Millet having “little brother” is such a intelligent household ecological layout for him

cloud network hunting note: Yeelink Jiang Zhaoning a thought development with Chinese characteristics of intelligent household products sales there is no way, lei jun from millet technology has some of the best domestic online flash sales are reluctant to run the risk of research and development. One day, however, when Jiang Zhaoning lei jun to come, to get them, mutualism, a unique path of cooperation in front of millet. The millet’s future seems to be more broad.

millet science and technology, although is known with excellent hardware device, the company has always been to “Internet companies” positions.

a company be called “Internet companies”, can represent many meanings. Low cost of distribution, network effects, and have a large number of channels is recognized three key features in the Internet business. Admittedly, millet smartphone business is indeed have the characteristics of the above three, but in its iot strategy plan, and how to embody these characteristics?

in the past few years, millet technology steadily launched a series of intelligent household appliances products, including intelligent camera, blood pressure monitor, intelligent socket and so on. However, few people would mention the equipment the real manufacturer is not behind the millet, but the third party company. Lei jun repeated millet technology products only three categories, respectively is smart phones and tablets, televisions and set-top boxes and router. But if lei jun says no, then how will the millet gain profits from outsourcing iot devices? For the partners of millet, and can get those benefits from millet?

millet technology to development of China’s Internet of things or other emerging markets what impact, it is too early to give a conclusion. Only from the point of the current situation, millet with Yeelink – technology startup based in Qingdao, the millet online sale intelligent lights – relations of cooperation to us illustrates the millet is constantly to meet the upcoming new equipment boom to prepare work.

innovation intelligent lights when

like most entrepreneurs, in countless free time Jiang Zhaoning and da-ping liu two people have been looking for business opportunities and ideas. Over the years, they designed a variety of business plans and models, but all in vain, know one day in October 2012, a smart involved in the production of philips Hue color lamp lit the brain is both asleep. They decided to leave the lucent technologies company, decide housekeep also designed these products in China.

“we firmly believe that with the rapid development of the smartphone market, constantly stimulated home automation market is booming, this is the original intention we established Yeelink,” founder Jiang Zhaoning said, “we choose as a starting point because we think lighting lighting lamps and lanterns is the indispensable thing in daily life, and the connectivity of the Internet can bring revolutionary change in the daily necessary field.”

then da-ping liu and Jiang Zhaoning found the millet for further development. Two people reconstruct the first product of the company, Yeelight Blue, the basic functions and philips are of a similar Hue but it is much cheaper than Hue is more humanized and more. Another Hue by Zigbee (Zigbee) phones connect and lamps and lanterns, while Yeelight connected by Wifi and bluetooth as a medium, but also reduce the power consumption.

“we chose a relatively low barriers to entry technology, so that we can build up a single sale of our products, not like philips Hue, carry out since only three. Our pricing between each $20-30, so even if the user is not very interested in, grab a also just as well.” Jiang Zhaoning explained.

Jiang Zhaoning and da-ping liu took just three months was finished Yeelight working prototype. Jiang said so high efficiency thanks to their communications engineer background, he thought of all the technical skills, communication engineering can be put on the top floor of a technology. When they openly demonstrates Yeelight design concept, both in early 2013, joined a hardware device is located in shenzhen – HAXLR8R incubator project.

according to Jiang Zhaoning, although HAXLR8R project does give their team provides some seed funding, but only just, they found that from the famous venture capital firms are unlikely to get financing.

“they admit that our idea is very interesting, but they don’t think this kind of intelligent light how much practical significance,” jiang recalled, “they don’t put our intelligent lamp when one thing, don’t think there will be many prospects for development.”

but when the project draws to a close, the lucky goddess finally visited them. The team won the $20000 raised in roll call time. Although this amount to now all the raise standards, is not outstanding, but jiang, the raise activities to let them to the site of the first intelligent hardware equipment and the raise of title and are now reaping the visibility.

more fortunately, shortly after the end of the project, there are exactly news said that Google for $3.2 billion in cash for the Nest. According to jiang’s memory, once investors shrugged off their company at this time to come your way again. In numerous investors to show interest Yeelight, millet technology. Jiang also said that from Google’s technical personnel is greatly promote the reliability of Yeelight.

“because most of millet technology early employees from Google China, who has a wealth of experience in smart home markets and has done a lot of investigation and study. They think that we are on the Chinese market at present one of the most outstanding intelligent equipment start-up, and think we have the capacity to the final product.”

then in early 2014, millet led Yeelink, again at a later time to buy the company’s products and stores in millet online store.

it’s so good to hold on the thigh

millet technology profit from a smart phone is one of the methods of avoiding marketing costs. Although companies have to cooperate with logistics company, most of its profit in the Chinese market from online flash sales marketing. Millet brand awareness to Yeelink provides an invisible distribution channels, making the latter can be acquired at a relatively low price does not poor.

