Microsoft Surface deformation

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Surface to now has not been a very long history, but there are a lot of stories.

as a member of the Microsoft group equipment, Surface since birth is bearing the weight as well as the company’s mission – “light up Microsoft ‘focus on productivity and help people do a lot more work’ strategy, with its fusion of Microsoft applications, operating systems, and cloud services to showcase Microsoft digital work and life experience of the best side, in order to continue to increase the value of Microsoft’s overall strategy.”

a, no long history

on June 19, 1.2012 years, Microsoft formally announced the Surface the own brand, Surface brand was born.

2.2012 on November 30, Microsoft on its official blog published the first generation of Surface plate, a Surface (RT) and Surface Pro two versions.

3.2013 years on September 23, Microsoft released the second generation of the Surface flat, Surface 2 (RT) and Surface Pro 2.

on May 21, 4.2014 years, Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3 in New York.

on March 31, 5.2015 years, Microsoft released Surface 3.

6. In the future to be continued……

2, a lot of story

1. Dark

the birth of the Surface does not get everybody’s blessing, Windows camp friend overreacting, acer executives had the truth “Microsoft Surface tablet’s move may seriously affect the ecological system of the existing PC, will be set up for a long time, cause great negative impact on the PC ecosystem.” And technology of the first generation and second generation Surface product evaluation is also negative. Such as unclear positioning and hurt eight hundred, since the one thousand loss, heavy, life bad “in science and technology news from time to time. And adopts ARM processor Surface RT version, because of its multiple congenital deficiency, leading to its fiscal 2013 earnings in the fourth quarter in Microsoft in hand over a “caused by Surface RT tablet” inventory adjustment “costs $900 million, and the spending and Surface RT tablet sales did not meet expectations, Microsoft for a wide range of depreciate sales promotion about” bad answer. Consumer is more concern for the future of Surface, issued from time to time, such as “Surface tablet is Microsoft Zune, the second was soon forgotten?” questions. And challenge apple Macbook and the device, as well as a laughing stock, be regarded as wishful thinking, day seemed fanciful

the first two generations of the poor performance let the Surface seems to have no future. But is the so-called heavy boat side side thousand sails, disease tree ahead keeping green forever. Surface finally proved himself in the third generation of products Surface Pro 3.

2. Dawn

on May 21, 2014, Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3 in New York. New Surface Pro 3 with 12 inches of 2160 * 1440 resolution 4:3 screen, single weight only 800 grams, the thickness of only 9.1 mm, with a fourth generation Intel Core processors, with web browsing time for 9 hours. Before and after using the double 5 million pixels HD video camera. Pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 professional edition operating system, use the new bracket design, with 0-158 ° of the adjustable bracket, Surface stylus deep integration OneNote. More mainstream configuration, comprehensive performance, more elegant and humanized design, lighter and thinner crazy, let extensibility and portability is extended greatly by, coupled with Microsoft directivity more specific marketing. All this makes Surface Pro 3 finally won the stranger. While its in Microsoft’s fiscal 2015 second quarter earnings also hand over the “Surface business revenue has topped $1.1 billion” the beautiful paper.

for the first time since 2012, when Microsoft released Surface since the own brand, has been almost three years. Three years said long is not long, say short not short, Surface with this three years, walked all the way from write-downs billions of dollars being make a face, the failure to qualify Microsoft billionaire club, impressive xin road course. Surface through the phoenix nirvana, ashes, eventually proved to the people it can serve as a member of the Microsoft equipment group, can enhance the value of Microsoft’s overall strategy. Now, he will need to own the value of further extending.

Three, Surface 3

on March 31, 2015, Microsoft released 6 Surface series product, Surface 3 tablets; Surface 3 by 10.8 inches, 1920 * 1280 resolution 3:2 screen, the latest Intel Atom x 7 processors, with 10 hours of battery life; Appearance and Surface Pro3 is consistent, but the more frivolous, weighs only 622 grams, the thickness of only 8.7 mm. Run 64 – bit Windows 8.1 operating system, with 64 g and 128 g two fuselage memory, 2 g and 4 g memory two versions are available. Pre – 3.5 million pixels, the rear 8 million megapixel camera. Pre-loaded with Word, Excel, Powerpiont, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and his blog personal version of the service of the year. On May 5, 2015 in 26 market sale (excluding China), will start at $499. Type Cover the keyboard and stylus need to purchase separately.

Surface 3 for 6 Surface series products, although with the former two generations of RT version of the same naming rules, but already thoroughly remould oneself; Rushing out of Microsoft, on the Surface of course Pro 3 and the upcoming Win10 dongfeng, sentencing is adopts ARM processor Windows RT series tablet of the death penalty, its ambitions to nature is a challenge to apple. It further set up the design standard of Windows computers, and use a more populist price, reduce the access of consumers, its purpose is still dreams of Windows mobile device.

