Morning: apple bought small database companies, F8 developer conference

cloud network hunting March 26 (text/who)

apple bought small database companies FoundationDB

FoundationDB no database development, and in the form of cloud computing services to provide product. In web applications, noSL is a kind of popular database. Different from traditional database, no can in seemingly messy way, multiple types of data. FoundationDB also has some unique technology, so its service running fast, the cost is low.

apple is to develop business cloud computing, the acquisition is quite reasonable.

F8 developer conference

Facebook can embed the video player, the user can be embedded in any corner of the Internet Facebook hosting video content. Upgrade the SMS Messenger service for content creation, user and application distribution platform. Into Internet to launch a new developer tools, these tools can be used to build let users such as remote control garage door remote control switch and thermostat and other household equipment.

ambitious, helping to challenge the YouTube.

cheetah investment Facebook advertisers Nanigans

cheetah mobile announced a strategic investment social mobile advertising software provider Nanigans, but does not release specific investment. Cheetah, according to its for Nanigans $24 million B round collar. Nanigans released and vote for vc funds of Avalon Ventures and Wellington management company, a private equity firm, but does not release specific investment proportion.

Google self-driving car external airbags

related patents authorized Google. Driverless cars external airbags and buffer is intended to “protect the safety of pedestrians collided with the car”. Patent documents also show that the airbag will be installed on the outer edge of the car. In addition, when the induction to the vehicle body and the object is about to collide, the airbag will open.

will be play fly, good tight dirty, online, etc., is very urgent…

lenovo’s magic shop launch two intelligent household products

lenovo group’s Internet arm held magic works smart home experience activity, released two new intelligent household products, respectively is free installation intelligent router and smart home outfit. The two product will launch on the magic works electric business platform.

mike wang ren nokia China chief

announced nokia communication operating organization structure adjustment of global customers, a total of seven regional markets. Mike wang will be the President of greater China, former President of greater China CEO horse policy will become Europe. Mike wang will be at the head of the nokia communication operations in greater China, responsible for greater China sales, business management, delivery and operation work.

zte, acer get rich report

zte reported in 2014, the business income is 81.47 billion yuan, up 8.3% from 2013. Belong to shareholders net income 2.63 billion yuan, up 94% from a year earlier. Zte terminal shipments for 100 million, 2014, 48 million of them for smartphones. 4 g smartphones accounted for 60%.

acer release results in 2014, after three consecutive years of continuing losses, acer has finally turn a profit in 2014. Last year, acer revenue of nt $329.68 billion ($10.5 billion), down 8.5% compared with 2013, net profit of nt $1.79 billion ($56.46 million).