Morning: angel investment failure maximum subsidy 2 million, suning hammer or investment

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“angel” failed the highest subsidies 2 million

guangzhou will strive to three years of research and development spending whole society into a share of GDP reached 2.7%, support more than 2500 scientific and technological enterprises. In addition, will also promote the provinces and cities to build risk compensation for science and technology business incubators, failure of angel investment projects, the municipal finance pay a certain percentage of total compensation, individual projects does not exceed 2 million yuan.

startup up the raise $50 million

the securities and exchange commission (SEC) this week approved A subversive final rules, the rules and the start-up assistance Act (the JOBS Act, also known as the JOBS Act) of article 4 of the execution, known as the “Regulation” A + regulations. According to the rules, small businesses and startups will be allowed to raise up to $50 million from “the masses”. “Regulation” A + rules will allow the startup or emerging enterprises to carry out the so-called “mini IPO”, from the public, not just by raising money from investors.

Google will develop robots can do surgery

Ethicon Johnson &johnson’s medical equipment companies have signed a formal agreement, reached a strategic partnership with Google. The two companies will integrate resources of both sides, intellectual property, and professional technology, build an innovative platform for the robot assisted surgery, medical service using advanced technology to improve the operating room.

mediatek release high-end smartphone chip brand “Helio”

mediatek announced that “Heilo” will, as a high-end smartphone mediatek chips brand product line. The product line, will integrate the mainstream computing technology, emphasizes the multimedia experience, and support LTE. “Heilo” will be divided into the main performance of X series, and emphasize the P series of ultra-low power consumption, fashion.

hammer or will receive suning investment

hammer technology secret, founder of the 26th of this month, we visited su ning, chairman of the near east, the two sides have reached consensus on the part of the channel depth cooperation and investment problem. Suning will set the tone is at the beginning of the supply chain cooperation flagship acme sheet is tasted, now basic suning all cooperation follow this train of thought, from this perspective the hammer mobile phones can meet the demand of suning.

SONY releasing one of the world’s most thin 4 k LCD TV

SONY China released a fuselage of the thinnest thickness of only 4.9 mm X9000C flat-panel TV series, become the television industry the most thin 4 k LCD TV. Suspension design, it USES “Floating Style” thin body with no frame screen, let television in “stealth” state, can make full use of metope space, make TV and metope.

FB screener Oculus virtual reality devices years sale

, Chloe puff in F8 developers conference unveiled a game called “Eve: Valkyrie” spacecraft. He in the display after the game said: “this year you can under the virtual reality scene to play the game, the game experience will be very good. At the same time, you will be able to use the Oculus selling equipment to experience the feeling.”

, Chloe puff but later in his Twitter in part denied the above statement. Make a preference?

happy networks announced on March 30, were suspended

happy networks, according to the announcement for the 2014 annual report related files failed to upload to exchange information disclosure system, the company failed to timely disclosure of annual reports, so the company’s shares were suspended on March 30, 2015 opening.

the yahoo Taiwan has started layoffs

portal Yahoo! ‘s recently rumours that Taiwan has started layoffs. In many engineers; At the same time, Yahoo! ‘s position in recruitment website also become zero gap. Rumors said that yahoo has subordinates, “password”, for fired or quit the number, size, etc shall not be revealed; Industry estimates, the layoffs may be dozens to about one hundred people.

Microsoft announced nokia’s mailbox is permanently closed

March 10-12, nokia mail stop service, many users do not export or backup mail inside information. Microsoft now extend the retired time, allow the user to move as soon as possible. Deadline is April 13th. Users only need to log back in nokia mail, email will be activated again, the best choice is to Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail.

get rich blackberry at

the blackberry in the fourth quarter net profit of $28 million, compared with the same period last year net loss of $423 million, means that the troubled smartphone makers have two consecutive quarters surprisingly profitable, mainly due to the blackberry a massive cost-cutting measures, as well as to a wide range of patent portfolio investment value to make the adjustment.

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