Micro financing evening news: constant MEM, WePay payment processing company for financing, etc

May 21 (word/WeiWen)

enterprise mobile education products micro constant MEM 2 million angel financing. Micro constant MEM is a education tools products, the product function module, independently by the school based on the current development needs the function of the combined need to present themselves,, and generating all parameters can be adjusted at any time, joining together into their school school of APP.

holidaying “children’s play” 5 million round of funding, angel investors for chinastone capital. Children’s play as a children’s version of the public comments, it is between parents and play project provides information matching, help lazy lazy dad mom found children should go and play at the weekend. Child’s play for the parents also provide each place with the parameter of parent-child facilities.

“master” door to door massage platform angel financing was ten million yuan, the investor for boring technology’s palms boring and funds. The master is to provide the door a physical therapy, massage, massage health services O2O platform. Team wants to do differentiation combined with their own professional medical resources, to provide users with health management, household management of chronic diseases, spinal health and prevent the several aspects such as the home experience type service, into mobile health field.

owner service O2O platform “dot” tens of millions of yuan, the pre – A round of funding, by HuaZe, Mr. CAI’s long lead venture capital and chunghwa picture tubes round investors capital investment. Little for owner provide illegal query, car beauty, maintenance, road rescue, traffic and other service agents, car and use free car wash as critical point cut into the market.

innovation service platform together create 15 million round of funding, angel investors for rock valley capital. Gen offline for entrepreneurs to provide free coffee, we regularly organize various entrepreneurship training, investment and financing, business partners and docking, etc. Series theme activities. At present, and have business street in Beijing and Shanghai caohejing development zone respectively opened his own business coffee – get a space.

India news startup Lookup won $3 million in financing, led is Twitter co-founder biz stone. Lookup can help users with local merchants to negotiate business, including booking, production and inquiry. Consumers in 5 minutes can get reliable reply from local businesses.

otto technology for 60 million yuan A round of funding, led party for DFJ dragon vein China fund, star ferry, Beijing new capital, awake and science and technology. This round of investment main layout in the cool glass products of mass production, stock, third-party platform building, building large data server based on LBS, marketing direction, more comprehensive application scenario for the compound soft hard couple, make killer third party applications.

search as A service startup Algolia $18.3 million for A round of funding, make by Accel Partners collar, Alven Capital, Lead Edge Capital, Kevin Rose for refs. Algolia provide website and mobile application hosting is a type of search API start-ups, website or mobile application only a few minutes embedded simple code search function can be realized.

car looked up and display device company Navdy won $20 million in financing. The money will be used to recruit more engineers, and expand the production line. Navdy added a head-up display, for cars, the user mobile phone on the information projected onto the windshield.

disease prevention start-up team Metabiota $30 million for A round of funding, they through the data collected by different institutions, combining algorithm, to predict the next possible location and disease types, mainly around the sending service to government agencies, health organizations and insurance companies, etc.

payment processing company WePay won $40 million in financing, investors including FTV Capital. After this round of funding, they will gradually expand the international market. WePay mainly for online trading market and some of the raised platform, such as Care.com, Custom Made and GoFundMe provide paid services such as

online payment company Stripe for another round of financing

reports that online payment service provider Stripe is a new financing, DST Global led by Russian Internet investment company. At present about Stripe this particular an unspecified number of rounds of financing, but a source says should be in the $500 million, and in this round of financing, after the completion of Stripe valuations will amount to $5 billion.

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