Million and cloud business: four nets of enterprise marketing management platform

(text/Zheng Dian)

with the mobile client development, traditional sales mode to the network marketing has gradually. Micro computer website, mobile website, website, APP to become the “importance” of the enterprise. If you don’t have a series of perfect management process, to stay in the “battle” will become difficult.

million cloud business is hundred million us science and technology co., LTD., research and development of chengdu’s one-stop Internet marketing management platform, to enhance the brand image as the center, dedicated to all kinds of enterprises with product marketing and internal management. Million cloud business has set the Internet (PC), mobile terminal, APP end, WeChat end, four network rapid development, which integrates the mall system, has the keyword promotion, WeChat marketing, SEO, and other functions, can for the traditional enterprise quickly set up their own company’s e-commerce platform independence. Platform of a complete set of templates can be developed, but also for lightweight custom development, for many enterprises to save a lot of e-commerce platform construction funds.

billions of chengdu technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech software companies, was founded in 2010, the existing staff of nearly 50 people. E-commerce platform development and construction, development of WeChat, APP development, development of real estate intermediary industry office management system is the main business of the company. Cloud network hunting earlier reported that the company’s “, “big eyes software as one of the earliest development of products of the company, has been successfully applied in the national more than 100 real estate intermediary companies.

in 2012, the company put all technical personnel involved in r&d and cloud business, product is launched in early 2014. Founder DouYanJie tell hunting cloud network: “hundred million cloud business want traditional enterprise can more easily to do e-commerce. Now a lot of traditional enterprise wants to express in e-commerce, but the PC market, WeChat mall and APP store data isolation brings to the enterprise e-commerce operation and maintenance of a lot of trouble. So we want to design a set of e-commerce platform, make every client data unified scheduling, convenient work.”

“million cloud do e-commerce business mainly aimed at the necessary transformation of the traditional enterprises, especially for production and processing industry. I put $cloud business do electric business platform for the customer call F2B mode, namely solution electronic commerce behavior between manufacturers and merchants. I suggest with mode of e-commerce, the traditional enterprises to meet the demand of part of the old customers of e-commerce, then gradually develop some new channels, customer.”

million cloud business since its launch, the existing “from united accessible (luzhou aged pit agent)”, “le way mobile phone (lenovo general agent) in sichuan province”, “farmers kitchen wholesale (eggs)”, “hair blended (beauty)”, “tao” in chengdu, “sunshine rehabilitation (medical equipment)”, “external shell network (local)”, “hidden thatched cottage (cordyceps products)”, “take the world cuisine” nearly hundred customers choose to use.

cloud network think hunting, the Internet is the traditional enterprises to launch a tool for their products, and electronic commerce to traditional enterprise is not only to reduce marketing costs, more is brought a fair competition environment for traditional enterprises.