Morning: apple watch 30 minutes was booked out, PPTV also should make mobile phones

hunting cloud network on April 11 (text/who)

– three messages about watches: sales, production, and recycling…

1. 30 minutes apple watch was booked out

Apple Apple smart Watch Watch formally accept online booking. In more than 30 minutes, most models have been booked up. In China, the price of 18 k gold version of the Apple Watch in less than an hour of time has been booked out. The most expensive models sold 126800 yuan ($20000).

hot is natural, the author is normal. Even before the news booking may have written…

2. The production company of Swiss army knife ready to develop smart watches

the first production of the Swiss army knife legendary Swiss manufacturer vickers group plans to develop intelligent watch, will at some time in 2016 entered the wearable equipment market. But vickers group specific what will launch a new product, then it is not known. Company may not develop new products, but to strengthen existing watch the features of the product. Battery life will be improved.

specific is jealous or self evolution need, unknown, anyway, I also want to produce the watch…

3. NextWorth open closed second-hand Android smart watches

consumer electronics trading platform NextWorth announced that this platform will begin to buy second-hand Android, samsung, and Pebble smart watches. As the Apple of Apple Watch open book purchase, now it is time to sell Android Wear or Pebble smart watches, lest the resale prices of these goods.

Apple Watch, other watches should laid off, how to deal with? For NextWorth thumb up wit…

– two news about mobile phones: a capital increase with the into…

4. Blue devil phone are increased by byd director

shenzhen ramos digital technology co., LTD. Has determined to move into the smartphone industry, and research and development design, OEM outsourcing by byd’s first product has been light (can boot operation), is expected to officially listed in the middle of the year. One of the founders of byd, director chasel all new projects have been identified on the blues smartphones are increased.

5. PPTV also should make the phone

the PPTV is layout of mobile phone. The PPTV’s mobile phone used super narrow bezel design, while in content mainly use PPTV video content distribution. PPTV marketing aspects, said mobile phone business is now under way, then there will be a formal announcement.

not just PPTV, April 8, silent and cultivated for 12 years in the field of mobile channel hao team, second startup, officially announced its code “appearance” of the first smart phone products.

6. Digital magazine platform VIVA President jie-ming wang left entrepreneurship

the well-known domestic new media companies, the largest platform for digital magazine company to VIVA President jie-ming wang resigned amid a startup. He said in the internal mail to employees, “choose another life, into the fashion of the intelligent hardware entrepreneurship to”.

please don’t tell me, you so-called fashion smart hardware is a mobile phone…

– look at three rumors: financing, merger, sale of…

7. The beauty that is looking for a new round of $300 million in financing or IPO next year

women fashion e-commerce platform beautiful said China is looking for a new round of about $300 million in financing. This round of financing could be beautiful said pre-ipo financing for the last time. Beautiful says the plan as early as next year in the United States ipos, valuation or to about $2.5 billion. Beautiful said to provide users with women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty makeup, such as the category of high quality fashion goods.

8. The ali will integrate Tmall maternal and infant and international import business

after ali motor group announced yesterday, close to ali, insiders said ali will integrate Tmall maternal and infant and Tmall international import business establishment of an independent department. It is understood that day this year will be on business in maternal and infant cat, cat integration day international import business and import business to its complement.

if it is true, it will be cat taobao Zhang Jianfeng over days after bargain, integration of the third division. Instantly thought of love break up yahoo mui…

9. Nokia is considering selling HERE map business

nokia is considering selling its HERE map business, to focus on the wireless network department, improve the debt rating. HERE, according to people familiar with the nokia maps business has attracted the interest of some businesses and private equity firms, they are expected soon to quote. Nokia is expected in the earnings, its HERE map business value of about 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion).

just wanted to say, the last the news AT your good or bad, don’t play with B…

10. Peach garden foundation, ma ma was chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

public welfare institutions “shangri-la ecological protection foundation,” proclaimed in ningbo, ma, ma, served as the agency’s board of directors, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, a batch of domestic well-known entrepreneurs and the public are also involved, in today’s meeting of the foundation to form a meeting for the first time, ma for absence. These members are involved in ecological environment protection practice for many years, to understand the operation mode of domestic and overseas public welfare institutions, hope to be able to in the practice of the “peach garden” fusion overseas experience and China practice, to explore the method, the path and system of Chinese public welfare undertakings.

words, since drops faster together, you’re not taking a good relationship with yo, li play… But ma if he/she is absent, the reason is jack ma?

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