Mistake share + combined with hard and soft parking, parking parking parking is designed to solve the problem of parking difficulty

on May 18, report (word/WenYuTong)

it is understood that by 2014, private car ownership in chengdu reached 3.36 million, with growth in the number of private cars, followed by a series of problems, such as car emissions, traffic congestion, parking, etc. Vehicles in chengdu increase too fast, parking planning, parking free high private waste serious problems are increasingly serious. In recent days, the hunters cloud network attention to a focus on start-ups – to solve the problem of “parking” parking parking berth.

founder of mooring parking berth Xiong Yun have many years of experience in transport business, before founding mooring parking berth in a former “sichuan zhisheng” intelligent, head of the department of transportation technology. Xiong Yun tell hunting cloud network, as early as in 09, they participated in the development work of the license plate recognition system and micro map technology is southwest contact (relatively small space map navigation technology) a number of people relatively early, team earlier related technical accumulation and experience is also a long-term parking parking berth development momentum.

when it comes to the original intention of mooring parking berth project, more than Xiong Yun tell hunting cloud network, the micro map technology is combined with the APP will play its role, during this process requires the map and the dynamic behavior and the trade union, form a closed loop. But in the process of actual survey, more than Xiong Yun find a parking space mistake to share is a dynamic trading and the highest spent solution, at the same time parking is higher and higher, and the status of regional differences of raising Xiong Yun more than set up a “parking parking berth” this “mistake parking sharing service platform.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, mooring parking berth has the following characteristics:

a, intelligently lock

to achieve precise management of parking Spaces is the smallest unit to solve the problem of parking. The key lies in whether it can meet the independent parking Spaces, parking parking parking choice compared with lower cost and more conform to the Chinese market to lock to help the establishment of the sharing platform. Intelligently lock is mainly for private cars, for private use, share and commercial VIP parking yard. To lock in some core areas are free for the owner, also can pay the deposit rent to the owner.

lock control, remote control parking parking berth no choice, not even use the APP, the roof of the owner is equipped with a bluetooth label, similar to the ETC to lock car bluetooth bluetooth module detected near, to lock down automatically, it is more convenient to let the owner parking.

2, mistake share

stop mistake share to give full play to the maximum value of idle resources. Intelligently lock technology also let share more efficient parking state regulation and parking. Car owners choose share space on the App, set time, price and other information sharing, provided to the users need to use the parking lot. Mooring moored by revenue sharing parking parking parking Spaces, property management, main divided into according to the proportion of 2:2:6.

mistake to share Give priority to with a share private cars, private yard and commercial yard can also to share the limited parking Spaces, mistake to share of the whole process of sharing, release, scheduled through now.

three, parking services

parking services based on the technology of micro map is also a big functions highlight of mooring parking berth, Xiong Yun yu tell hunting cloud network now parking service function of the mature market in chengdu. Find yard and looking for a parking space in parking service function is based on the mini map technology, parking parking berth of indoor parking map combined with mobile G platform technology and local large yard data, allow the user to enter the parking lot can find parking convenient path clearly through planning and in and out of the yard. Parking service projects include parking reservation, reverse car, wireless payment, etc.

it is understood that the current parking parking parking has covered parking lot around 4500 in chengdu, and growing at a speed of about 1000 per month, rapid growth. Micro maps that yard has more than 30, parking Spaces to cover more than 50000, micro map yard now can increase one or two per month.

Xiong Yun tell hunting cloud network, now in the market of parking APP for mooring parking berth is cooperation than competition, such as parking treasure, they also need a car to customer oriented, mooring parking berth mistake sharing platform can work with in terms of parking Spaces. Do intelligently the number of locks in the market now is very much, but the market also shop is much less than chengdu, so after after APP developed can be integrated.

in the planning of the development in the future, the mooring parking berth is the hope can be based on chengdu, open the national market, fully stimulate mistake share utilization, relieve urban parking. At the same time for the government, the operators and other parking resource share and talk about cooperation, can be effective to promote city parking difficult problem to solve.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the current parking parking berth team has officially launched the angel financing plan.