Morning: apple shareholders at acquisition tesla, baidu cloud OS stop updating

cloud network hunting on March 12 (text/who)

apple shareholders want to cook offer tesla

in apple’s shareholder meeting, a shareholder to cook said: “I want you to buy the tesla.” Cook answer say: “we and tesla, there is no real relationship. I hope to configure CarPlay tesla motors.” Apple from tesla dig to a large number of employees, to develop their own vehicles. It is better to buy…

apple online comprehensive service outage, reason is encountered an internal error DNS (domain name system). At present, the service has reply, the service up to 11 hours.

Google or buy mobile advertising platform company

Google plans to buy the world’s largest independent mobile AD platform company, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the mobile advertising business. At present, the deal in early stage talks. Sources said the company’s valuation is likely to be at $1 billion.

Google have tottenham court road in London opened its first global entity Google Shop brand Shop.

what search strategic cooperation with cloud know sound

the two sides will jointly explore voice search innovation, in order to satisfy the demands of intelligent mobile hardware equipment users. By voice tell what search keywords and search can sound through the cloud known speech recognition and conversion technology search content required for the user.

youku launch short video social applications “beauty spot”

youku launch short video social applications “beauty spot”. The APP by 10 seconds short video to realize social, functions including shooting, beautify, and share. Sina has a second shot, beautiful picture show is beautiful, also, don’t forget to tencent micro view.

baidu cloud OS suspended update

the personage inside course of study analysis, baidu cloud OS was strategic to abandon the cloud OS on baidu baidu value is very small, such as lenovo vendors already have their own ROM, did not realize the business hard and soft one, Internet companies play single OS way too hard.

to build hardware baidu has begun to study smart car, don’t give up it would be nice…

panasonic plans to sell a subsidiary sanyo technology

panasonic has been largely determine the fastest within 3 month’s sanyo subsidiary, is responsible for the production of electronic machine “sanyo technology solutions birds take” sold to domestic investment funds “J – Will Partners”, after the sale Will continue to related business. After sell sanyo will cease to exist.

thunderbolt, nets, air box, teck slungshot get rich report

thunderbolt in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of $46.7 million, up 7.1% from a year earlier, fell by 5.2%; Belongs to the thunderbolt net profit of $1 million, compared with a net loss of $4.7 million last quarter net profit of $300000.

air network in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of $61.64 million, up 3.4% over the previous quarter, compared with the same period last year growth of 43.5%, beyond the company had expected; Net profit of $9.07 million, $10.03 million over the same period last year fell 10%, in line with the company previously expected.

the Box in the fourth quarter on revenue of $62.6 million, up 61% over last fiscal year of $38.8 million. Net loss attributable to common shareholders of $52.92 million, compared with a net loss of $43.46 million. Due to increased investment, the Box in the fourth quarter loss further.

teck slungshot fourth quarter, the total net revenue of $25.9 million, and $31.2 million a year earlier. A net loss of $3.9 million, and compared with the same period last year net loss of $2.1 million.

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