Mockery: a national joke hand ridicule of the era of competition

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: in the past two years, along with the increasing advance of global 3 g commercial and the continuous development of mobile Internet services, mobile UGC (user content) business is rising. UGC concept originated from the Internet, that is, the user through the Internet platform to display the contents of their original or for other users. In China, douban, qidian, sina weibo is more successful UGC field.

on April 1, 2015, the iOS version online mockery is still on the stage of seed user testing. Mockery at present, there are two core functions: one is the topic of popular science online, primarily for users to dig a network words or the context of current events. In the era of universal jokes hand, network hot words update speed will make many users were overwhelmed and provide science mockery function can help users more on time. Another feature is a list of functions, through half proposition jokes competition encourages users to create a second.

co-founder mockery 闫国荣 tell hunting cloud network, user-generated content in the product user activity related to products of circulation and precipitation, the user is part of the product is the most concerned about. “Mockery launch points system at present, and encourages users to create content. The integral can change skin, at the same time can get a cool name and “cow person plus V”, in this way improve exposure, of high quality content of satisfy the user’s pride.”

mockery of UGC products in the country started late, the similar competing goods. Such as cartoon, indignities, heeling encyclopedia, moral integrity and other products, mostly content location around the network hot words, funny jokes, etc. And there is already a long time in the market, these products have their own content and manufacturing team, high loyalty of the customer base and brand exposure. These advantages are that the mockery, also cannot narrow the gap in the short term.

but compared with the similar competing goods, pay more attention to the manufacture of a user for content mockery. Mentioned in the “Chinese UGC white paper, because of multiple factors such as media environment, cultural background, compared with foreign UGC free, free to share the characteristics such as, Chinese UGC is more pay attention to the red man.

the UGC product content mostly rely on opinion leaders in the production of the famous jokes, most users to browse, rather than the content. So mature, such as the outbreak of cartoon UGC products will develop the content of the production team, to a certain extent, some discrepancy with the concept of UGC initially.

mockery of target users locate in the 90 s and after 00, these users by subculture, keen to network events, network words secondary creation has a great enthusiasm. They are not famous jokes, but interested in fun, say jokes. Seize these users 闫国荣 think, and encourage them to content creation, to a certain extent can change the status of current domestic UGC products.

at present, 1000-2000 new users per day, mockery cumulative users break, live the number at about 2000 people. 闫国荣 tell hunting cloud network, now joined the mockery barrage function, the function of developing in the future will add more young people like to elements. “To find out the suitable for 90, 00 after entertainment mode, excavate the potential demand is a mockery of their efforts in the direction of the.”

cyworld in South Korea is one of the world’s most successful mobile community services, has more than 15 million users in Korea, accounting for one third of South Korea’s total population. Cyworld’s most users were young people around the age of 20, and attracts up to 20 million people. Hunting cloud network that the center of gravity of the UGC content production should return to the majority of users, instead of a small joke, after all, this is an age of universal jokes hand.