Millet Note top-of-the-line version with benefit in sales, with sales in time

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yesterday, millet Note top-of-the-line version of this as early as January has conference “concept” finally fall to the ground, which marks the millet into high-end, start the transition products also began into the part of the average consumer life, opened his own wonderful trip.

in the open before the trip, “parents”, pay a lot of it. Lei jun to its value are not two, not only for its held two conference, and the specification or a higher than a. At the meeting in a few days before the high appreciation, lei jun is on the one hand, big spit the cost to its bitterness, on the one hand, generous compliments, such as “the most expensive in history, what what what again your percentage dozens, android machine huang beauty, art, delicate, camera to cry, high-end flagship king” ratio of bitterness and praise a down, blurt out. More smoothly and in order to his growth path, lei jun is out of the star evaluation industry leading and Dr Send machine “netting” various media (send millet Note top-of-the-line version, let everybody experience products), its also frequent updates on twitter, interactive and forwarding, went the legendary weapons of China as its escort. And all this all is for the sake of millet Note top-of-the-line version of the lei jun’s latest “children”. Lei jun to the “children” is the fuck broken heart.

thanks, also be the kid screws up, didn’t let LeiJunBai pay so much for him. Today’s first sale online at the same time to open open effect is good, violence; Consumers are enthusiastic. Online according to the small millin bin in weibo, your order number 11, more than 1 million; While offline, quite has the potential of apple start, 11 night, in the part of the house of millet, for a small amount of rice noodles to stay up late waiting for today’s first sale. This picture, at first glance has an apple.

under the mesoscopic, however, we have not found an astonishing fact, the child is in today’s performance, was still rather than top eldest brother the same ancestral magic weapon – the “cost-effective” . That being said, the sense that gives a person is not so good, not to praise the child, but in combination with millet Note top with a version of the product specific view:

in fact, all aspects of the product is good, can is 2015 flagship of a high-quality goods on the market, of course, he is also a millet the best phone ever, it can be said to be an evolutionary millet, its design from its praise highly “no design is the design of the best, is the design of the people is the best design” evolved to independent design a new stage of design is a good heart. And the materials collected on the parameters is almost the index – the strongest “qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 plus LPDDR4 4 gb memory and 64 gb storage, fuselage 2 k sun screen, 3090 mah rechargeable batteries, pre – 4 million big rear camera SONY camera” 13 million.

however, around 2015 have already released the flagship product, the parameters on the stack, who really is the product design, the parameters of the millet configuration will send a lot of? And transferred to a measure of its flagship more stringent standard of innovation, millet Note top-of-the-line version of its so-called “android machine emperor” is estimated to already was standing. Don’t say samsung unique 14 nm processors and curved surface screen; Peter said domestic latest Nubia Z9 on the technology stack, believe seconds off the millet is refuses to accept to say “war”. And millet compared with these products, it can let consumers are more likely to accept the difference? Obviously, prices fell on millet, millet Note top-of-the-line version of the product price is 2999 yuan, only do this in all products similar to configure the lowest price. Performance gap is not big, the price gap is huge, contributed to the “value” of millet new flagship product.

this: we can find “cost-effective” Note is millet top-of-the-line version of the core competence of the facts. But millet on the flagship opens the “cost-effective” patterns, with his helpless, also more with his master.

a, millet helpless

a flagship product, core competitiveness should fall to “price”, let a person embarrassed say out nature, but had to admit that this is a practical work. Behind the fact, millet in the face of the innovation ability is still insufficient, these practical and patents is still not strong, and aside from the above, millet launched flagship ratio, but also hope to be able to take this into the high-end market, to get rid of as soon as the price has been near the bottom of the low-end market.

it is well known that, in the last two years by millet hand machine market opening of one thousand yuan, in the crazy of every race, prices to near the bottom of the (such as millet red rice released in January 2 a, its price is only 599, and in the market, and the price is cheaper than that of the existence of the low-end models). Near the bottom of the price, nature also has a very poor profit margins. These low-end machine doesn’t help manufacturers to make money, their role, is just impulse is to help manufacturers, sales growth.

domestic manufacturers to raise interest rates, earn real money, still need to enter the high-end market. however, in our habits of 2500 yuan of above range in the high-end market, we can surprise discovery, this in the high-end market, this is for all domestic manufacturers, a new “blue ocean”, in addition to the oppo, vivo rare from domestic manufacturers, there are huge market for mining, so here is the current domestic market of hope.

and the market is currently are trying to target and direction, more important is the “blue ocean” market users, relatively, is more selective, more factors in the weight of the product. Also need to enter this market, and millet, gained a mu. But as I said, innovation is insufficient, the millet and in the form of 300 price to attract high-end users to join in primary millet camp. This is millet is helpless.

2, millet brillant

the above said the millet is helpless, but outside of the helpless, more genius of millet. Millet, so to speak of the “price” with quite good, it might bring to high-end market more profound influence on the present reality and the future.

in the moment, the emperor millet in the so-called “android” in “300, the flagship for 2999” in time opens the millet are best “performance mode”. And the powerful weapon, the ratio of not only filled the millet Note top-of-the-line version of the title “king of the ratio of of the, again also use price to stimulate consumers already almost numb nerve, at the same time, the millet will be more” cost-effective “the sharp sword arm to the friends of the domestic business. , of course, also hurt yourself (millet is not only to give up the original $300 profit, but also need the archives mouths below RMB 3000 yuan in 2999 yuan more than linger for months or even a year), it is the ratio of flaw of seven injuries boxing.

but from the point of view of a more long-term: millet on 300 oceans, although it is a little loss current earnings, but it may be for millet Note top-of-the-line version more sales, in the amount of accumulated losses part will also earn back more naturally. Millet actively adopt “cost-effective” patterns, with sacrifice the interests of the short way into the production of high-end market, access to the high-end users in the early accumulation, and accumulate over a long period, the formation of millet in the high-end market scale advantage. Thus: millet with lowering prices not only for the ratio of millet Note top-of-the-line version of the sales growth, more with a Note version high-end sales for millet breakthrough time, and the more important significance lies in: millet will be friends again with this model with dealers to pull into the price of blood, make high-end market may also into low-end market of old patterns, and the old model, is just what millet is good at football. So from that perspective, the millet it did with good performance-price ratio. And these friends dealers will once again into the old pattern, millet Note top-of-the-line version of sales will be crucial.


millet Note top-of-the-line version of the sale price of 300, longitudinal has insufficient innovation competitiveness, but in more ways, but in fact is the very good move lei jun, he gave all to dig a big pit. In this pit, millet is the new rules of the game makers. Perhaps, millet waiting for now is that bad on top of millet Note worthy version of users continue to increase, again back and scrambling to jump into the pit. It is worthy of attention of the bad hand. As mentioned, of course, this skill is the key lies in millet Note top-of-the-line version of sales can be enough to make friends feel panic.

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