Morning: ant gold suits, chefs net investment, MOTOROLA system to sell

cloud network hunting on Feb. 9 (text/who)

the ant gold suit for social security fund investment, such as

ant gold suit recently in discuss the introduction of a new round of financing, strategic investors including the social security fund, post office bank, CDB capital stake in about 5%, 5% and 3% respectively, and some well-known private equity funds.

what a guy, investors are “state”, “has said its $30 billion valuation, but hunt cloud network also noticed that some people say that only pay treasure is valued at $70 billion.

chefs net $15 million investment

chefs net users are mostly small and medium-sized restaurant owner. Its service city agricultural product circulation on every one of us, including the restaurant owner, distributors, traders. Chefs network can be done: mobile phone open mobile platform to check the supply of goods, and then choose to buy goods, fill in the quantity and delivery time, pick up the goods directly to the scene. Has won a $15 million investment.

beautiful ticket sales web site which will regain the financing value more than $200 million

which, i.e.,, in the field of sports events and concerts in announced Accel brother and manning’s $35 million investment in less than six months later, the ticket search sites and will complete a new financing, company valuations will exceed $200 million. News that the new round financing is expected to raise more than the last round of financing funds, or permission of $50 million.

sohu former vice President of a fresh tiger technology

at the end of December before leaving the company sohu, senior vice President, fang recently created a fresh tiger WeChat start-ups ecological science and technology, according to fresh tiger pull hook net recruitment information, in the fresh tiger by former sohu, senior vice President of Mr Fang and three partners jointly organizes, the angel investment, have been obtained.

cloud network won’t tell your partners are hunting party just gay friends: the original digital Li Boming, editor-in-chief of sohu, sohu editor since the media cheng-wei Yang for the shareholders of a company.

symantec patent infringement was sentenced to compensation of $17 million

Delaware district court judge, security software maker symantec shall give Nathan myhrvold compensation of $17 million, because the symantec infringed two patents of the licensing company. Nathan myhrvold also filed a lawsuit against the other three companies, namely, McAfee, trend of Japanese science and technology, as well as the Check Point Software Technologies.

MOTOROLA system considering the sale

the MOTOROLA system is considering a possible sale. Buyer may buy MOTOROLA system including private-equity firms and American defence contractors, such as thor, honeywell and General Dynamics, etc. At present, the market value of the MOTOROLA system for about $15.6 billion.

87 years of history is about to say goodbye, MOTOROLA, the MOTOROLA mobility on Google, now in the hands of lenovo.

Google will stop the Google Talk service on February 16

Google has been to Google Talk, voice and text function integrated into the Google Hangouts, but desktop users can still use Google Talk. Google began to inform the user that will stop the Google Talk service on February 16, they will need to install Google Hangouts, in order to continue to use Google instant messaging service.

eBay modify results: loss into a profit of $46 million last year

the network sells eBay revised in the fourth quarter and full year results, due to changes in income tax, eBay from full-year losses into profit. According to the new results, eBay earnings by $46 million for all of last year. Another four quarterly earnings from $936 million, to $1.02 billion.

red ridge vc to blast $70 million in loans unstoppable

involvement at the centre of guangzhou paper 100 million yuan of bad debts has only just “digest” before long, the red ridge venture capital to RMB 70 million of non-performing loans. Its website issued “on the sea garden borrowing situation”, admits there are projects appear reimbursement difficult situation, and said “due to the disposal of for a long time, prior to the expiry of the loan may not be able to cash, but will continue to pay the principal and interest of investors”.

corning secret research and development of new material scraping resistance to catch up with the sapphire

Season but his

corning President announced that the company is a research and development of composite products, the product has the gorilla and resistance of series of products, and in the prevention is almost comparable to the sapphire, scratching, and named the Project Project Phire. Season but his also said that the company will be held in the second half of this year to sell the new material, but did not give more details.