Millet Note top-of-the-line version down to 2999 yuan, went on sale on May 12

as targeted arrangement beforehand, millet, and 360 Nubian players held a conference on the same day the three mobile phones and rushed to put their best side show, plan to media, user. In the midst of this, is the biggest still concern millet.

attention this year’s flagship model Note or because millet top-of-the-line version dropped, and that is not sale prices, announced from the original 3299 yuan to 2999 yuan, the moment in the circle of friends, weibo brush screen.

Note about millet top-of-the-line version of the configuration, design information such as the release when it as early as January, so this is not the focus of the conference, more for the product tasting. In more than two hours, lei jun once again from all kinds of physically detail shows the “flagship” of it.

from the configuration and price, this phone is the best cost-effective so far still on android phones. Picked up the most qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 eight 64 – bit processors, with 4 gb LPDDR4 memory, have a sharp/JDI depth customization screen, 5.7 inch 2 k sun screen, 515 ppi. SONY 13 million pixels optical image stabilization and qualcomm strongest ISP camera image processor, at the same time equipped with HiFi music system, in terms of technology, millet Note top-of-the-line version still use 2.5 D + 3 D hyperboloid metal frame of the top technology, glass and aluminum alloy frame is golden.

this configuration, price, and new technology of appearance, a lot of people think can directly kill the opponent’s flagship. In addition, similar to top-of-the-line version appearance of millet Note impress the science and technology of the senior U.S. critics appreciated Dr. Lei jun for evaluation of products designed for “the most beautiful and the most exquisite technology, performance, the strongest millet mobile phone”.

however, so far, millet Note seems to miss a little bit of best sales window, listed at the end of the original 3 delayed by May 12, the next thing to face more intense competition, the good news is that the price reduce 300 yuan, the user is a good thing. This may also explain, play in the domestic high-end high android phone is not in the best time.

in recent period of time, samsung, HTC, LG and depending on the manufacturer’s flagship model successively, such as huawei also makes the domestic mobile phone market competition is intense, again before the troops are at the same time, there are 360 cool, ali meizu eyeing new forces such as alliance, which may be millet Note top-of-the-line version of the important reason of the conservative price fell to 2999 yuan, even so, the price advantage is still there. At the moment of millet, increase in shipments to expand market share is still the most important goals at the moment.

according to lei jun, actually Note as early as in mid-april also can spot supply, but the team still in better optimization of heat and power consumption. For a adopts the fastest CPU and GPU architecture models, this problem is particularly important. At present, millet five thermal conductivity has applied for patents. In the process of optimization screen experience, millet 32 screen design has applied for patents.

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