Morning: Apple Watch plans to sell 20 million, le networks such as rich

on April 25, hunting cloud network (text/who)

Watch Apple plans to sell 20 million

according to suppliers, Apple plans this year to sell at least 20 million Apple only Watch, sharply higher than analysts’ forecasts. Supply-side estimates that apple in the current quarter will be able to sell 2 million every month only smart watches. Another source said Apple plans to sell 26 million this year Apple only Watch.

well, no matter how much we can sell piece, at least on the day of the sale yesterday, cattle also too hard, add a times, you feel, as if to do cattle?

travel way cattle war, ctrip, with cheng “god fill knife”

the letter tourism 17 travel agency issued a statement, due to the differences, no longer supply way of cattle. Yesterday evening and on April 23, way of cattle ctrip shares are held by the old rivals and way of cattle with routine travel, has announced a “comprehensive partnership” with the travel agency.

slay from love, and to the last god, good wonderful a GongDou drama.

ant gold take $200 million from the hang seng electronic took over holding several meters companies

ant gold served a total of 198 million yuan to be paid to several meters company, among them, 94.62 million yuan shall be used as the increased amount included in the number of meters of the registered capital of the company, the remaining 104 million yuan shall be used as capital premium into several meters of the company’s capital reserves. After the increase endowment spread, the ant gold take hold several meters company’s registered capital ratio of 60.8%; The hang seng electronic holding 24.097%.

comcast merger of time warner cable trade official miscarriage

after the comcast plans to more than $450 acquisition of time warner cable company. Once the merger and acquisition cost, then both sides will form a market of the nation’s largest cable companies. Today, the United States government crushed the trading plan. Comcast merger of time warner cable deal officially declared an abortion.

boring technology networks and tempest technology and palm, hisense electric rich report

networks announced the first quarter of 2015 earnings, revenue of 2.133 billion yuan, up 107.75%; Net profit of 95.3828 million yuan, up 11.29%; Basic earnings per share 0.11 yuan. Announcement shows that in the top ten shareholders of networks, Jia Yueting has a 44.21% stake, Jia Yuemin has a 2.37% stake, Letv holding 0.65% stake.

storm technology quarterly report, the company in the first quarter of 2015 revenue of 92.4088 million yuan, up 24.24% from a year earlier. A net loss of 3.2085 million yuan. So far, the storm of science and technology have been 23, harden price of 83.69 yuan, the market value of 10.043 billion yuan.

palm boring technology announced the first quarter of 2015. Revenue of 217 million yuan, up 62.01%; Net profit of 78.19 million yuan, up 82.6% from a year earlier. Basic earnings per share 0.06 yuan. , according to the announcement of the shareholding structure Yao Wenbin has a 22.54% stake, Ye Yingtao 7.28%, huayi brothers has a 6.87% stake.

hisense electric business income is 29.007 billion yuan in 2014, up 1.85% from a year earlier, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 1.4 billion yuan, down 11.55% year-on-year. Operating activities net cash flow of $954 million, fell 27.41% year on year; Basic earnings per share 1.07 yuan, fell 11.64% year on year; Distribute cash 3.25 yuan for every 10 shares to shareholders.

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