Millet, 100 million for the first sales volume: 100 million yuan red rice 2 a

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on March 31, millet # # rice festival held in the new released products communication meeting. These products include: price 2499 yuan Note the goddess powder edition of set limit to millet, red rice 2 a price 599 yuan, 99 yuan scale of millet, millet lug plate was $49, and millet TV price 4999 yuan. At this point, a series of such as “the CXB in the initial stage and DDS, DSF and TZC” mysterious preheating code is “the mysterious veil, see looks like” at the moment. Although this conference on the number of new products have been his pig teammates “millet air purifier with haier brothers” accidentally exposed when “quarrel”. But to see so many new products, a relief and lug plate and scales, always feel millet is to open a store, you can do it all done.

all the fun, in the collection published today, let me the most interested in is not sold for 2499 note the goddess powder edition of set limit to millet, millet lug plate is not priced at 49. I am most interested in is $599 of millet mobile phone red rice and 49 $2 a millet scales both products. In my opinion: red rice 2 a is 599 price, only let millet DiJiaHua dip sharply on low-end products, it represents the millet in the mindset of impulse, it will become the millet sales growth engine; And the arrival of the millet scales, let millet layout is taking shape in the field of health, it will further promote the millet ambitions in the field of health.

a, product basic letter

in the first place to look at the red rice and millet 2 a scale that the basic information of the two versions:

been the subject of millet “one thousand yuan 4 g ratio of ace” red rice with 2 a 4.7 -inch IPS screen, with a core 1860 c 4 core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 gb memory and built-in 8 gb storage space, equipped with 2200 mah polymer battery, pre – 2 million megapixel camera, rear Omnivision 8 million megapixel camera. Support mobile 4 g double card double stay and Switch at the fast charging technology. At 599, rice noodles on the day of the sale of 499.

and millet called them “a glass of water can accurate perception” millet scales from millet, China science and technology, the construction level of super white toughened glass panels, process of 20, 91.5% light transmittance; Embedded display 161 LED lights, support jin/kg/pound; 100 grams of precision measurement, reached the international advanced level; Smart phones connect, can manage up to 16 people related measurement data.

2, 2 a, millet red rice sales growth engine

it is well known that millet has achieved gratifying results, in 2014 completed the millet mobile phone shipped over 60 million goals, reached 61.12 million units, and the millet company valuations have increased to $45 billion. In 2015, lei jun for millet was set the millet mobile phone shipments to ensure some 80 million to one hundred million only goal. And millet this goal compared with 2014, a little operation we can learn that: millet in 2015 shipments even only complete the lowest 80 million only, and is equivalent to 2014, 2014 units in millet mobile phone sales increased to nearly 20 million, its annual sales rose nearly 30%; And one hundred million shipments more equivalent to 2014, 2014 units in millet mobile phone sales increase close to 40 million units, annual sales year-on-year growth of nearly 64%. But in contrast, the mobile phone market growth, according to IDC predictions to the research result, in 2015 China’s smartphone market although shipments will reach 450 million units, but only about 7.8% year-on-year growth.

trend in today’s industry is not what it used to be, the backdrop of the smartphone growth was slowing, and lei jun why to set for yourself the crazy growth of at least 30%. The reasons, is still “millet mobile phone is the core of millet filling, filling it is millet nerve center. Millet mobile phone sales, users to a large extent determines the layout of lei jun millet filling efficiency fall to the ground. Overall, millet mobile phone for millet inescapably, missing nothing. And millet mobile phone sales is the basis for the millet high valuation, therefore, millet must try my best to push the millet mobile phone sales growth. Create a larger wind, can let millet only fly on the tuyere of the pig, continue to fly and fly higher.

but this high growth rate of millet and rely on what to do? Rely on millet Note and has not yet been released by millet 5 such high-end machines, complete the growth target in high-end, obviously is not realistic. Too difficult for millet high-end road concrete reason I am interested in an article entitled “has been done to explore, in this would not be in here.

high-end tough road, but history shows that the low end of the way. Millet in the low-end market, is a pioneer, nature also reap the benefits of more. Millet before release of red rice and red rice Note, and other products, just rely on low price, and still available user experience, earned millet is the substantial sales. Millet publicly in July 2014, according to data in the first half of 2014, red rice sold 18 million units, and red rice Note also sold 3.56 million units. Only in the first half of the year, the sales will take up 30% of the millet 2014 overall sales. obviously, cheap red rice and red rice Note is driven millet key engines to achieve annual sales target for 2014.

