reached a strategic cooperation, fully supports China’s car rental car, car, car pool and so on many Internet software business development.

a not bad news, I’ll give you two

YouTube on Wednesday told the hot channel video maker, subscription services will be launched soon. Users can watch the video without advertising, and to be able to video offline storage to mobile devices, is expected to subscription costs about $10 a month. The service also allows video makers after their video on the pay wall, only for paying customers.

the country against pornography and illegal publications office on the “net net 2015” case, netease cloud reading program for dissemination of pornographic information and plans to be fined 850000 yuan, the netease cloud reader to shutter its operations for a month. Renren, BT plants, leading the public number 7 cases such as the letter had been transferred to public security organs to handle.

YouTube to pay $10 to advertising, netease cloud reader to shutter its operations for a month, will not be able to have a little good news???????

tesla launched its new coupe Model 70 d S

tesla launched its new electric car Model S 70 d. The car has 70 KWH battery pack, range of 442 km. The Model S 70 d wheel with double motor drive technology, hundreds of kilometers acceleration time of 5.4 seconds, top speed of 225 kilometers, support super charging function. In addition, the Model S 70 d is also equipped with active cruise, lane departure warning, automatic brakes function. The Model S priced at 685000 yuan for 70 d in China (including import freight and tariffs).

look at calculate, said can’t afford to buy…

Clinton hired former Google executives as a chief technology officer

the former us secretary of state Hillary rodham Clinton. Clinton prepared to take an active part in America’s presidential election in 2016, at present, have already put Clinton campaign staff selection scope extends to silicon valley in the United States, Google executives Stephanie before the company. Ms grace will serve as chief technology officer. According to the report, ms grace in Hillary’s team will be responsible for the implementation of network platform building “digital strategy”, etc.

this began to politics and have a good mix…