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cloud network hunting note: dear reader, please note! Hunting cloud network editor jun had invited some imagination (imagination) special products (open) geek user experience. They have a powerful and unconstrained style of thinking, for many years in the field of hardware “immersion”, let them have a critical eye, the viper’s comments. Future hunting cloud network will launch a week at least one period feature article, clouds ramble hunting 】 【 to bring us some interesting experience on hardware products. Here may be full of subjective geek feeling, you may not agree with point of view, but our aim is to give some of these provide a platform to express one’s ideas, also hope for hardware vendors or entrepreneurial teams at the same time, bring the line (also may be some extreme) user feedback. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman welcome to ridicule, to argue, because we believe that: once scold, back to the second, three to four back into a friend!

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to see a news first.

at the end of march, 2015, Microsoft held in Atlanta Microsoft Convergence activities, Microsoft’s marketing director Chris carper during sierra (business-products group) through a slide show (see chart) put forward such a view – Microsoft marketing director: we want to learn from apple Google.

in the figure, the size of the circle shows the Microsoft research during the relative size of the number of users. Connect the circle line shows the specific product users use the possibility of other products. He explained that the benefits of this there are a lot of line is that you don’t have to sell all the products. You only need to promote the locomotive products. When the user after using this product, will drive many car start. Google and apple won a marketing advantage.

the following spot the two news as background reading again.

2011 senior members of the Microsoft cabo sierra (business-products group) was appointed head of the company’s latest marketing, MarketWatch columnist Dvorak (John c. Dvorak) wrote a letter to his letter, points out the Microsoft marketing, and several problems of the enterprise culture.

on July 12, 2012, Microsoft announced a reduction of advertising and marketing staff, said the company is committed to make the business team and key priorities. The software giant said the move is part of the reorganization of the marketing business.

yes, we combine the Microsoft in recent years has been in the industry has been criticized in terms of advertising and marketing, it is easy to understand the hidden meaning of the above three news – for Microsoft, advertising and marketing of the transformation of the pressure is very big.

market reactions to the Microsoft took over after Nokia mobile phone business, most can only use “tepid” to describe, based on the analysis of the reasons the senior comments to make fun of Microsoft’s mobile marketing: quite a lot, makes sense, of course, did indeed many, but after all, this kind of form is to the essence of victory. As a major political work geek, today we talk a little with you, why Microsoft’s mobile marketing can not find a breakthrough.

because we know that every luxury grand ceremony CES conference staged wonderful technique fight wars among firms, the Android camp as with each other is not novel, the patent wars between different platforms is also quite eyes absorption, especially in the recent years almost all spark between samsung and apple can use the “heat” to describe. Not only the official black is explicit, the media is also the best of fanning capabilities, so, by contrast, Microsoft mobile Demo was also upstage wasn’t much. Through the surface, then, is not capable of advertising image behind, actually there is a lot to talk groove.

to prose, we advanced three sections of advertising to inform technical background, helpful hints, can skip the three sections of a delicious “fashion”.

the first introduce you may sound very identify but absolutely can not do without a hard technology, Microsoft Windows Azure, it is after Windows instead of DOS, Microsoft’s big changes again, it makes the world hundreds of millions of desktop and browser Windows users, by creating new cloud computing platform on the Internet architecture, make Windows implementation by the transformation in the field of PC to the cloud. Windows Azure service platform includes the following main components: Windows Azure. Microsoft SQL database services, Microsoft. Net service; Used to store and share, synchronizing files Live service; For Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM business services. Users can in vs. MET version 2008 + + Cloudservice + AzureSdk achieve development of cloud computing. Bing search engine on the basis of this database is now to be flirt and show Corona (XiaoNa) matrix, and apple’s Siri and Google faction of the Android voice assistant, which is the basis of raw edge rolling. Microsoft has in recent high-profile make cloud platform service, his pay and large screen to integrate ideas we also mentioned in previous, Microsoft’s intentions degree is indisputable.

again Windows RT, it’s a new member of the family of Windows, the new system frame and operation mode changes greatly, adopt the new Metro (new Windows UI) style user interface, a variety of applications, such as shortcuts to the style of the dynamic square appear on the screen, the user can will commonly used browser, social networking, games, into operation interface. Windows RT focus on ARM platform, will not separate retail, issue with pre-installed only way. Windows RT will have to touch the operation optimization of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote desktop, but with the old Windows application is not compatible, can create Metro through Windows RT development environment for its application. But on January 27, 2015, Microsoft confirmed Surface 2 will shut down, means that the company will no longer produce Windows RT system tablet, a disguised form the “death” of the system. Tend to skip the Chinese mainland in apple starts, against the background of Surface not starting on the mainland but embarrassment when it meets cold still didn’t stop Surface 3 and the Chinese market, but also let us see the Microsoft for mainland China market not only attracted attention, more experience of its advertising and marketing departments actively and sincerity.

