Millet chain enterprise NinebotA round of $80 million, at the same time buy the Segway

(text/Li Shankun)

this afternoon’s conference in millet, CEO of Ninebot Gao Lufeng published two important information, the first is the millet, redwood, suitable for and huashan completed A round of Ninebot $80 million. Another Ninebot completed the Segway is a wholly-owned acquisitions, the latter for the balance of the world’s largest car maker and balance creator. With this acquisition, Segway hand a large number of patents and the overseas market will bring new development opportunities for Ninebot.

Ninebot nunn (bo) is a production of tianjin electric balance car manufacturers, main products are Ninebot (9) – a modern transportation vehicle, the products are all driven by electricity, no emission pollution, highly agree with contemporary direction of energy conservation and emissions reduction advocacy, inside the body using self balancing system, but high level interconnection and interaction with cell phone.

lei jun says he experienced before early Segway, balance and believed that a car is a very fun very cool toy. BAT now smart car and travel in the arrangement of the field, as a first level 4 of millet, whether in their growing chain increases to the layout of the smart travel?