Morning: 360 will be released new mobile phone brand, Slack raised $160 million

on April 17, hunting cloud network (text/who)

on May 6, 360, the company will publish new handset brands

said 360 will be held on May 6, a new mobile phone brands conference, 360, chairman of Zhou Hongyi or will be announced 360 mobile phone for more information. At the same time, also announced that 360 Zhou Hongyi for machine 200, old users will be invited to attend the conference, 360, for machine users online submission before April 23, valuable story, you can gain conference invitation. 360 new phone will match the high-end smartphones the hardware configuration of the product, but the price will not exceed 5000 yuan, another new phone or use cool “without borders” technology patents.

– two messages about apple: building power plants, buy forest

apple build solar power stations in sichuan , SunPower solar panel manufacturers cooperate with apple announced, in aba prefecture in sichuan to build two a total of 40 megawatts of solar power plants. The two plants are two different parts, each of a total of 20 mw, is under construction. One of the power plants in the holocene county, are already offering 2 megawatts of electricity.

apple bought the 218000 mu of forest , apple and environmental group conservation fund will work together to buy Maine and north Carolina 36000 acres (218000 acres) of renewable forest land, and will use the forest land to continue to get the materials needed for paper and packaging. Apple said, that will make apple products packaging more environmentally friendly.

Slack to raise $160 million m

office communication application Slack funds raised $160 million in new funding, company valuation of $2.8 billion. Investors for li ka-shing’s harbour investment, Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, Google ventures, kleiner perkins, etc. Slack currently has 750000 active users, twice the number of users is the beginning of 2015, of which 200000 are paying customers.

– two messages about ali: bai, borrow bai

flower bai online line up to 50000 yuan , ali’s ant gold service announced that after 4 months of trial, the main consumer finance “beautiful bai” is launched, the highest credit will amount to 50000 yuan. Officially launched the flower of the bai to fully support the pay treasure to purse operation platform, users can open a key “beautiful bai”, and realize the bill amount query at any time, payment, etc.

borrow bai online good credit can also lend money , open alipay wallet, PM on “borrow bai” service, show sesame points more than 600 points, have the opportunity to recipients. The loan amount from 1000 to 50000 yuan. “Borrow bai” the longest repayment period for 12 months, loan daily rate is 0.045%, slightly lower than credit card overdraft daily five over ten thousand, can borrow over also over.

– two messages about video: 56 nets, Netflix

com was sold $25 million to everyone , according to everyone in the 20 – F file disclosure, com, sohu acquisition to renren paid $25 million in total, which is higher than previous expectations of 56 net price of $12.9 million, but far lower than everyone was buying 56 net price. Renren on selling com deal included in the profit of $489000.

Netflix or launch pay-per-view services in China , is seeking to the Chinese market without advertising Netflix paid online video subscription service. This means that Netflix will use its traditional business model, rather than working with advertisers way into China. Netflix to pay a monthly fee of consumers with TV and movies on demand service.

— about rumours: Liu Jin, sharp by

preach Liu Jin have completed $485 million in financing , China’s P2P investment and financing platform Liu Jin completed the latest round of financing, the financing of Liu Jin valuations reached nearly $10 billion. It is reported, investors including BlackPine Private Equity Partners, CDH investments, etc. Financing has been done in March. After trading, ping an to hold only a minority stake in the company.

the sharp will receive $1.7 billion rescue loan , sharp, and its main lending Banks will reach an agreement, including $1.7 billion in rescue loans and sharp’s restructuring plan. Sharp is likely to be split smartphones display panel business. Mizuho bank and bank of tokyo-mitsubishi ufj will be combined in a debt stock plan to sharp inject 200 billion yen ($1.7 billion).

AMD, TSMC rich

AMD in the first quarter on revenue of $1.03 billion, less than $1.4 billion over the same period last year; Measured in accordance with us gaap net loss of $180 million, a net loss of $20 million over the same period last year.

TSMC in the first quarter net profit of nt $78.99 billion ($2.53 billion), nt $47.87 billion year-on-year growth of 65%, in line with market analysts had expected. TSMC revenue of nt $222.03 billion in the first quarter, up 50% from a year earlier, to achieve the targets set by the previous company management.

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