Morning: apple Q2 net profit year-on-year increase 33%, social Momo weakening see face

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apple’s second-quarter net profit year-on-year increase 33%

apple today released its 2015 fiscal year, the second quarter. According to the report, apple’s fiscal second revenue was $58.01 billion, more than $45.646 billion over the same period last year increased by 27%; Net profit of $13.569 billion, more than $10.223 billion over the same period last year growth of 33%.

stranger devoted to push to join the user label weakening watch face social

mobile social applications Momo recently launched a new version 6.0, the biggest since Momo release version update. The upgrade of new features including new “message board”, chat rooms, and in addition to the head of the user, the nickname for the first time the new occupation, school, home, etc the label.

new Oriental online integrated B2B push “new Oriental education cloud” brand

eastern with its series of products released online B2B business brand “new Oriental education cloud”. It is understood that this is the first time new Oriental online B2B integration of its business, and all the B side business is divided into four sections. New Oriental online will be more mature, K12 cloud platform, business and public libraries in colleges and universities, and foreign language colleges and universities cooperation business sector into the public system.

hkust xunfei plans to raise 2.2 billion to expand education online

hkust xunfei offering, the company intends to through secondary to raise $2.15 billion to expand online education and artificial intelligence. Company intends to issue with not less than 31.46 yuan/share price is not more than 68.4 million shares, net plan to raise funds not more than 2.15 billion yuan, to raise funds will be used in the classroom and online teaching wisdom cloud platform project and “xunfei super brain” key technology research and cloud platform construction project. Plans to invest 1.8 billion yuan and 350 million yuan respectively.

drops quickly no IPO plans are

after the merger, said President willow blue and fast brand all keep all its products, no IPO plan for the time being. Willow blue, points out that merged the two teams had great progress, carpooling, future generations before the business will be under the two teams work together in the near future.

blackberry consider closing the Swedish business to cut 100 jobs

the blackberry is considering closing operations in Sweden, a move that would lead to job cuts of about 100 people. The blackberry is currently focused on developing mobile office software, information security and to restore growth. The blackberry current global workforce of about 7000 people. In complete union with employees, the company says the negotiations, will make a final decision on closed Swedish business.

sohu, sogou, digital China, swim get rich report

Q1 revenues of $455 million, sohu group compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 25%. Sohu group brand advertising revenue was $134 million in the first quarter, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 20%, compared with the previous quarter fell by 9%. Year-on-year growth is largely due to the growth of online video advertising revenue. Fell is mainly affected by seasonal factors.

sogou revenue of $116 million in the first quarter, up 66% from a year earlier, the profit of $16 million, about $500000 over the same period of last year. Quarter of sogou mobile search traffic rose 130% from a year earlier, the mobile search revenue accounted for the proportion of the overall search revenue from just over 10% to 22% a year ago, the mobile search on scale over 260 million active users.

in the first quarter of 2015, digital China turnover is around 16.901 billion Hong Kong dollars, up 1.77% than the same period last fiscal year, the overall gross margin of 7.18%, 0.72% more than the same period last fiscal year. Shareholders should be accounted for in the first quarter profit of about 171 million Hong Kong dollars.

swim in the first quarter of the total revenue of $209 million, up 15% from a year earlier. The us GAAP (non – GAAP) belongs to changyou’s net profit of $52 million, a net loss of $19 million over the same period of last year, compared with the turnround.

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