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after Microsoft’s core productivity application on Google Play and App Store, Microsoft began on the partner to launch Android devices with the core productivity applications. Behind this since the open gate and the nation reflects not only is to enhance the share of Microsoft applications on other platforms, enhance the voice of Microsoft in the mobile era; Is Microsoft under “mobile first, cloud first” strategy: by the high quality productivity applications for weapons, to experience a cross-platform consistency service as the means, for Android and iOS users Windows ecological experience of cultivating, thus promotes the Microsoft from “traditional authorized software and services revenue model” transformation to the sustainable development of the “Freemium model (value-added profit model of free software and services)”, on the one hand, complete Microsoft to Google and apple are consulting ambitions.

“Freemium” model as the responsible for Microsoft’s marketing chief marketing officer business-products group in Microsoft Convergence meeting of Microsoft’s new profit model. The profit model is divided into Acquire, Engage, Enlist and Monetize the four gradual steps. Which Acquire access to users is the foundation; Engage is cultivating the user experience and habits; Enlist is word of mouth spread; Monetize is profitable revenue.

a, user base

get users, expanding the user base, is the foundation of realizing this vision. At this point, Microsoft has already started. Since 2014, successively introduced the Microsoft, iPhone (and in the subsequent updates to cancel the edit documents and storage needs to subscribe to the blog), and the Android platform mobile Office. This year, to reach a cooperation with samsung, in samsung’s new flagship model Galaxy S6 series with OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. And in recent days, Microsoft announced with samsung, dell, and 10 an Android device manufacturers to recognize the latest cooperation intention. These vendors will launch later this year the Android preinstalled in the hardware part such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, OneDrive and Skype from Microsoft’s productivity applications.

and relevant data show that since the mobile version of Office in iOS, Office in App Store mall downloads exceed 80 million times already, and have got a high evaluation. The Android platform, Office forecast test quota was disappeared, showing the Android platform consumer enthusiasm for Office. Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy, is now reaping the user for Microsoft. Now start with, the purpose is to let the application popularize more quickly, and further expanded the user.

2, habits foster

the expansion of user base is only the beginning, the user use the cultivation is the key of habits. Microsoft through an open and cooperative strategy, will your Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OneNote, OneDrive, Skype, Outlook, MSN and other application to Google Play and App Store, it caused the across PC with all the super cross-platform application on mobile. And Microsoft is the foundation of doing this: although Microsoft failed to catch on the mobile end 80% of consumers, but Microsoft in the PC side, must have more than 80% of Windows users. and the upcoming Windows 10, all will be the catalyst.

why says all that he is the catalyst? In 10 Windows operating system, Microsoft all built in the landing in the Google Play application and the core of the App Store. While a Microsoft account can manage application again. If you have a Microsoft account, and use the application, then the PC after upgrade to the latest 10 Windows operating system, whether your mobile devices based on Windows platform or iOS and Android platform, you will be able to get the experience of consistency on the application. And observe the cross-platform application, you will find that Microsoft’s cross-platform application covers almost all of your requirements.

just imagine, if you are accustomed to the use of Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) at this stage to light Office, using OneNote event inspired rapid records, using OneDrive cloud storage, using Skype social, use MSN series application (including calendar, weather, health, information, stock, etc.) planning and scheduling, prepare for equipment, for all you care about the information, and use Outlook to send and receive E-mail, makes Cortana intelligent assistant you can trust. And each application can be collaboration, integration, cooperate with each other. And the application of synergistic effect of the operating process is simplified, is the efficiency and the experience of ascension, more users are using habits. And the most terrible is the use of habits, the users habits once formed, will let users of Windows ecological uniformity, and the dependence of the collaborative experience form can not be replaced.

3, word of mouth and earnings

cooperation, integration, and collaboration between applications and the synergistic effect brought to simplify operation process, the efficiency and using experience of ascension, and the use of habits. High quality experience for the effect of diffusion is the user’s approval as well as using activity increased substantially. With the increase of user base, the habits of continuously strengthened, and finally can find services in the vast amounts of user of the subscriber, the subscriber will enjoy the full functionality. Now, Microsoft Office 365 family and personal edition subscription has more than 9.2 million. These subscribers will be Microsoft in the Freemium profit mode of profit contributors.

leave the Microsoft ecosystem in user experience together. Experience a more consistent and more continuous Microsoft ecological equipment inside the user selection priority, will be greatly ascend. Their competitiveness will be improved. That is what Microsoft did dozen blueprints, in order to apple and Google are consulting.

above puts it, everything is very good, the Freemium profit model seems to have at hand. But, it’s all just in theory, is to assume that state. In practice, at least Microsoft need to properly deal with the following questions.

users feelings

when it comes to user affection, which involves two ecological, one is the Android ecosystem, 2 it is Microsoft’s own Windows. First of all, on the Android ecosystem, Microsoft in order to rapidly expand the scale of users, achieve economies of scale. Listed on the Android device, the Microsoft software pre-installed. But it is well known that the early years of the Android devices are Android users pre-installed, so much so that over the years, Android device manufacturers, the system of pure sex and zero pre-installed, as an important buy and Android users will system as an important consideration standard of clean degree, Microsoft will cause the boredom of Android users pre-installed? And in Microsoft’s own Windows ecological, Microsoft more relationship with users need to take care of the manufacturer. The core application to iOS and Android platform, is to the Windows ecosystem equipment competitive greatly weakened, Microsoft and how to persuade Windows ecology foot flat manufacturer production equipment? And about Microsoft will take core application the first time to iOS and Android platform for Windows ecological negative damage and the damage to WP users, I’ve said in detail in the article “the”, in this would not be in here.

application of retention

Microsoft by applying a free download and now more radical factory pre-installed enlarge the scale of the application of the user, and expand the scale of users is the essential purpose of expanding application of retention, make application to preserve for a long time on the user equipment, is used by the user without being unloaded. And how can let users to use? How to improve the retention? – application experience will be the key to the application of retention. While Microsoft is now the most need to do is constantly optimized, to be used for the use of application can adapt to different environment. Only the experience of the user needs to satisfy, to make application with subsequent development space.

application integration, collaborative

how Microsoft will do better this batch of application integration, exerting synergies to application. Can make an application to drive the development of another application, make an application to drive a equipment sales. Microsoft is an urgent need to handle this good thing.


core application of comprehensive land productivity and more radical pre-installed, first of all, in order to get the user scale, but more important in order to obtain more applications, cultivating user habit, users cannot leave the Microsoft ecosystem. To realize the Freemium profit pattern step by step, and the apple and Google are broken. In theory, all this is plausible, but in practice, but not so simple. Before Microsoft is now; After get the user scale, how to take care of the user feeling, improving application experience, will become the key to the success of Freemium model. And how to do it, it will be a Microsoft should do next.

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