Morning: 5/red rice millet flagship large exposure, drops downwind car line

On June 1,


5/red rice millet flagship large exposure

millet is preparing a new handsets, its carrying MT6795 processor, if no accident, it is a flagship positioning high-end red rice machine. This new handsets will be equipped with fingerprint recognition, and solution of FPC. It is understood that the opportunities on the market in September, and millet 5 will also be equipped with fingerprint recognition. From the news before exposure, the machine also seem to use a metal frame.

all netcom and fingerprint identification is said to be the new standard of mobile competition.

Windows 10 exposure of the price and the shipping date

new eggs recently announced on its website, the Windows the price and the shipping date. The goods according to the new egg pages, Windows 10 will start selling from August 31. OEM version of Windows 10 home edition sold for $109, 10 professional OEM version of Windows version sells for $149.

samsung Galaxy S6 Mini exposure parameter

run well-known points appeared on the website GFXBench a model for SM – G9198 mobile phone, the phone is likely to be the Galaxy S6 Mini. It will carry a 4.6 -inch HD display, a resolution of 1280 x768. Equipped with a 64 – bit qualcomm Xiao dragon six core processor, Adreno gpus, 418, 808 and 2 gb of RAM; 16 million pixels rear camera, and 5 million pixels front-facing camera; Using Android 5.1.1 “lollipop” system, also equipped with a pressure gauge, and processor.

Google acquired mobile application platform for optimization of Pulse. IO

Google has announced the acquisition of specialized mobile application platform for optimization of Pulse. IO, but did not disclose the deal price and terms. Pulse. IO services can help customers improve mobile application performance, found that cause applications run slow or frozen screen, its customers include the us group company, such as MyFitnessPal company.

Intel will spend $15 billion acquisition of chip makers Altera

computer chip giant Intel, will spend $15 billion acquisition of silicon valley “programmable processor chip manufacturers Altera corporation. It will be in the history of Intel’s biggest deals. It is reported, Altera chip’s biggest customer including China’s huawei technologies and Sweden’s Ericsson company. Sources said that the two companies could officially announce this week deal.

released the first face recognition ATM machine

our country independent research and development of the first to face recognition of ATM machine through the acceptance, which is the world’s first face recognition function of an ATM machine. By tsinghua university and catalpa kunming technology co., LTD., joint research and development, etc. This ATM machine with a bank, public security, such as system connected to the Internet, the cardholder can only withdraw money from their bank CARDS, bank CARDS, others even know the password can’t withdraw money.

jokes in hand, ask: jj Lin will take li money? Ma money the most safe, unless really have aliens.

drops off Beijing trial operation

drops off has been launched in Beijing, Beijing, after trial operation today, the lift will be officially launched comprehensive. The valuation rules is 10 yuan fare, plus 1 yuan per kilometer mileage fee, RMB 99 caps. Reservation, limited to make an appointment after 20 minutes of the order.

Beijing friends start up, sit a penny. 51 vehicles for every day and what time to merge, plus tick carpooling is good also, after all, love carpooling has out ahead of time.

which network to complete 150 million yuan B round

Internet financial platform which net announced to complete 150 million yuan B round of funding, capital injection to Dajin Heavy Industry Corporation, capital injection, daikin Heavy Industry will hold for a 11.7647% stake in which network. Daikin heavy industry, said the investment is conducive to rapid carry through the company in the field of traditional financial and Internet financial strategic layout, increase new business growth point for the company.

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