Microsoft + nokia=apple: WP ecological really don’t need other oems

(text/Lin Zhang)

recently, one from the news that samsung is considering a return to WP ecology. If not this message, ask how many people remember samsung originally is also a member of the WP ecology? One of the first four major OEM and WP? In the android held the top head of samsung, unexpectedly in the WP ecological obscurity, makes noise, embarrassed. The similar situation also appeared on other OEM WP ecology. All sorts of embarrassing not let I began to think about, Microsoft on WP ecological really need these OEM? Think for a long time, in my shallow knowledge, I think that I don’t need these Microsoft in WP ecological OEM.

WP camp oems by Microsoft to Build 2014 has been increased to 15, including nokia, samsung, HTC, the four elders and LG huawei, ZTE, lenovo, foxconn, gionee, JSR, Karbonn, Lava (Xolo), Longcheer, Micromax, ASBIS and other new vendors. And in addition to nokia in these OEM, the others are all adopt strategies between two boats. WP is just one of their alternatives, android is their true love. Such reality version published on various OEM particularly striking contrast, even more positive HTC, also only occasionally brush in the WP ecological sense, the samsung, huawei had already forgotten the WP in the thousands of miles away, a new batch of oems in India, though occasionally a two new published, but also much cry and little wool, more exotic flower is the flow of hisense, published a WP phone, was left intact the android moved to WP three buttons, it is in the insult WP, whereas their performance on android, samsung, huawei, the flow of HTC, zte, android is a then a, seems to be endless. Maybe someone will say, they embrace android, for android is warm, is due to imperfect WP ecological, consumer buying, leading to WP phone find it difficult to sell, big mouth has said: “do WP phone, no one can make money” word.

I do not deny that WP relatively weak ecology, ecological system is imperfect, compared with the android ecosystem, there is a certain gap. WP ecosystem existence “system application quality is not high, application result in less small user base. Little user base, leading developers to reduce the enthusiasm. Late developer enthusiasm to reduce lead to application development, update slowly. Developed late, update slow and will lead to a small user base, the cycle “infinite loop. As an open ecosystem, but to crack this death cycle, Microsoft does not only require a person to do, and not to push all the blame to Microsoft. Microsoft as a provider of system, make the biggest efforts to the improvement of the WP ecological, attract developers, develop high quality for WP popular application is obligatory nature; But samsung, huawei, etc. As a member of the OEM, whether also have the obligation to promote the development of the ecosystem? But everyone knows “the firewood high flame, many hands make light work” such obvious reason. If various OEM in succession, and why should I worry about WP no developers, the application of high quality? But the reality is so shallow of truth in these tall manufacturers (except nokia) does not seem to be a man who knows how to. They may not do not understand, but won’t, accustomed to watch them, only willing to harvest, and not willing to pay.

if it’s just the dilettantes, love reason disregard, also many a OEM or less than a good, after all, they occasionally to launch two new. But it is much more than that simple, and play the argumentation on the android’s junior partner, join the WP camp has more ulterior ugliness. Samsung the motives of the return good reveals various OEM this ugly face. Samsung’s return, not samsung figured it out, want to on WP platform power, but from samsung to understand Microsoft on the android default royalties litigation, samsung will return to WP a as a bargaining chip, want to and the settlement with Microsoft.

samsung’s purpose is very clear, that is, I return to WP, occasionally a two cell phones, Microsoft will you give me a reduction on my android phone using your patent licensing fees; Based on this purpose join how much WP’s campaign, everybody knows that.

it is well known that as Microsoft has broad patent patent large, Microsoft currently on the android holds more than 200 patents, the patent android manufacturers cannot bypass when the android phone. And what this means is that the android vendors every production of a cell phone, all need to pay the expenses for certain patent using Microsoft; Microsoft is also fruitful, according to the Associated Press, Microsoft held by these android patent, in 2013, contributed as much as $2.3 billion in revenue for Microsoft, and by 2017 the income will be more high of $6.3 billion, Microsoft licensing has become the next billion dollar level of big business.

Microsoft to attract android manufacturers joined WP, used in the android patent license fee discount or free strategy. In an effort to expand manufacturers, increase shipments, strengthen their own WP. But the idea is good, the reality is cruel, and other android manufacturers use this opportunity to join Microsoft WP camp, but is all to play soy sauce on WP, anemic. And on the android at Microsoft patent fees, this increase a decreases, but have many negative factors to the development of the WP. While Microsoft get? Microsoft what also didn’t get also lost a lot of patent licensing, Mrs Is lost.

so that all the OEM joined WP camp, not from want purpose to promote the development of WP, but want to make a hole, in order to secure job, and want to take this opportunity to suck up to Microsoft, Microsoft to above the licensing fees of the android gives its certain preferential benefit. For this purpose, nature also is impossible to have much enthusiasm to participate in the construction of the WP. So such OEM don’t let it be.

