Mobile business, App, HTML 5 and WeChat how to choice?

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the Internet a core idea is the pursuit of speed, especially those on mobile App development, the product iteration speed to a certain extent, also represents the speed of its access to the user. In addition, the terminal market fragmentation of App development is more and more serious, the traditional App development efficiency cannot be guaranteed, the development and maintenance cost is high, all of these make the entrepreneurial teams when layout mobile Internet met with varying degrees of block.

APICloud product is aimed at this problem, it redefines the mobile application development, on APICloud platform can be the realization of a one-stop APP development, management, testing, and even reinforce the APP. App developers and startups need not one by one to find different third party service SDK, you can like the supermarket in APICloud “module Store” choose your favorite service, and just online a key bindings, can realize the rapid integration of different services.

cloud network hunting period entrepreneurial public class invited 25 APICloud share business dry, founder and CEO rebekah, rebekah to share their experience in the field, as well as entrepreneurial teams how to layout the mobile Internet.

entrepreneurship is very accidental, decision carefully

rebekah is a technical background, but he is a man of liberal arts, sophomore year period alone campus websites of independent design awards, three pass up a chance to stay in school founded the company, after leaving wuhan came to Beijing to join in with dispatch, entrepreneurial APICloud again after a few years. Has successfully got the aurora borealis brought $5 million in A round of funding.

for rebekah entrepreneurship is accidental, but it is also necessary. He believes that entrepreneurs must be well prepared before start-up. “Entrepreneurship means that you have lost personal life, put almost all the time in the company the door. Development process will encounter a lot of suffering, it is necessary to have the support of a friend. “

in addition, he also warned the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship can not speculation, need continuous efforts and hard work, must have the careful thinking.

mobile business sequela

by the end of 2014, Google Play on a global scale to 1.43 million the number of App, the first formal apple Appstore to exceed 1.21 million, and all the App on the Chinese market accounted for only 20% of them, the demand of the mobile App at home is very big still. With the rise of Internet + concept, the time has come for a business, more and more people to join in business, but at the same time brings a lot of problems. Bass from a perspective of App entrepreneurs to attend the public class audience share comprehensive business brought about by the sequela:

1, mobile development and technical personnel scarce, can not find people, is difficult.

2, technical personnel hiring expensive, high development costs.

3, there is no guarantee that development efficiency, often head by others.

mobile entrepreneurs often face the question, HTML 5, WeChat, APP to choose which one to develop first business? Although simple HTML 5 technology, transmission power is good, high penetrability, but rebekah is not recommended for mobile web entrepreneurs do it first.

he thought, the whole ecological environment has been a big change, it has significant limitations on the function, combined with the user habit of change, the browser on the transmission is not an advantage.

as a constructive reference indexes, rebekah that only HTML 5 in Europe and America market has given rise to enough examples of successful cases, China’s HTML 5 big may appear similar opportunities in the field of ecology. But for now, all bets in pure Web based on the technology of HTML 5 mode, chances are slim. Rebekah also recommends entrepreneurs can use HTML page layout, but does not encourage using HTML 5, we can realize the function of the underlying or page layout interaction.

WeChat is now very fire spread way, many entrepreneurs will do WeChat end service. But rebekah also pointed out that this kind of mode of transmission of a large limitation, “micro letter to spread diversion, but it is difficult to accumulate flow, even if you are able to accumulate flow but hard to turn to.”

so it seems to rebekah App development may be the best choice for entrepreneurs, APICloud model was combined with “cloud API data services” and “API” perfect equipment function and interactive experience, to help developers to simplify complex server-side coding procedures, such as rapid implementation of App development, testing, distribution, management and operation of the whole life cycle management, make the App from one month to shorten the development cycle for 7 days.

App’s the hardest part of entrepreneurship cold start

rebekah think is the most difficult in entrepreneurial cold start, whether App development, operations, and finally the accumulation of users, the more difficult in the process of start from 0 to 1. At the same time, he also said the App business highlights “pit” in violation of the App “Fast IPO law.”

1, Fast idea, how can the product function in installment? The core of the user story first, and then expand, good planning in terms of product features in installment.

2, Fast project, how to deliver on technology? The balance of how to realize the iOS and Android?

3, Fast operation, how to promote won the first batch of users? Before each new version online, 50 to 100 comments are very important, should pay more attention to, the first 100 will affect the subsequent development of your, need to maintain.

original intention and starting point of the planning APICloud patterns rebekah said he hoped to improve to the user is not a lazy tools, but the efficiency of direct method, using the Internet innovation mode to realize the software iteration.

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