Microsoft to buy blackberry? It is doomed to be an unlikely “hype”

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rumor has year after year, the blackberry. As another underdog in the mobile Internet age, the blackberry this almost is another name for security company and spread the takeover gossip. Recently, the gossip, Microsoft has a new leading role. Financial blogs Betaville reported that Microsoft wants to blackberry, the report said: “there are close to Microsoft’s internal sources, Microsoft is interested in buying blackberry, and in the present moment has hired deutsche bank and Goldman sachs group inc., to evaluate the transaction, to help determine the blackberry really worth.”

in this hormone’s season appear to Microsoft and blackberry “married” message, always feel to believe in love again, but I have to pour cold water on with the news. Personally think that: in the present the possibility of Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry is almost negligible, the rumours estimate is certain the wishful thinking of the website.

actually market rumors Microsoft is going to buy the blackberry, this is not the first time. And these rumors over and says Microsoft is going to buy the blackberry. Only the following reasons: the blackberry accumulated for years of patent resources, enterprise services security technology, the current leaders in the field of blackberry QNX vehicle information system, and the excellent talents.

the two two mobile Internet era of the underdog, together, work together to open up the situation on mobile. At first glance, it seems, do have some rationality. But think carefully, and felt such rationality is not reasonable. And it’s not reasonable, is what I think Microsoft is going to buy the blackberry the credibility is rumored to be a little. I for the following reasons:

a, whether you need Microsoft blackberry patent

in Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry this rumor, Microsoft primary value for the blackberry is owned by the patent. And value is the purpose of the patent that use patents to obtain further licensing revenues. Indeed, Microsoft on the android licensing income. Previous reports: 2014 in the android manufacturer of Microsoft licensing has become a billionaire Microsoft business income, and still can continue to grow in the future. And Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry, can in the blackberry over 40000 patents of the huge amounts of accumulated for many years.

the patent to be able to further expand Microsoft patent Arsenal. In order to achieve the above said: to further expand Microsoft patent advantage, make Microsoft in confrontation with android and apple’s lead, get more licensing revenues. The analog inference seems reasonable, but the reality can 1 + 1 & gt; 2? I personally think that Microsoft covet blackberry patent the prime motivation is real. Need in two ways: one is the patent of the blackberry how “armor and damage”; 2 it is Microsoft’s current patent policy?

there is no denying the fact that the blackberry is a patent, the market also for blackberry patent value high valuations. But from the perspective of a blackberry experience many patent wars, the patent of the blackberry doesn’t seem to be high in armor and damage. Its previous with NTP, nokia, MOTOROLA and other company’s patent disputes, blackberry massive patent does not work, the blackberry failures in these patent disputes. It makes me to Microsoft patents the blackberry with its revenue reservations.

the more important point is that if Microsoft really need blackberry these patents to extend the Arsenal. Microsoft as established science and technology company, its own patent profound. As early as in 2013, according to information released by the Microsoft itself, all the patents held by Microsoft has more than 40000 items. But these patents Microsoft as mentioned also show his power. Microsoft doesn’t seem to have special need blackberry reasons for these patents.

and, in the present moment, Microsoft’s patent policy seems to be changing, the Microsoft CEO, since he took office, in the “first” mobile first, cloud, under the strategy of Microsoft for android manufacturer’s patent policy seems to be converting from patent fees now use patent cooperation, with patent for Microsoft applications on the android device factory pre-installed. From with samsung patent dispute settlement to with dell, and to realize a Android device manufacturers the latest pre-installed cooperation intention, Microsoft and the signal Android manufacturers has become increasingly apparent. So in the present moment, Microsoft will not to offend the android manufacturer, make oneself “mobile first, cloud first” plan.

so, blackberry patents, though large, but the actual effectiveness remains to be tested, and the current is not particularly good reason to need to these patents. So I think the said patent.

2, blackberry enterprise services in the field of security technology

blackberry security technology to some extent has been synonymous with the blackberry, is the only advantage to the survival of the blackberry in the present. Its safety technology has a unique feature, the BBM and blackberry enterprise service BES has a relatively safe lead, but these advantages did not have a sharp advance other competing goods. And Microsoft itself, its already to build their own enterprise services, the Skype for Business, Exchange and Intune enterprise service already open markets, and compared with the blackberry, don’t lag behind, the blackberry on the android technology lead is getting smaller.

and the blackberry has even these relatively leading enterprise security services, the enterprise or to demand higher safety coefficient on the market, continues to lose their market share. And he was replaced by is the iPhone and android and Microsoft. In front of the reality, the safety of the blackberry can also support how long, Microsoft got that were able to successfully make previous blackberry users and to the enterprise users to quickly return to apple and android? Obviously, this is not possible.

so, from the above analysis: blackberry security advantages are not barriers to the formation of strong competition, it is explained in the fall from grace of depending on the enterprise market has its security has been further weakened. Microsoft has not worth it.

