Micro goods pass: the city is not only express platform is the van driver business standing

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

micro promptly is an Internet based positioning technology platform for the city express taxi, it will be social vehicles, freight company resources integration. As a truck driver and a bond between the owner and the turntable, it can realize the function of aggregate demand, output service.

team from xi ‘an, founder zhang graduated from xian university of electronic science and technology of MBA, before starting a business, he has been in xi ‘an and optical network company, xi ‘an biological medicine incubator work, now in the company as CEO; Co-founder LuWei DongCheng group in xi ‘an, shaanxi kyushu biological medicine science and technology park, such as company, now in micro cargo is responsible for is responsible for the financial, administrative personnel and legal work. The core members of our team a total of nine people at present, five people.

according to hunt you know, the goods pass the main models of positioning in the van, including: minivan, extended minivan and jinbei; Owner’s users are mainly concentrated in the delivery of the goods stores, supermarkets and move people. In asked if there would be no to the van’s expansion plans, the co-founder of Yang Chengyi to hunt cloud network said, “had not models expansion plans. Micro promptly as a platform for the driver, the first will ensure the quality of the drivers, platform and we are in order to control the quantity, so will not blind expansion. Let the shipper with comfortable, let drivers better platform, is available through the first stage of the target.” Yang Chengyi at present in the team is responsible for marketing, he also graduated from xian university of electronic science and technology of MBA, join the goods before, worked in xi ‘an inflammation xing technology as project department manager, xian DE yu software company as a department manager.

and there are many related work experience with your product of research and development of entrepreneurial team is different, the cargo pass several core team members have no city express related work background, “our team has no experience in logistics industry, so only in the continuous trial and error, constantly adjust, iteration, find your own way, all the success, after all, do not copy, suits own is the right road.” Founder zhang jian said.

one of the difficulties they encounter, it is in the beginning of establishment of project used for ways to achieve the owner and the driver’s match. But the actual bidding, drivers always offer is too high, far beyond the owner’s. Facing such a predicament, in, after many research team to formulate a set of relatively reasonable pricing standard. This standard is lower than the market price and more unified. “Seemingly low price, but give up money, make a lot of money. After image of unified platform, the goods can be more access to high quality owner’s resources. Truck driver operating volume has greatly increased, income also is a rising tide lifts all boats.” The team said.

the price standard is micro promptly to establish a standard system. Standard system involving models, the types of goods, the method of payment standard, good faith evaluation standard and the standard of drivers, and so on. About driver standards it is worth mentioning, after joining platform, the goods will pass to the driver training, to do it in service response in a timely manner, smiling service, more step road, keep the vehicle inside and outside clean, standard language, and through the service tracking and evaluation to ensure the quality of the service.

to establish a set of standards, is not only for the sake of efficiency, zhang jian and his team hope to do a business platform of the van driver. “Is the development of goods through the advantage of a driver, a driver to bring enough orders, use experience in owner’s balance between income and driver, let the shipper service experience better, let oneself earn more. We want the driver to know, the goods in starting a business with them. The future of the goods not only is the fastest the cheapest city express platform, platform for local freight drivers.” Zhang jian said.

now, the goods through the web side, AnZhuoDuan, micro letter have been online, and the Pacific insurance completed service docking, partner with vanguard, Chinese snack net, everyone supermarkets, etc.; Showcase city is xi ‘an, 270 people registered driver, user 3116, orders for 1156. The goods are now seeking angel round.