Mockplus: let the product manager to fit with the prototype of the figure design tools

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

in recent years, mobile APP shows the trend of the blowout, but any APP, cannot leave the prototype design and prototyping tools. Mockplus arises at the historic moment, except for mobile development, also can make the PC, the prototype of the web, it helps designers in the shortest possible time to complete the product prototype design of the graph. Mockplus rapid, efficient and easy operation as a whole, to meet the designer in the process of rapid iteration rapidly making the prototypes of demand, the Mockplus get the attention of the hunting cloud network.

“the demand of the domestic users and enthusiastic support, is we didn’t expect.” Founder, Mockplus team Liu Song said. “Mockplus since September 2014 staging, at home, start promotion since December, rapid growth of users, almost doubling every month, including paying customers very enthusiastically. Single is the core of Mockplus user QQ group, has rapidly expanded to seven 500 crowd.” Mockplus currently online products include desktop (Windows/Mac version) and two free Web App edition version, users can pay to upgrade to pro.

for product ideas Mockplus Liu Song said: “if it is Axure this prototype tool is a heavy elephant, Mockplus is a light fawn. To simple to complex. Do complex things easily, do simple things difficult. Mockplus don’t need a tutorial, because is to let the product manager to be able to get started with, a few minutes. For the purpose of the design of the prototype, lies in the design of the prototype itself, rather than how to learn the tools. You buy a mobile phone to use, need a tutorial?” Said, Liu Song convective cloud network.

in addition to the function of the prototype tools, the distinctive features of Mockplus function: through collaboration, seamless real machine preview, component based interactive animation, template management and reuse, and sketch style, and other functions. Export, also can add the elves, colleagues or customers directly in the mobile phone preview and so on.

for Mockplus product development and evolution in the future, Mockplus products localization is: the tool is given priority to, the platform is complementary. Liu Song convective cloud network to do the horizontal development in the field of close to the tools and prototype design:

“in addition to the main tool Mockplus, is developing for the UI, UIPM fast interactive animation tools (the guest list, English name Chinco, this product has been forming into the beta). In the community platform, will continue to open the customer community, cut into the based on document (prototype figure, prototype components, material) vertical sharing community. Mockplus the guest list and the community are blank at home, and have very good growth. In addition, Mockplus plans to launch in the second half of 2015 version based on the enterprise team.”

Mockplus business models can be clearly divided into the following several direction: selling packages in service; Community enlarged, sold in package services based on the document sharing community; The business enterprise to B.

compared to similar products, Liu Song told hunting cloud network at home, Mockplus is currently the only focus on the prototype design software tools company, product and team have significant advantage; Abroad, relative to the domestic similar products, and mature, the competition is strong, but still Mockplus have the following advantages:

1) differentiation. Especially for Axure. Mockplus product line for the concise and efficient, fully distinguish in Axure high-fidelity, bloated and steep learning curve. Differentiation strategy can eliminate and filtering of the so-called competitors.

2) the price of the homogeneity of better. Although the similar products abroad and complex, but the Mockplus constitute effective competition have five or six. Domestic lower Labour costs/return, make Mockplus have the foundation.

3) innovation. From the innovation, we not as good as westerners, but the Chinese are practical and learning ability, so we can quickly absorb the similar advantages, into its own product advantages.

Liu Song to hunt cloud network, according to the overall market capacity Mockplus estimated at RMB 135-28.8 billion yuan. Among them, the prototype design tools estimate RMB 75 million – 120 million/year, domestic foreign (domestic) estimated $45-7.2 billion/year. And 12-13% growth a year.

Mockplus online is not an accident, Liu Song will reason comes down to the following points: the first prototype design tools are constantly stable growth of rigid demand; Secondly Mockplus directly to producers rather than consumers, and to B/C to all can, have stronger purchasing power; Moreover, the current domestic competitiveness is very weak provides a very good time; Product is itself an objective innovation potential reserves a broader space for development.

in fact, the founder of the Mockplus Liu Song and his team has a wealth of product development experience, has developed to launch iRead reading software and iNote micro collection tools. Liu Song said: “both the product itself is a good product, especially iRead at home a lot of reading in the user enjoys a good reputation, but our main consideration is the trade-off. So in July 2014, after comprehensive into Mockplus team.” Preparations are underway for financing, Mockplus planning.