Microsoft based on itself, removing the soy sauce OEM, in my opinion is more beneficial than to harm, is justified.

1. Microsoft PC type development strategy proved impracticable and name

Microsoft in the PC is the undisputed king, is still at more than 80% share. Microsoft in the PC to create a set of Wintel alliance polymerization OEM pattern and ecological developers, Microsoft and Intel had control of the operating system upgrade, a handle the progress of the processor, the cooperation of both the depth in the PC era. The pattern and the PC this to WP and name by Microsoft’s mobile operating system, fully meet the WP Microsoft operating system, restrict the use of qualcomm Xiao dragon processor, do not allow the OEM to modify its underlying system of secondary development, to ensure the safety and smoothness of WP system consistency and experience. And various OEM cannot use their works in the android platform secondary development system, cause the WP system experience the same, serious homogeneity. The strength of the manufacturers, and can’t get a lot of exclusive application like nokia, in order to enhance the user experience to make differentiation, so in a quiet, only dim and leave. In the face of the android open fully, Microsoft’s strategy did not achieve the desired effect, and name it is not be accepted by the masses of OEM, PC and name it development strategy has proven to be of no further. Microsoft now only have two options, either closed, apple, or give up pride themselves on safety smooth consistency and experience, Google, fully open, allowing the various OEM.

2. Microsoft is, in fact, apple’s ecological development pattern

although Microsoft already has numerous OEM, but these OEM do not promote the growth of WP market share, Microsoft WP system market share rise but not fall in 2014, according to IDC, according to the relevant data and Microsoft’s Windows Phone shipments only about 35 million, less than 3% market share, while nokia occupied about 95% of the Windows Phone shipments. Although the data tells us that Microsoft had more than a dozen so-called friend, but the friend is playing soy sauce, some even play soy sauce. Really promote the development of the WP, only nokia has a decisive influence on WP. And accompanied by Microsoft for nokia devices and services, Microsoft actually become the biggest manufacturer, WP Microsoft has actually been apple’s ecological pattern. Complete the acquisition of Microsoft, make its have highly integration of hard and soft power, Microsoft will be entirely responsible for the company’s hardware and software, new means that the company can keep the original nokia seiko design of the design team and accumulation of advantages in such aspects as taking pictures technology wise at the same time, can the Cortana, SKype, Office, OneNote, OneDrive more seamless integration of ascension, XBOX, and so on, bring more complete seamless experience. Comprehensive control hardware and software, Microsoft makes the layout of the Microsoft’s some prospective ideas faster, faster implementation, make the development of the WP had more on the possibility of apple.

3. system share is not Microsoft’s primary goal

Microsoft in mobile first, cloud, “first” concept, began to don’t care about the system of their own share, to care about their own service (application) permeability on other platforms. So for WP, its own system by Microsoft’s own a steady development. Along with the completion of the acquisition of Microsoft actually played the awkward role is both the referee and athletes, their Microsoft platform OEM’s biggest rival, various OEM for Microsoft’s role is also have expressed dissatisfaction. That samsung think Microsoft violated previous contract, refuse to pay what the android licensing fees, the patent litigation; With the samsung’s first, will inevitably have a second home, this is both the referee and athletes can make WP more chaotic. And Microsoft a do yourself for the orderly development of WP, environment maintenance will be even better.

the android manufacturers to join the WP, occasionally also can launch a two WP phone brush to presence. But the reality is that they are not really want to promote the development of WP, but want to make a hole, waiting for WP is perfect, one day, And to take this opportunity to suck up to Microsoft, Microsoft to above the licensing fees of the android gives its certain preferential benefit. On android manufacturers from Microsoft itself, the strategy has proven to work, but is lost lady and fold soldier, nothing to lose many patent fee income; And combined with the status quo of WP internal share, Microsoft is actually a play, if removing the OEM, Microsoft WP system becomes a monopoly system, can reduce the development of the WP, create more possibilities for the development of the WP, make Microsoft had more on the possibility of apple.

all about Microsoft on WP ecological really need these OEM? My answer is; I think that I don’t need these Microsoft in WP ecological OEM.

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