“philips Hue mainly sold in retail stores, so the retailer’s distribution network virtually increased the final price of the product. But we sell our products by the millet network, left a lot of the distribution of costs for us.” Jiang said.

in turn, as millet in the consumers’ mind wide popularity from the side to help Yeelink reduced marketing costs, batch purchase products from manufacturers also helps to reduce the cost of spare parts. Once embrace Yeelink e-commerce sites of the thigh, the millet to intelligent light bargaining position.

“at first, our customer is very less, also can use poor to describe, sales of our products from procurement to production and manufacturing, struggling all the way,” Jiang Zhaoning says to us, “when to sell our products in millet website, order quantity increased obviously, and we also have the chance to improve our production levels. Millet also give us their ecological system are introduced in many factories, so we can buy at very low price to electronic components.”

in millet electricity network operators to sell their products on the site of another benefit is that you can use millet has established a perfect logistics system. Millet flash sales sales model allows Yeelink clear statistics and the corresponding production demand. Through the cooperation with millet technology, Yeelink also enjoyed the same prediction technology, as well as millet delivery service and perfect infrastructure.

“if we have 10000 or 50000 products need shipment,” jiang said, “we can get these orders from millet, and then a week later the products delivered to their warehouse from our factory. The next thing only needs to be done to millet logistics area, we don’t need to worry.”

in the end, the millet to Yeelink provides products specialized technical support. Even Yeelink core team based in Qingdao, a city far away from the China science and technology entrepreneurship circle – Jiang Zhaoning said from Beijing were part of the company employees are millet, millet headquarters in Beijing, they sometimes give Yeelink allocate some technical personnel.

“most startups in China it’s almost impossible to take out money to employ some internal industrial designers or graphic designers. So the millet is really provide us with all the resources we need, “said Jiang Zhaoning sincerely grateful,” in the beginning of our business, we can only ask outsourcing design team to help us to design the product, because we can’t afford a full-time designers. Later, we tell millet’s team said that we need some help designers, and they agreed. Now we have three full-time designers from millet technology in design for our products.”

with current force of bedding brilliant future

by fostering Yeelink and other third-party hardware vendors, for millet technology itself is also a lot of good. The first point is that rising incomes. There is no doubt that the two companies in allowing Yeelink on millet website sell its products on the profit sharing agreement, although Jiang Zhaoning and details of the deal were not disclosed, but we can imagine, is a lot of profit.

but beyond that, Yeelight also stimulated the other millet product sales. When customers order directly from millet website a Yeelignt intelligent lamp, the intelligent light they receive is only compatible with millet router products. So buying Yeelight would also encourages users to buy the router at the same time.

a similar phenomenon of complementary products (generally) also appears in other belong to product of millet hardware in the ecosystem. Millet intelligent socket can use millet routers application can also be used to control from a router to control the smart home applications. Millet of smart home security camera is also so, although the application of this equipment has its own independent can be controlled.

but the problem is, when you can use a millet application can control all your smart home devices, why for each of the equipment to download a separate control application? To encourage users to buy the router or the weakest to persuade our users to use the integrated application of intelligent household this way, on the one hand, users can obtain the life convenient, whereas the millet could get more important – the user data.

and, if you only focus on what you have the key point of contact (such as smart home applications, routers and smart phones), rather than scattered focus on secondary hardware equipment (such as intelligent lamp, socket and so on), millet can save a lot of research and development costs. Instead of hiring a whole team developing an unknown product, millet tend to choose investment in such a team, especially those in the website platform named raise time or have a excellent team on Kickstarter. This method also reduces the company’s core organization still keep high stability.

“my guess is that in the early days, lei jun is likely to hope to form a few teams within the millet for market research and development new products, such as lighting and air conditioning, but facts have proved that the idea seems to be not enough reality.” Jiang Zhaoning said.

“if two men ride on a tiger everyone should understand. How can you make more entrepreneurs in the service of your company, at the same time and they are also trying to coordinate management? ! If your company is too large, all of the efficiency drops. So the best way is to seek and cooperation between the best small companies in China.” Ginger added.

in fact, the strategy of the development of millet is not special. Baidu and tencent have respectively through investment, acquisition, and cooperate with small small hardware companies bribing wearable devices and intelligent methods such as hardware. But only millet can provide reliable e-commerce for these companies to advantage. When asked about WeChat can provide Yeelight the same power, Jiang Zhaoning think it is almost impossible.

“WeChat isn’t suitable for to sell our products,” jiang explained, “they have a lot of partners, the right, but they also never consider the survival of partner or not. Since millet technology investment of our company, they assured us that at least the next two years, we will be the only company in this vertical markets.”

millet will provoke the channels of the Internet of things she

consumer technology industry in recent years gradually showed great interest to the Internet of things. But as consumers increasingly buy this kind of product, how to distribution but also became a big problem to hardware manufacturers. Whether can successfully work with best buy to sell in the market intelligence coffee machine? Or from the raise of Kickstarter campaign to raise $500000 m, whether also means that the company will have to accept Shopify, then become another puppet of search engine optimization (seo)?

millet technology, through cooperation with Yeelink successful examples, showed its ability to solve this dilemma. nullnullnullnull