Millet President held: samsung’s business model is not change is very dangerous

(word/qing nan)

today in tencent sponsored “Connector/Smart Future peak BBS” on, millet President held with Re/code founder walter moss berg (commonly known as “Dr”) said in the conversation, if it is dangerous to samsung’s business model does not change.

held to make such a statement is millet with samsung this power in China tended to rise. Already has several research statistics show that millet has surpassed the samsung become the domestic mobile phone market share first. More samsung in the fourth quarter of last year, according to data of the smartphone market share in China has dropped to 9.8% from 19.2% a year earlier. At the same time, samsung also suffering a growth in the global crisis.

in held their own point of view, millet relied on the consumption of electricity channel compression channel practice more can meet the demand of network age in the future. “The business model in China have changed, the network business model is the most powerful business model.”

now, samsung is still dependent on traditional sales channels, the user requirements for products such as the ratio of critical cases, the profit space of the samsung mobile phone and so on will be gradually compressed. In addition, samsung mobile phone value-added service layout is weak. Held that samsung is too dependent on hardware profits, lack of motivation to develop software and services.

, by contrast, released the apple in China domestic iPhone back to glow the youth, increase market share. Compare the apple model, held the explanation is different from millet positioning for the company, said apple profit doesn’t care about the market share, the iOS system is closed, and millet now pay more attention to the user base and market share, the android open source beautiful MIUI. “If a quarter earned $18 billion, your customers may because price to buy what you no longer.”

a foothold in the domestic preliminary, millet has key layout overseas business, and entered into the markets such as India, the United States, the goal is the world’s first 10 years. In held point of view, in the next five to ten years there will be some domestic hardware brand rise in the west.