Morning: apple iOS9 three systems, such as micro letter opened fingerprint payment

June 9 (text/who)

apple developer conference information summary

1. The iOS 9 Siri, will provide you with the response speed and accuracy are increased by 40%.

2. IOS 9 allows you to search events calendar, Netflix movie, information, and more content within the app.

3.7 months, Apple will Pay on the UK. Apple Pay can introduce store credit card, cash coupons.

4. Passbook turns into a Wallet, provide more rich experience of payment, such as pay with coupons.

5. Internal memo allows the user to define the style, including bold, italic, or directly to join the task list, add images and graffiti.

6. Maps provide the query function of public traffic. Can query the bus in the application of navigation.

7. New App: News. It is the news reader application, apple blockbuster will match elegant layout, photo gallery, animation and video interactive reports.

8. Focus on data privacy protection.

9. Shortcutbar besides will prompt you quick statement, also can be directly on the virtual keyboard: shear; Move the cursor. Control the font style, etc.

10. New Slide Over function let you in without leaving the app will be able to open the second app at the same time.

11. New split-screen multitasking function, only need to have been his fingers slide can activate the split screen, such as watching the news to chat. Also can choose different background application in split screen interface. The user can use multi-touch in two applications to operate at the same time. The Split View function, two app can on the same screen, at the same time open, parallel operation. As she watched the video, also can start multitasking – video will shrink into a small window, on the corner, and even can adjust the size of the video window.

12. Only about 1.8 GB of space.

13. IOS 9 began to developers to provide test version download today, July launch open beta, is expected by the end of September will be released at the same time with the iPhone 6 s official version.

14. New Swift release 2 languages, in addition to compile performance boost, a variety of new features will also enhance the efficiency of developers.

15. Apple Music Music service: not only can use on Apple’s platform, will also be later in the year to the Android platform. Price is $9.99 per month, starting from June 30, will be on the iPhone,, tablet, iPod touch, Mac, and Microsoft’s Windows PC platforms. Family can share account for up to six people use, the monthly price of 14.99 yuan.

16. The new watchOS 2 will bring more native applications for Apple’s Watch. This includes more new dial, the use of the new features and interesting.

micro letter open function of the fingerprint payment

WeChat version 6.2 introduced a “fingerprint payment” function, with optimization after receiving qr code, expand WeChat pay offline market. Users open function of the micro letter fingerprint payment, after place the order after enter the payment process, according to the interface prompt fingerprint identification area, put his fingers in mobile phone can be realized “seconds”. Payment process, do not need to input password.

apple built message transmission high-speed network

reports that apple is building a high-speed network, as well as the upgrade way of creating your own data center, the move aims to improve the competitive power of the company in the field of cloud, thus further with rivals such as amazon, Google and Microsoft to compete better in the field of cloud services.

the apple is ripe, can’t always rely on traditional network providers and technology suppliers.

samsung in the second half will push the new smart watches

reported that samsung plans in the second half of this year launched its new smart watches products, and the smart watch will support the function of mobile payment. Samsung near field communication (NFC) technology will be used to support the smart watches the built-in function of mobile payment.

if it is in order to fight against Apple Apple Pay, you should first to enter the China market.

crosses through billions RMB financing

rumoured zhongtong billions RMB financing, warburg pincus, hillhouse capital group, standard chartered, direct investment, zhongtong sequoia capital China old shareholders vote refs. Known as the existing staff of more than 160000, 72 transit center, more than 10000 service outlets, transportation to send more than 40000 vehicles. Daily express amount up to 24.2 million last year, operating income over 20 billion yuan last year.

motion directly, ali investment yuantong, tencent investment huitong the world…

ant gold dress purchase zhejiang melting letter

ant gold suit will be sent to you by subscribe zhejiang melting letter new equity and buy the shares of existing shareholders, the rest of the way, for a 100% stake in zhejiang melting letter. , after deducting transaction costs associated with the letter of zhejiang melting existing shareholders in the transaction will not believe equity holding and selling zhejiang melt any premium revenues. After the above changes, Mr Ma is still the actual controllers of the company.

jack ma=warren, refuses to answer.

baidu bid for a Japanese native advertising company popIn

baidu in Japan officially announced the acquisition of Japan’s native advertising company popIn control. Under the terms of the deal, popIn existing within the framework of enterprise management team will be in baidu to operate its business independently. PopIn focuses on news media support native advertising, content recommendation for the center with intelligent service platform.

advertising is the improved precision and is always unpleasant thought otherwise.

blue cursor acquisition of au and million more dynamic two mobile advertising company

blue cursor communication group announced that $289 million deal to buy Domob Limited more than 100% of the equity and au zhisheng network technology (Beijing) co., LTD. 95% stake in; $61.2 million deal to buy Madhouse Inc., a 51% stake, at the same time to capital of hundred million move, for $10 million, after the completion of investment owns a 54.77% stake in million move cursor is blue.

au and million more dynamic is China mobile’s two biggest advertising companies, 2015 total revenue is expected to around 2015.

cool finish 360 joint venture to the great god phone business acquisition

cool technology was completed in law yesterday formally to the great god of mobile phone business mergers and acquisitions, declaring the great god mobile phone business formally incorporated into the cool technology. Cool technology in future will be cool brand and brand brand operation, both brand directly, by 360, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi Zhou Hongyi to many great god company will also be a change and innovation.

a great god, assets, and mobile phone business personnel are all kinds of resources such as complete delivery, incorporated into the cool technology.

360 5.1 million compensation will pay sogou

sogou and 360 Sue each other in the near future. Sogou, on May 26, 2015, the Beijing municipal higher people’s courts make the final judgement, 360 behavior is beyond the reasonable limit security software, which violate the principle of fair and equal competition and cause damage to the lawful rights and interests of sogou, ordered its pay sogou 5.1 million yuan economy compensation.

360 appeal and losing, counter charges although won, but only 300000 yuan, 510-30=4.8 million (torn) B.

jiayuan get rich report

jiayuan in the first quarter of 2015 net income of 169.4 million yuan ($27.3 million), was RMB 134.3 million year-on-year growth of 26.1% over the same period last year, 172.8 million yuan compared with the previous quarter fell 2.0%.

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