finally return to WP phone, actually this sending Mobile phone dates back to 2000, Pocket PC, which is the first generation of Windows Mobile, launched in 2003 For Smartphone version, launched in 2005, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 after two years of predictive offered to Vista unified expectations, then two years later on the 6.5 version to imitate the iPhone built-in software market, extreme closed in 2012 after market service comprehensive give up Windows Mobile, in WP 7 and 8 and the latest WP WP 10 system research and development and promotion, in view of the conspiracy theory even eat old Mobile phone giant nokia Mobile phones. It also have to say a small episode, meizu when entering the mobile phone manufacturers now camp with the Windows CE platform customization and optimization tool M8, made her a star. Overall, WP we also seem to be in the mobile phone’s faltering blood history can smell of self-improvement, see the attitude of learning from, but it is a pity that we don’t see the computer giant Microsoft grovelling to mobile phone maker, junior humility enterprising mind.

these bedding existence is the computer in order to show the inherent marketing ideas are simple and crude strongly rooted into the field of mobile phone and tablet is absolutely not feasible, your product idea is wrong, advertising is certainly one, because the problem hidden deep in the product design thinking.

the following simple instructions this week.

1, the hardware upgrade lacks clear product identification. In short, in today also is same, the performance of Android homogeneity is already relatively mature platform of standard process of industrialization, making configuration upgrade industry established profit growth point. But somebody else Android relative to WP but has improve a lot. In contrast, WP camp, Nokia was WP 8 propaganda propaganda mentality is still relatively good, he is very clear we deliberately mentioned before the cloud services and XiaoNa experience advantages highlighted to come out, especially the old and the new flagship alternately, the most important factor of system upgrade in accordance with the practical and comprehensive considerations in the order of the output to the advertising creative, rigid instilled in prospective consumers to buy the necessity and product uniqueness, can effectively stimulate the market. A simple example, the company 920 nokia has succeeded in bringing it into a standard flagship milestone with a series of patent, and in 1020 the company listed on time accurately grasp multimedia advantage, let the consumer can’t refuse to let even if already get full satisfaction on 920 existing customers into powder.

again looked back at the Microsoft WP relay stage, not only no longer is a stunning visual feeling, even almost copied the previous nokia’s classic design their own machine large sea daub, my in the mind is difficult to accurately from the dominant gene level to quickly define new stage Microsoft characteristic of a particular device. What’s more, is the general consumers, replacement of fresh sell at a discount greatly. The advertising department of the people might get mad.

2, bad product naming habits. Compare the samsung Galaxy S and Note two production lines, although appearance is very much the same, there is also a recognition degree is low, but like the Nexus, depending on digital date can quickly to consumers with intuitive upgrade date indicated, this also can when consumer choose and buy mobile phones become the most intuitive reference standard. So apple’s success and the success of the old original HTC G series and so on both models are legion, Microsoft era naming habits will dare not flatter really… For example, a single you know must be better than 920, 930, 920 must be better than 820, the 930 why compared to the 1020 positioning high-end flagship again? 630 and 525 and which system version update some? Belong to 6 xx 635 and more than 630 how much? See this a few problems have you been I circle dizzy head? I anyway is already turn yourself dizzy…

you might say, of course, it always have to have the official explanation, but as a general consumer once on these cold stupid digital afraid want you really too lazy to come back again find out and then buy a mobile phone… You said, is it? This advertising department estimate is weak, on the machine type named total round not after all they decided to… The

3, the nature of the system reduces the playability and the desire to buy. How do you say this? Due to the WP closed source, nature is not for the party’s first choice. Plus system don’t eat configuration, Microsoft put your mobile phone when the computer to Ann configuration shop goods when really don’t mind, since the customer on the operation experience did not significantly improve the feeling, how can you if you go on the same platform die-hard – one is enough ok… Also mentioned above, previous apple is passed through the Windows Mobile platform, attaches great importance to the ecological circle and app store, it can’t be wrong. This is much more important than advertising.

another characteristic of this system is the poor quality of ecosystem, the games are not only limited quantity and quality is limited, the localization of some pretty application is either missing or zombification hundreds of years not update cannot be expected to come in handy. As the same with 1.0 state to catch another system version 5.0 or 8.3 level emerging platform, you see how much money when the blackberry push BB10 threw to encourage native software developers. Spend money hope to do every event is not every time can be as well.

ecosystem as important factors have been plaguing WP mobile phone sales, if you don’t put the practical and complete two benchmark do, it’s really hard to make people buy rest assured to do the main machine.