1. Dongfeng

as mentioned, the Surface Pro 3 relies on innovative design, bold breakthrough, let its long-awaited success. Surface Pro 3 not only become the Windows camps deserved benchmarking, but also become the Windows in the camp is almost the only able to play with apple MacBook fully in all aspects of products; Surface Pro 3 let the consumer in the field of high-end notebook computers to see a stranger to the cauldron. Surface Pro 3 success not only the consumption greatly weakened the negative impression on the Surface series in the past, and let the consumer is starting to look forward to the latest Microsoft Surface series products, consumer expectations about Surface.

and the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, realize the unification of the Windows platform, has laid out in the first year of free upgrades of tricks; And respect for tradition and do not refuse to innovation, bring Cornata, Spartan browser, universal application let the consumer feedback actively, the new system.

and the two shareholders wind, let the consumer to Microsoft had the huge change, again by heat while the iron is hot right now, Microsoft introduced Surface 3 is not smart.

2. The death penalty

3 no Surface according to the first two generations of the practice of carrying Windows RT operating system, but with running 64 – bit Windows 8.1 operating system. With actions that sentenced Windows RT Microsoft operating system of the death penalty, is over for a long time for using the Windows RT operating system brings the negative impact of Surface tablet computer. To be fair, Windows RT is not worthless, but the Windows RT system based on ARM processor leads to the shortage of application, quality is uneven, let RT weak ecological system. The terrible experience created Windows RT condemned by difficulties. Although Microsoft Surface 2 stop production, it has been handed out to the world the signal of RT will die; But the emergence of Surface 3, Microsoft announced the RT further to the outside world has been completely dead. And carry the Windows 8.1 professional version of the operating system’s Surface 3 also truly become a model capable of supporting light office computer, Surface 3 is no longer a see not used in the vase, but a productivity tools.

3. Ambition

Surface 3, more show that Microsoft is trying to challenge apple’s ambitions in the field of mobile. It with apple’s tablet on the configuration and the receiver has many similar, it weighs only 622 grams, for example, only 8.7 mm thick of lighter, thinner; Adopted 3:2 10.8 inches a more suitable for use as a tablet computer screen also close to the 9.7 -inch relatively; The fare of $499 plus the user necessary Surface stylus and keyboard, together with the price of the price is close to. Despite the similar, he is more the advantage on productivity achieved. Microsoft on the Surface of 3 built-in Word, Excel, Powerpiont, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and personal version of Office 365 services productivity applications. And its waste RT, using X64 Windows 8.1 operating system, more let Surface 3 to have vast amounts of Windows application support. And these together, make up the Surface 3 strong competitiveness, and the natural is also challenges the cornerstone of Microsoft.

the emergence of Surface 3 shouted out many media, such as “really the killer, he will accelerate the death” and other slogans. This proves that the competitiveness of the Surface 3 on the one hand, but I think this slogan too title party. In the face of the device, the Sueface although with some of these advantages, but in the face of the hundreds of thousands of specifically for the optimization of application. Still many things need to be optimized to enhance the Surface, though it is now experiencing a continuous decline in sales, maybe he will be a thing of the past, but in nowadays, its sales still amazing. At this stage the Surface of 3 is far not enough to kill it. Surface 3 at present still can only be a challenger, is one of the powerful competitors.

4. Post

as said earlier, since the emergence of Surface is without the support of friends to get their camps, they believe that Surface will move their cheese. There is no denying the fact that the appearance of the Surface, it encroached on Windows camp friends to a small number of interests. But I think the Surface more lies in its Windows camp benchmarking and guidance role, Surface Windows faction is the positive energy. Its exquisite industrial design, the exquisite selection of materials, innovative support for Windows camp friends to follow-up the inspiration of products provide a good support. Windows camp’s junior partner in the very great degree and also a beautiful design on the side. And all this change, let consumers noticed the PC Windows camp again, rather than blindly wait for excellent industrial design focused on apple family. And Microsoft on the Surface Pro series adopts the high price strategy, according to the definition, Microsoft made should be the most able to cut the price of its own hardware products, but Microsoft high price strategy, deliberately kicked off the Surface Pro distance with ordinary consumers, for Windows OEM cooperation has provided a broad space, effectively avoid competing with Windows the interior of the camp, this further clear the Surface of the positioning.

and the launch of the Microsoft Surface 3, pricing strategy than ever before, and not on high, but consumers are the populist affordable price. That would cause the Windows part friend dissatisfaction and poking fun at camp. Indeed, Microsoft this populist price shows that Microsoft’s intention in the field of flat area even more, but doesn’t mean this is Microsoft began to hurt their partner operation Windows camps. Because in Windows camp, around $200 of Windows 8.1 tablet has proliferated. And its from another aspect, it is also a Microsoft make their camp friends to provide more and better products for consumers of a whip.

5. The future

according to Microsoft now of course, we can infer attack on Microsoft Surface strategy is still down for benchmarking.