3, blackberry QNX vehicle information system

although the blackberry in the now down and out, but it can also have their own fascinating worlds – blackberry QNX vehicle information system, which is the industry leader in the present moment. Related reports: blackberry QNX occupies a vehicle infotainment system or car networking system more than 60% of the market, in general, BMW, audi, Toyota, lexus is QNX vehicle system of the customer. The latest high-profile CarPlay apple on-board system is based on the blackberry QNX car infotainment platform to implement the change radio; Ford is more abandon Microsoft into the blackberry market rumors. Can say, in the present smart cars under the background of big heat, blackberry QNX car system has become a blackberry to revive the hope of future ace.

however, in the car system on the market, although the blackberry occupies a leading edge, but Microsoft is not a vegetarian. In the present, the main competitor of blackberry QNX is Microsoft. Ford’s Sync on-board system is the Microsoft provides the underlying framework, and in the spring tide of the smart car is small, at last year’s Build 2014 conference, Microsoft has launched a new brand new design of on-board system, and Microsoft are developing interactive features of the Windows Phone and car dashboard. In the 10 unified, all interconnected and Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform under the cover and support of Microsoft on-board systems will be bursting out more energy, the competitive advantage of Microsoft on-board system have begun to highlight. Whether Microsoft also need to spend a large amount of money to buy the blackberry the on-board system, is in doubt.

4, access to blackberry talents

this, didn’t want to say more, the blackberry does have some excellent talents, but get excellent talent of blackberry, acquisition is not the only means of access to talent method except acquisition, more optional, here is not in detail.

the spite of these points based on the advantage of blackberry and Microsoft whether there is a demand analysis, the following several factors is why I don’t think Microsoft will buy blackberry.

a, integration difficulty

each a big acquisition, are faced with a difficult integration. Microsoft has previously acquired nokia devices and services, the integration continues today; And during the period of consolidation, Microsoft’s global big layoffs, make people nervous, restless. Is bad for the enterprise and reputation are stable, and integration that is consumed on the precious time and money. Assume that Microsoft really bought a blackberry, such large-scale integration will inevitably, when the time comes again is going to be a long. For Microsoft, consumption of time and money again, and inside the heart instability, is not worth the cost.

2, acquisition risk

the market speculation the acquisition, prices are expected to acquire nokia devices and Microsoft price with service department, the $7 billion level. And through the analysis of the time, we found the blackberry’s patent, security and on-board system, are not Microsoft desperately needed; And get this, even if Microsoft help Microsoft also is almost feeble the badge. The acquisition of risk is obvious in front of the reality. After Microsoft buy nokia devices and services in its quarterly earnings comes just after the writedowns (buy nokia devices and services, for Microsoft at the time, is a necessity), warning again, even with the price of $7 billion to buy a brand has a has-been (still hope the blackberry fans forgive me, here there is no malicious), apparently neither necessity is too risky.

3, regulatory risk

Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry, have to mention: there are some regulatory risk. Assuming that Microsoft to swallow the blackberry, by national antitrust authority and security agencies to harass the possibility will be bumped up. In terms of antitrust, mainly concentrate on the patent, Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry, gained by the patent with Microsoft’s own patent, makes Microsoft will exceed eighty thousand held by patents, it’s enough to make Microsoft launched various patent wars around the world. A patent, and such is likely to be an antitrust investigation from country to country. Lesson is that after Microsoft buy nokia devices and services, without involving patent acquisition, Microsoft in China and South Korea have been questioned. And suppose the acquisition, the consequences. In security, assuming that Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry, obtained the blackberry existing advantages of security technology. But since American prism scandal broke out, the trust in us companies already broken, will reward the blackberry this card security, seems to be a very difficult thing.


may be down and out noble sales messages are more likely to cause the reader’s interest, so will be released from time to time in the market, such as huawei, zte, lenovo, samsung, apple, the news of the takeover bid for blackberry. While the acquisition of reason is similar, but rumors are always in the public again after the wind. Now Microsoft has become the new leading role of the rumors. But after the above analysis, I think the odds were against Microsoft’s acquisition of blackberry, if not too rich, capricious, the acquisition is not going to happen in the present moment. This rumor, naturally, blackberry gossip object before so that those who are with the same.

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