and the release of 2 a, red rice as millet new low-end phones, compared to before the release of red rice and red rice Note, prices down further to 599 yuan. Although the price not to reach 399 yuan, that paragraph of time goes but also with the same, in a current of several major domestic brands low-end machine also should be low price best.

although its different today, everyone see millet in low-end machine market after taste, all with one of sleep. Huawei honor, meizu spirit’s blue wait for low-end machine with the market competition. But millet can always point to the user where users the most concerned lighting of a fire. Red rice than 2 a competing goods, although not prevail in the configuration, but low price as the biggest killer, 599 is very low price but let red rice with 2 a vast living space, he will continue to deduce red rice millet sales of legend, help millet millet filling further maintenance. But the sniper will be other products, but also for each subsequent reactions.

3, millet scales – to another hand in the field of health

open almost echoes the apple website interface millet’s official website, view the millet scale, comprehensive is “millet scales can be trained in your running, gym, or go shopping, walking, and even engaged in housework, can accurate measurement by millet scale weight change, and you can also through millet movement App, view the data everywhere, at any time to check the weight. Records of the curve of the physical changes and get professional health advice. Can also according to BMI (body mass index), fitness program and diet adjustment. And every change of weight will be stored in the millet built-in chip scale, up to 800. Millet scale can automatically identify family members, according to the physical data are automatically to judge the adult and children’s users, data also can realize family Shared. Everyone can access data alone, can be used as many as 16 members together.”

yes, millet out again in the field of health. Millet millet scale released today, her hands will be the most taboo, but most focus on areas of women – weight health (of course more than women, men can also be used). Before that, millet has released costs a mere $79 worth of millet bracelets and intelligent iHealth blood pressure cuff on the selling price is 199 yuan only (millet sphygmomanometer), plus released today price 99 yuan scale of millet, millet layout is taking shape in the field of health. Released the millet and millet exercise it over at present the three product data of the App. Millet sports App serves as a link a bridge role in the health products, implements the data collection, management, sharing and utilization. And subsequent data analysis, a new business all over the world are focusing on health industry has appeared in the map of millet.

but in order to realize the large data collection and utilization of transformation. First of all need is still the quantity as much as possible increase readership and the accumulation of related data. And how to realize the accumulation of users quickly implement?

millet has its killer – at a low price. After the 79 yuan of millet bracelet price only a fraction of a similar products on the market today, and in such aspects as standby still a slight advantage, such products, attractive natural self-evident for the users. And it has been proved that the homemade low price strategy to the user, also be quite work. According to relevant data shows, millet bracelet again since its launch, sales have already topped 1 million, millet bracelet to successfully won the users at a lower price. And the millet scales, deducing the almost like millet bracelet. 99 yuan of extremely low price and good design, and labeled as intelligent, attract users to buy buy buy, I think the question is not big.

of course, the scale cannot be compared with the bracelet, the two different attributes. So millet scales in collect user data, the biggest problem lies in the degree on the use of the user. After all how many users will not boring to egg pain, all to scale according to the above their weight. Can such abuse themselves, after all, is a small number of every day. How to improve the user must use degree is millet to explore. Here, I suggest millet in its scale shows the current weight compared with the last time to reduce or increase how much, add a “you have successfully beat ninety-nine percent of users’ information. Believe will of great help to millet scale users use degrees. PS: millet if you do, don’t forget to give me a little improving user experience information costs.

Four, conclusion:

red rice 2 a represents the millet in the mindset of impulse, with 599 yuan of extremely low price as a lever to move the millet mobile phone overall sales growth. I also think, red rice with the 599 yuan is very cheap 2 a will make its vast living space, it will continue to deduce red rice millet sales of legend, it will become the millet sales growth key engine; Millet scales, let millet layout is taking shape in the field of health, health sector around the world are focusing on new business has appeared on a map of millet, millet that ambition have more and more obvious.

in addition to me the most attention red rice 2 a and this millet scale two products, millet also launched please female consumers “color changing price” goddess powder Note version of millet, and announced the 200 price sales millet 4. These means, on the phone, of course, is for the sake of further impulse, ahead of the new flagship, to resist the attack from competitors at a lower price. Lug plate and the latest millet, millet, television these, of course, is to do further extension, for millet ecological millet ecological seems to be a grocery store, its tentacles have around every corner. And those who cried out to catch up with the millet domestic friends, can quickly take hit millet seven inches of products, or you really no chance!

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