Million super glasses: after 60 uncle O2O road

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if the glasses can never leave home, what is electricity.

5 years starting at the beginning of the B2C mode, 09 began to test the waters O2O, both in the glasses industry and Internet industry, hangzhou’s the online glasses brand – million super glasses is walking in the forefront. Its founder Mr Chang-li li began selling glasses, 16 had contact with the Internet in 1999, he was almost walk all the way along with the development of China’s Internet industry. Cloud network think hunting, such life trajectory is Mr Chang-li li founded billion over an important foundation of glasses.

since last year, after a long time of exploration and attempt, hundred million super O2O mode which is yet to mature finally officially landing operations in hangzhou. The O2O mode can be roughly divided into three types, providing information, provide service and product + service, super glasses belong to the last, it on the Internet as a platform, but sales is a traditional commodity, it has high demands on online. That in the field of glasses industry O2O, billion over what advantage?

remove procurement chain, let declining commodity prices

the traditional optical industry has been recognized profiteering industry, its cost is high, there are two main reasons, one is because the procurement chain is too long, the cost of each link, the second is the geographical location and shop store had area requirement is high, the rent is expensive. Chang-li li tell hunting cloud network, super glasses is directly to the manufacturer replenish onr’s stock, dispense with the brands, and mainly by the online guide customers booking, the entity shop into the office building, lower the rent a corresponding, casual million super glasses price compared to traditional store had low.

according to its website, the branded glasses price is cheaper than a traditional store had 30%, 50%, and other famous brand glasses have the corresponding preferential packages. For the traditional commodity sales, price war is very old, but you have to admit that this is also one of the best ways to attract customers. Chang-li li also outspoken, all say glasses belong to the low frequency time consumer goods, the user viscosity is not enough, do O2O will die, then we can start from the price, the price is reduced, purchase frequency glasses will naturally rise, we ourselves, and make it into a high frequency of consumer goods. And China has 400 million people wearing glasses, the large base is we absorb enough .

to overcome technical problems, the possibility of implement the door it’s

glasses industry O2O mode operation, to achieve the greatest difficulty is the optometry and try. If traditional stores use is 1.0 devices, billion over the door of the optometry equipment is updated version 2.0, this set of equipment, is hundred million ultra running O2O model is the most important hardware devices, with it, door-to-door service is feasible.

chang-li li said, from conceptual design to produce standard equipment, the company’s technology center almost spent more than a year. in addition to the optometry instruments, hundred million ultra mobile medical optometry is also proposed to combine personal habits with the eye of the scene simulation optometry, currently billion over the door of the optometry technology has applied for a patent. In addition to the optometry equipment, professional optometrist is also an important equipped with offline services . At present, the company is about more than twenty optometrist can provide door-to-door service, professor are all hired professional training and access to the national registered senior optometry teachers are allowed to mount guard after mass. Outside personnel door-to-door optometry, the flow of the company the optometry service will operate, service will enter various enterprises, trade unions, universities and the community, provide optometry service for myopia group, it is said that to carry out the first time it’s car service activities, appointment has been fully committed. The door optometry glasses for service is completely free, in addition to the goods and the freight, customers don’t need to pay any additional cost.

from open counters to high-end medical conference, put the right pulse of the customer

since products + services is the O2O mode, the user experience and the model are the important factors of survival. The ultra cable channels on the mall, also provide on-site experience booking and offline store sales. In the words of chang-li li is our shop is good, all channels customers to choose according to individual be fond of habits.

it is worth mentioning that super store adopts open sales mode, is a self-service type glasses supermarket, abandons the traditional sales model and guides because chang-li li think enclosed counter recommended goods actually led to an invisible oppressive consumption , and hundred million super hope to give customer’s psychology and action are open free shopping experience. On the mobile terminal, is directly with micro service number in the form of a letter, “ we won’t do the app, it is not necessary to follow suit, if I buy a pair of glasses will be the next app, I’m afraid phone memory are more enough .” Chang-li li said, if this is the case, for the customer, may not be a pleasant shopping experience.

on April 8, 2015, hundred million super glasses invited domestic famous experts, professor, depending on the light in hangzhou was carried out on hundred million “mobile medical optometry glasses Internet technology appraisal meeting, the billion over the door of technical identification of optometry service. , chang-li li said that such a professional meeting, the purpose is very simple, hope customers can understand the professional opinions, the door optometry technology trust to us. Later also will often this communication, please experts to give advice, make our services more perfect.

today, million glasses of offline store has been open to 22, all online channels of IP traffic to a total of more than twenty thousand per day, now they are not in a hurry to expand, but hope to be able to put in hangzhou super O2O mode to fall to the ground, to make influence. CEO Mr Chang-li li mentality is very peaceful, the Internet industry cluster by young people, born almost 1969 vintage, but, he says, is likely to be older because it touch the Internet is the earlier, the I understand the rule of the industry towards dusk tide, entrepreneurship so long, the biggest feeling is, a living enterprise is valuable. So, is to look up at the starry sky, but their feet on the ground to live longer .

“be kind, kind of enterprise.” This mentality old, thinking ahead of old people, Internet business CARDS printed with this sentence. In the year to May 10, super will celebrates its 10th anniversary, in the hang seng park will hold a conference, announced formally O2O mode. Hope looking forward to it, as Mr Chang-li li as a node, let hundred million to alleviate the operation mode of the super glasses industry in the eyes of consumers the impression of profiteering industry.

meanwhile, currently on the market of glasses O2O players still have such as: look, the apparent can, etc. Earlier, at the same time, imitate Warby Parker mode of Chinese players, some website is already 404. Glasses O2O exactly how to play, can not help but ask: glasses O2O, severe vertical can appear under a unicorn?

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