Morning: Apple Watch reservation super Android Watch full-year sales a day

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Apple Watch day bookings super Android Watch full-year sales

there are, according to Apple, Apple smart Watch Watch sales in the United States is about 1 million m, is beyond the Android smart Watch sales for all of last year. Research firm Canalys issued in February, according to a report in 2014 the overall Android Wear smart watches sold only 720000 pieces.

have worked so hard for a whole year, still be inferior to the somebody else all day, no wonder everyone is kneeling lick…

– two deal, a ahead, one already…

amazon cloud services company acquisitions Amiato

amazon has been in the public cloud service AWS lead in the market, according to bloomberg, which last year bought a start-up Amiato. After completion of the acquisition, amazon should get Amiato talent, they can also help the amazon compete with cloud service providers such as Google and Microsoft. 

nokia or acquire alcatel wireless assets

nokia is with alcatel-lucent high-level talks about acquisition of the latter part of the business, the purpose is to enhance its telecoms equipment business and better compete with Ericsson. Nokia has also considered of buy-out alcatel, but the most likely option is to buy the wireless business, the business revenue last year to 4.7 billion euros ($5 billion).

exactly is to buy buy buy, sell or selling???????

blocks – act two, bosses act. What are you waiting for…

ma cash more than hk $3 billion

in the hang seng jumped and Internet + concept driven, tencent holdings rose yesterday. Tencent holdings chairman and CEO of tencent ma last week about more than hk $3 billion cash holdings. According to disclose, ma continuous reduction of 4, tencent holdings of 25.11 million shares, the total cash out of hk $3.22 billion, shareholding holdings from 9.86% to 9.86%, the actual shares fell to about 904 million shares.

the underweight ctrip shares investment company $173 million

the investment company t. Rowe Price Associates will hold half ctrip stock sell-off. As of March 31, 2015, 2098057 American depositary shares held TRPA ctrip, late last year compared to 2745292 adss. In ctrip last Friday closing price of $63.05 a share, reducing their holdings of 2745292 shares TRPA ADS $173 million.

storm’s magic mirror business capital

storm technology announced to increase endowment spread its “magic mirror” storm, the company to give up the mirror increase endowment spread stock options to the storm. Storm mirror, after the completion of the capital increase the registered capital 3209877 yuan, the company owns the storm in front of the mirror equity ratio are increased by 38.46% change to 31.15%. Huayi brothers mirror investment of 24 million yuan of the storm.

samsung to cooperate with IBM development new COINS technology application

samsung is working with IBM, to prepare for the currency technology to launch a new application. Although the prospect of the currency is unclear, but the underlying technology (i.e., the currency block chain technology) not only can make a transfer at a lower cost, also can be used in store songs or video file. Samsung, the United States institute of general research could mature commercial technology in 2 to 5 years.

zhou denied new price 5000 yuan

360, chairman and CEO of zhou in 360 OS community has denied the rumors about the new mobile phone “price 5000 yuan, according to previously said the phone quality is more than the 5000 yuan on the market of mobile phone. After media reported that 360 new phone “price 5000 yuan”

a: so, which come of confidence to sell 5000?

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