Morning: apple samsung battery experts, samsung apple chip order

on February 25, hunting cloud network (text/who)

apple samsung battery experts, samsung won apple chip orders

according to the Korea times reported, the United States apple is from South Korea’s samsung poached digital chip and battery experts. It is reported that samsung battery experts will help promote the next generation of apple iPhone and the battery performance. Anonymous sources suggest that the poaching of apple is preparing for its electric vehicle program. According to a south Korean newspaper reported that samsung electronics has reached an agreement with apple, will provide the latter with about half of the advanced DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chip.

you enough is enough, a south Korean newspaper hunting cloud network recommend a book called “the apple samsung those things.” Apple can do the electric may consciously indefensible, so the orders to the samsung chip.

Google acquisition of companies mobile-money Softcard

Google announced the acquisition of companies mobile-money Softcard technology and patent, Softcard by AT& T, Verizon and t-mobile the three operators to develop in the United States, in the acquisition and with three carriers, in the new Android Mobile phone pre-installed Google wallet, at the same time technically improve their payment services.

their slow development, but also by Apple come back Pay, think of all for Google blush, simply by acquisition, spend money to eliminate the evil.

samsung to buy electric vehicle battery manufacturers battery business

samsung group subsidiary samsung SDI announced that will buy auto supplier Magna International, Magna Steyr battery business. Samsung SDI, said the company can pass the deal will be the battery unit and the production capacity of the battery module with Magna combined expertise in battery pack, help customers to keep Europe, North America and China.

battery experts were poached is not terrible, samsung through acquisitions to fill the empty lonely, oh, no, is vacant.

apple acquired sound plug-in Camel Audio

apple bought music and sound effects plugin software company Camel Audio. Camel Audios to develop a series of plug-ins, synthesizer, sound and sound database, can be obtained from the company the Alchemy of software. Apple may have to be integrated into the new Logic Pro X or GarageBand in professional music software.

HP announced first-quarter earnings: net profit fell 4% year-on-year

HP in the first quarter net revenue of $26.84 billion, $28.15 billion over the same period last year fell 5%. Net income was $1.37 billion, $1.43 billion over the same period last year fell 4%. In the first quarter adjusted earnings per share and revenue are not as good as Wall Street analysts’ expectations, and the fiscal second quarter ended, and full-year outlook also are not as good as expected, pushing its shares fell more than 5% after plate.

today’s regiment offerings: market capitalization of about $384 million

according to the United States financial website iposcoop,’s group will be listed on the nasdaq on February 25. ‘s group plans to issue 6 million American depositary shares, issue price per share of American depositary shares of $9 to $11, the highest raised about $65 million. With the median American depositary shares of $10 per share calculation,’s market value of about $384 million after a public.

, across the whole of the Spring Festival’s regiment, not made two years did it take you to the listed, hard.

new Pebble smart watches the raise hot

Pebble fundraising goal of $1 million, less than an hour to complete. Pebble Time is equipped with electronic ink color screen, is expected to charge can run for 7 days. The raising price of $159 and is expected to ship in May. Pebble Time can pass the timeline scrolling including the application of the past, and now the relevant application, as well as the application of the future is likely to be useful.

pay treasure, WeChat figures released red

alipay has released data from the New Year’s eve to annual pay treasure in grade three red packets, meanwhile, there are more than one hundred million users across the country pay treasure red envelopes, red packets amount to an average of $59. Only on the day of the New Year’s eve, there will be 680 million people participated in the alipay game of red envelopes. Ma in 19 19 distribution of the first zero password envelopes, 999999 red envelopes is fully in 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

WeChat team, according to data released on New Year’s eve to fifth (a total of 6), WeChat Lucky Money to send and receive a total of 3.27 billion times, on the day of New Year’s eve to send and receive a total of 1.01 billion times.

relative to WeChat shake what kind of thing to also could not shake, even broken broken peace, pay treasure or interesting, instant thought to signal: king cover ground tiger, the chicken braise a mushroom.

netease set up headquarters of the United States is given priority to with mobile game development

netease in annatto, California coast set up headquarters in the United States, the team will be focused on developed for western users mobile games, and plan to this year in North America and Europe market launch of the first game, swift ninja. Netease American headquarters will be led by David katyn, mainly focused on the mobile platform, he served as OUYA, chief technology officer, Blizzard online issuance of director.

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