Morning: apple watch payment details, such as application search Quixey financing

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apple watches pay and life details

for shopping process, Apple software and Internet services, senior vice President Eddie kuyt said, users only need to press the side of the Apple Watch button twice, can complete the transaction. And as long as the Watch has been paired with the iPhone, Apple so Touch ID verification will no longer be necessary. This means that the user can need not take out mobile phone in the pocket.

Apple Apple Watch smart Watch battery in the case of heavy users can last five hours, if in accordance with the normal way to use, you can stick to one day. When power down to 20%, ‘Life Glance interface will become amber, to 10%, will be transformed from amber red, in this way, easy to quickly understand the current remaining power.

taobao push “sweep code shopping” 3.8

taobao shopping festival “sweep code open, according to the data provided by the mobile phone in taobao, began after 10 minutes, 380000 people across the country have started to sweep the yard to snap up, sweep away per minute on average a first-tier cities large supermarket sales of 1 day. Ending at 14, the user through the phone taobao commodity barcodes nearly ten million times, swept into millions of pieces of goods.

view from north commercial business institute, scan the barcode shopping application scenarios, although diversity, but relatively low frequency, in the short term will not become “phenomenal” applications, but is a good supplement existing shopping ways.

Google free support virtual reality devices of android

Facebook acquisition Oculus triggered a round of the development of virtual reality system competition. Google has assembled a team of engineers to develop support android version of the application of virtual reality. The news that Google plans to free the new custom android system for virtual reality devices.

despite the android smart phone system, Google for the smart watch android so far has not been very successful, carrying the system equipment sales.

Quixey, Swiftype, the financing Niffler

application search engine Quixey $60 million completed a new round of financing, investors including alibaba and softbank, GGV and Goldman sachs. Quixey provides the application of search is not based on an application’s title, metadata, or the description of the application, but according to the consumer “to do”, need what functions to search.

provide on-site search site, App Swiftype won $13 million B round this round of financing by the NEA investment, financing income will be used for the expansion of business, enhance sales and marketing team. Swiftype also provides analytical services, for the use of web site analysis of users’ search behavior and preferences. Swiftype order of the search results also support the customization.

India offline store promotion application Niffler won $1 million in seed round, investors for saif Asia. Niffler can help consumers find offline store sales promotion information, you can also recommend promotion information to relatives and friends. For the entity shop, the Niffler gives them a push promotion information platform, direct contact with consumers.

Snapchat talks with Saudi prince is investing

the Saudi prince investment vehicle Holdings said on Sunday that Snapchat of top management with the Saudi prince alwaleed bin talal held talks, discuss potential cooperation. Snapchat is about to start a new round of financing, the financing amount up to $500 million, valuations as much as $19 billion.

Tmall Wang Yulei ousted President

the alibaba group, according to the internal personnel announcement Zhang Jianfeng as alibaba taobao President, head of China’s retail platform, ruling over taobao, Tmall and cost-effective, and report to alibaba group COO zhang yong. Tmall President Wang Yulei dismissal at the same time, but the announcement did not disclose his new post.

in ali, said by a person over taobao, Tmall and bargain, will be conducive to three resource integration platform and unified planning, and to strengthen and guarantee the in organization form.

vanke Mao Daqing departure entrepreneurship

vanke group, senior vice President of Mao Daqing announced departure, and issue the hug is the most beautiful time, looking for the initial dream – written in farewell to vanke, the startup time, “farewell letter. The news that Mao Daqing pioneering new project get very serious fund founder xiao-ping xu, chairman of innovation works, lee and others.

yahoo low-key layoffs: once a week every time a department

mayer has been under intense pressure to cut costs. But she didn’t use cuts measures, but like to employees, low-ranking employees will be laid off. Yahoo announced in January will shed its alibaba stake, mayer may be want to deal in September, to yahoo’s core business into a more cost-saving architecture.

the so-called black Wednesday…

Yang yuanqing underweight blocks lenovo shares

the hkex, the latest data show that lenovo group chairman and CEO Yang yuanqing in recent several stocks trading day ‘holdings of more than 2000 lenovo shares, raised about hk $260 million. Underweight, Yang yuanqing still holds about 740 million lenovo shares, holdings accounted for 6.66%. Is still the largest individual shareholder.

after the cash, what are you going to do?

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