Microsoft finally see Israel N – Trig stylus technique

after months of negotiations, Microsoft’s official announcement last night, touch-screen technology of Israel officially confirmed to purchase the N – trig stylus technique. Unlike a few months ago, Microsoft does not all acquisition of N – trig company, I just bought the stylus technology underneath.

in February this year, Reuters reported, with at least $200 million price for Microsoft to N – trig acquisition of the company as a whole. Now finally reached just stylus technique. According to the Wall Street journal reported that Microsoft in order to obtain the technology, to the Israeli start-up paid about $30 million.

N – trig, founded in 1999, long-term focus on digital stylus technology research and development, has more than 100 patents. Before the acquisition, Microsoft owns a 6.1% stake in the company of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 tablet pen technology, are from the company. In addition to Microsoft, the Israeli companies also worked with Fujitsu, companies such as lenovo and SONY have had cooperation.

last February, N – trig for another round of financing, the valuation of $75 million. The company in 2013 on revenue of $36.7 million, compared with $2012 in 20.6 million revenue growth of 38%. In the first half of 2014, the company sold 1.3 million digital pen, is in the same period in 2013 digital pen sales in more than three times.

Microsoft Surface team of scientific history, d · what Brazil (Stevie Bathiche) on its official blog announced the news. “We can’t wait to show our future Surface of rice were we are going to release. To a certain extent, can be as good to ordinary pen, digital pen and we will put it into reality. But more importantly, digital pen screenshots and sharing will bring users traditional pen and incomparable. Today’s investment, was conducted in order to promote our future innovation.”