More beautiful: plastic UGC community of the beauty industry and trading platform

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plastic surgery has been impressed people risk big, the price is high, its reason is reshaping organization mostly search engine rankings “kidnapping”, information asymmetry makes the plastic body of large amounts of money are spent on the channels of access to the user’s. Hunting today cloud network to introduce the “better” is a vertical community for cosmetic surgery, users can share their plastic in the more experience, or find a professional cosmetic surgery doctor.

Beijing perfect creative technology co., LTD., its products, doctor’s co-founder Liu Di the founder of the spring rain, founded in July 2013 more beautiful (former name: perfect clinic) officially launched. Liu Di thinks, renamed “means that women App has not only do the medical community in the field of beauty, go to ‘clinic, can give users greater degrees of freedom.” At present, the UGC communities better positioning for the cosmetic surgery industry and trading platform, the future will do consumer health platform, to promote consumption of high frequency, low guest unit price micro plastic project, and further extension of beautiful skin, thin body, mouth, etc.

plastic hospital will spend a lot of money in terms of access to new user resources, extremely dependent on various types of advertising channels. “Get the user in the plastic market, the hospital cost is very high, to capture a user’s cost in the channels of baidu basic in thousands of yuan.” Liu Di said. For orthopedic hospitals and doctors have no advertising, means higher cost to acquire new users, “one click need cost of 20 to 300 yuan, the new user in the baidu search keywords, without pay, she often to be seen in 20 pages after you.” Liu Di told cloud network hunting he wants to cut from the mobile end of industrial projects, become “public comments on” of plastic industry, let those who even without in marketing in hospitals and doctors, also can come into contact with new users through this platform.

as a UGC community, the more beautiful the main function there are three broad categories: case analysis and share, looking for the professional doctors in the field of plastic and plastic group (online help sell project). User is free to upload your real photo, seeking cosmetic doctor’s advice, can also be for the doctor, who can also share their experience of plastic.

even more beautiful is mainly involved in major cities across the country in the form of pushing the 3 armour hospital, will introduce a well-known doctor in cities more beautiful. In addition, the more beautiful in platform for plastic surgeon of word of mouth, since, postoperative effects and case data qualification audit office, hospital, etc. “If your doctor has negative news, such as user complaints, we will not delete, we will alert doctors and users to communicate in a timely manner.” Liu Di tell hunting cloud network, more beautiful hope for users, doctors and hospitals to build sharing platform, providing experts and users “online q&a + community function”.

at present, more beautiful and the doctor’s cooperation is still in the stage of free, but Liu Di also said that the future will consider to charge into ways to doctors. More beautiful APP will position itself as O2O mode, choose to cooperate with plastic hospital and plastic surgeon, user doctor’s appointments on it, then I do plastic surgery. “The users pay some booking online gold, hope that the future can be too much to pay full fees, offline consumption confirmed, more beautiful and then charge to the hospital. Similar taobao’s operating mode, to safeguard the interests of the users maximum.” But Liu Di also admitted that the more beautiful in the process of commercialization, user lack of large mobile payment habits is still the present difficulties.

a better target users, mainly young urban women are “more beautiful” platforms have cosmetic requirements of users, most give priority to in order to perfect and improve its image, congenital diseases such as repair group not mainstream users. Increasing demand for beauty but no fixed income of students, the more beautiful the APP to boring stage will be released in early February 2015 and tailor plastic special loan for college students, and commitment on the safety of surgery with the first pay.

Liu Di to hunt cloud network, according to the current, more beautiful, nearly 3 million downloads, 80, a second-tier cities of more than 3000 plastic surgeon has come the better platform. Completed in March 2014 millions of dollars to A round of funding, the investor for fabrics, sequoia capital China China.

the paper also carried on the thorough understanding to other competing goods. compared to the more beautiful pure Internet third-party platform, currently on the market a few other products are the traditional mobile Internet products industry transformation, the traditional PC consultants put back the clock APP website transformation, such as traditional cross-border transformation medical travel APP, can’t completely out of the third party mediation component. maybe this is even more beautiful to the biggest gene differentiation development.

the plastic website and App, basically is inseparable from the netizens share, doctor-patient interaction, discount electricity these plates, of the same product shape, how to avoid the homogeneity in the market competition to obtain more users is a crucial problem.

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Company: Beijing perfect creative technology co., LTD.

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