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3.15 party exposure inventory

4 s shop: ailment overhaul. CCTV financial reporter survey found that the 4 s shop: dongfeng nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen, Benz 4 s shop would deliberately false and exaggerated vehicle failure, permits. A simple fault car (ignition coil plug is loose, reboot the system repair) but in these 4 s shop, but to change the spark plugs and so on all sorts of overhaul.

toxic gas. in dongying city of shandong province, binzhou city many illegal manufacturer to reconcile various petrochemical raw materials, the annual output reaches WuLiuShiWanDun. This kind of mixed gas meet the national standards, gas station acquiescence directly added to our consumers in the car, mixed gas containing methylal, easy cause car line leak, will volatilize harmful gas, pollute the environment.

range rover auroras: gearbox is too high, user operation level problem? . from the perspective of the video of CCTV 315 party exposure, land rover, the aurora or walk on the road, or the reverse gear failure and countless similar cases across the country, although this gearbox fault was diagnosed, but some owners said in the two transmission is still frequent failures. Jaguar land rover China company even push the gearbox fault reason directly to the user, too drivers drive too anxious.

micro letter envelopes fraud. the use of the user of WeChat AA checkout function are not familiar with, the induced user account transfer. By many leading characters, such as play become micro letter envelopes to don’t understand AA payment function of user clicks on a paid link, to complete the fraud. Remind users pay the password, don’t keen on gaining petty advantages rob need password.

inferior warm hands treasure will explode. as long as the continuous charging less than seven minutes.

public WiFi security problems. party proposed that personal information in order to ensure the public safety, try not to use in a public place that do not require a password free WiFi, as far as possible use of merchants to provide WiFi network with a password; In the mobile phone payment account or send E-mail best close mobile WiFi function, the use of mobile phones of 3 g, 4 g data traffic.

health products without approval. 72 – year – old Wang Dama belt at ordinary times, in order to health, prefer to buy all kinds of health care products, up to more than 30 varieties, investment of nearly 400000 yuan. But the reporter looked at these so-called medicine carefully, mostly without any approval number, the unknown.

passthrough? Operators default technical means of fraud. China mobile, China railcom provide various support for harassing phone calls, call “10086, 110,” such as fraud or a green light, show false calling number for fraud phone, still allow passthrough.

the big four Banks available the id card open card with ease. fraud from a set of online purchase really id + bank + mobile phone card=success with the transfer of property. Where the bank card? Reporter in-depth survey found amazing insider: online to buy a piece of someone else’s id, take the big four Banks, including industrial and commercial bank, the bank of China, agricultural bank can easily deal with bank card.

unicom private consumer identity card. real-name registration system can be evaded. Unicom company staff to accomplish a task card to secretly the identity of the consumer with information, repeated activation of open card (id card can open five card) to open the card task, the remaining 20 yuan/phone card to sell card dealers – card dealers sold to fraudsters.

3.15, annual total felling, from this day, to live for a whole year. Notice: on March 15, the state administration for industry and commerce “enroach on consumer behavior punishment method” effect, upgrade online consumers the rights of the “seven days without reason return” had “opened” may not be used as the reason for refusing to return, deliberately to refuse or delay return business owners would be subject to penalty of $500000.

ttpod shrimp music to form into ali music

ttpod alibaba bought by build into ali music, the music will be dried shrimp. Dried shrimp music takes professional musicians course, ttpod flagship public users. The project by the digital entertainment group President ali chun-ning liu as a whole. Ali music aggressively expanding the sole copyright resources, claimed that now owns the Rolling Stones, believe that music and China by well-known record companies exclusive rights.

just news, cool, cool dog music to the sea after the merger, the end of the IPO. Ali’s side and it is the action, plus QQ music, is one of The Three Kingdoms tripartite confrontation.

former vice President ali Lv Guangyu as public comments on the COO

alibaba group vice President, before the housing group Lv Guang chongqing will join the public comments on the COO, as chief operating officer (COO) position. Lv Guang chongqing 2004 join alibaba, before and after successive alibaba district, group vice President, general manager, responsible for B2B business and operations at home and abroad. Its rival Meituan COO dry jia wei in 2000 to join alibaba, start from the first-line salesman, successive, marketing director, regional manager, general manager, vice President, etc.

ali executives is characterized by strong execution ability. SO, the two brothers stood in the enemy camp, the next lot.

south by southwest conference

yahoo to launch a new password “on demand” service and encrypted mail service, users can use yahoo send to cell phone users password login yahoo account, without having to remember your password, the service will be launched at the end of this year. Yahoo also shows its latest “end-to-end” for more convenient to encrypt E-mail encryption system, the system of Chrome plug-ins are still in the beta.

Google said, will be held at the end of the year augmented reality game the Ingress of players. Augmented reality game “Ingress” has entered the third year, was launched by Google’s team NianticLabs Android game, is a real world can be converted to game scenario of mobile phone games.

payment enterprise Square will shut down its reservation service Order

mobile payments startup Square announced it would shut down was put into operation in less than a year of Order service Square Order. At present, the Square has stopped providing Square Order download applications, and stopped on March 20 Square Order services. It can let the consumer through smart phone reservation and payment in advance, after the restaurant to enjoy their meal reservation directly.

since a broken arm can focus Square on its more successful new products, such as high-end food delivery service Caviar.

YouTube now supports 360 – degree video playback and upload

this means that you are in play that YouTube video can from different angles, not facing the camera Angle, the different direction to watch the video. Support YouTube360 video camera shooting some Bublcam, Giroptic company 360 CAM, etc. These 360 – degree camera price range for $300 to $1000.

360 – degree video yo, do you want to feel the unique experience.

Microsoft to push on iOS and Android platform Cortana voice assistant

Microsoft is planning to Cortana voice assistant as an independent application on iOS and Android platform. At present, Microsoft is to integrate the Cortana to Windows 10. The new version, code-named “Einstein” (Einstein). It is unclear whether Microsoft the details of this new technology, but the technology is likely to make Cortana has the ability to complete more automated work.

hey, this is the essence of the software company to return to you?

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