Morning: apple on Wednesday launched the new computer, Obama opened Twitter account

(text/who) on May 19,

the apple on Wednesday launched its new computer

apple may be released on Wednesday 15 inch MacBook Pro and 27 inches iMac, new products, use the latest Broadwell Intel processor. In addition to Intel’s latest Broadwell processor, the new apple MacBook Pro 15 inch could get new trackpad pressure.

the next version Watch system will have a major update

apple plans to the next version of the Watch in the system increase a lot of new features, including developers, calling for the Complications of widespread application interface, and “find my Watch” security mechanism. In addition, Apple will also plan for the Apple TV set-top box equipment upgrading the hardware and software, in order to realize the device and Watch interconnectivity, thus providing more comprehensive ecological experience.

apple or less compensate samsung again $382 million

years of patent litigation between apple and samsung – again a few days ago, the United States, the federal circuit court ruled on Monday as before the court ruling, samsung infringed apple’s patent design and function, but did not violate the “commercial” appearance of apple’s patents. Therefore, the district court to reconsider this “business appearance” of the damages of $382 million.

barack Obama opened Twitter account

United States President barack Obama finally opened his own Twitter account! Although President Obama is using the @ POTUS account, but, in Obama’s term expires, the account will be handed over to the next President. Although Obama has always been a blackberry supporters, but today, he just sent via iPhone his first Twitter message.

Intel and Altera to restart merger talks

computer chip giant Intel corp. and Altera programmable logic devices manufacturer, restart merger negotiations, trade amount or will reach $13 billion, or Intel will become one of the biggest mergers in history. In pre-market trading Monday, Altera shares rose 7%, to $47.50. At the same time, Intel shares rose slightly to $33.15.

easy to transport with Uber collaborate

easy to transport in the official weibo account released a picture, in the picture a sign of a heart will be easy to transport and Uber together, the picture shows the time is on May 21, 2015. Uber China and easy to transport spokesmen declined to comment, also will not said on May 21, any news release.

Uber recently encountered regulatory hurdles in China for many times, may be the purpose of the cooperation.

meizu has gone on sale in India M1 Note

the meizu will use its M1 Note Android open the India market, the phone on Wednesday in the amazon India officially on sale on the site. Meizu have not been made public Note M1 mobile phone prices. The 5.5 -inch Android phone support 4 g network and dual SIM card, the starting time is in December last year, in the other market sells for about $220.

one plus, millet, meizu also put out to sea. And is for the huawei honor 4 x red rice and millet Note 4 g to the rhythm of wow.

South Korea “pavilion” Tmall opening

alibaba group and the south Korean government officially launched the global electricity industry’s first national pavilion – the “south Korean pavilion”. It integrates the Tmall, rookie network, alibaba pay treasure, go ah, and many other core business. In addition, both China and South Korea also jointly announced cross-border logistics comprehensive strategic cooperation and ali will formally training young koreans internship programs.

1688 global sourcing platform alibaba launched

alibaba’s website 1688. com launched global sourcing platform. 1688 global sourcing platform main global optimization, national characteristics, the mass goods, covering a large number of offline class B wholesale and retail businesses, also covers more than 40% of taobao and Tmall businesses, businesses can complete one-stop stock on the platform, at the same time, consumers can enjoy more high-quality low-priced imported good.

jingdong sign strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai pharma

the two sides will in prescription drug e-commerce establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership, work together for prescription drug storehouse with online sales platform and off-line networks; In addition, will also be in the field of non-prescription drugs (including O T C, health care products, medical equipment, etc.) set up the comprehensive strategic partnership.

baidu investment recommendations Taboola

online content recommended Taboola announced that has millions of dollars in China baidu company for strategic investment. The contents of the two companies plan to Taboola recommended services into the Chinese market, the current mobile platform has become the first choice for Chinese Internet users access to the Internet.

TV media to clarify cooperate with Netflix rumors

TV media clarification announcement, according to the company and the domestic major Internet TV licences have communication, the recent company business between Netflix and Internet TV business also has carried on the communication, but as of this announcement, the two sides on cooperation method, the content of substantial agreement or signed the relevant agreement.

China mobile group and international trust &investment investment companies $2.55 billion to build, such as

China mobile, according to the announcement, a subsidiary of China mobile communications group will work with the international trust &investment and fund management companies set up a joint venture invested 2.55 billion yuan. Joint venture is mainly to the field of mobile communications and related upstream and downstream industry has the potential to companies to invest in, and the opportunity to seek appropriate in an appropriate manner, so as to realize for the partners to create a good return on investment.

Momo, navigation media rich report

Momo total net revenue of $26.3 million in the first quarter, compared with $5.4 million over the same period last year growth 383%, beyond the company had expected $24 million to $26 million; The net profit of $6.7 million, compared with the same period last year net loss of $1.2 million.

navigation American media in the first quarter of the total revenue of $61 million, compared with the same period last year fell 3.8%, compared with the previous quarter fell 9.7%. Belonging to cruise the media shareholders a net loss of $5.7 million, compared with the same period last year belongs to cruise the media shareholders a net loss of $3.5 million, last quarter belong to cruise the media shareholders a net loss of $11.2 million.

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