Mexican business outlook: not only the export processing enterprise

cloud network hunting note: established in 1994 in the United States led the American free trade area, in Mexico. In recent years, Mexico gradually out of the free trade zone and as the limitation of export processing factories, for the development of economy. 2006 Super Happy Dev House movement provides background conditions, Mexican. VC and became the pioneer entrepreneurship. Vc rise after 2009, 2009, independent government policy centre, INDEM thus sufficient conditions, rapid economic development. Hunting cloud network in this paper, the capital, Mexico City, money center monterrey and engineering center guadalajara economic development.

Goldman Sachs and others expected to Mexico in 2050 to become the world’s fifth-largest economy. It is not difficult to understand, also do not need any professional financial knowledge.

as the world’s most populous spanish-speaking countries, Mexico on the Pacific and Atlantic coast has a prosperous port, and rich natural resources, has a long history and development of the mature industrial departments, close economic ties with the United States, as well as the rapid growing Hispanic population (their purchasing power will reach us $1.5 million).

but in the prediction of reckoning, it seems, are still missing a bit, although it is only a few years of brewing, Mexico has the most dynamic business prospects in Latin America.

if Mexico was to jump out of the (mainly undertake) in the United States export processing manufacturing industry and the limitation of the north American free trade area, built in the world and a powerful economy, technology and innovation will become the foundation of the economy.

business origin chronicle of

in 2006, about 50 people have been a international business development plan TechBA selected – the product of the north American free trade agreement, traveled 2000 miles, from Mexico to silicon valley, learning the entrepreneurial spirit in the proving ground of globalization.

this early is the product of cultural exchange in Mexico City Super Happy Dev House movement, despite the name sounds a little stupid, but this is actually a Mexico nearly a decade of rapid development laid the foundation.

in Mexico in 2008 and new Web 2.0 meeting “Tequila Valley” movement, two TechBA initial participants, is also a Super Happy Dev House sponsors — Santiago Zavala and Cesar Salazar, and Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs David Weekly cooperation design Mexican. VC driving mechanism. This is to solve the emerging startups an early attempt to lack of funding.

as of 2012, Mexican. VC has been applied by 500 startups, until today in the ink according to unshakable position in the history of entrepreneurship. At the same time, the foundation and VCS Alta Ventures in Mexico in the first wave of entrepreneurship financing effect is remarkable.

from left to right are: 500 startup partners Cesar Salazar, Juan Lopez Salaberry, Santiago Lomeli Zavala and operations director.

MEXCAP in 2009, held in Mexico City before its first meeting, the vc has not been popular in Mexico in real sense. Shortly after, Hernan Fernandez longxi interferes with Mexico’s angels, discovered the Angel Venture. It has a website, which has both angels and traditional business, and they are willing to project finance as a limited partner for innovation.

in 2013, independent government policy centre, INDEM marks a self-sustaining and progressive development of the birth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Mexico City: easy access

more than 22 million people in Mexico City, is not only of Mexico, is also one of the biggest cities in the world. It is the world’s financial centre, cultural significance and important political area, the entrepreneurial spirit of the core are also expect Mexico.

to Cesar Salazar, control area of the city has been extended to the whole even Mexico. 500 Startups partner told me that the “Mexico City has already become in the spanish-speaking world energy’s largest and fastest growing entrepreneurship center”.

Salazar observed more than 25 companies in investment, the company received more than $200 k, or got one thousand earnings. And he further estimate, only in the past four years, all the ink in 100 or more companies can meet this standard. But the Mexican government should not require exact state or local data. Salazar, and other leaders agreed that get a large amount of investment in Mexico City.

as a recognized vc’s house, with investment across the United States, Latin America and Europe, Salazar brought extremely valuable prospects for Mexico’s entrepreneurial culture. Since founded in 2011 by Mexican. VC started, he is witness to Mexico City behind disjointed appearance into a prosperous and lively ecosystem, diversified development, like the city itself. “To show the world the social driving forces to create a better future of the power of human interconnectedness.”

“Mexico City has become a Spanish energy’s largest and fastest growing business center in the world”. – Cesar Salazar

many startups are concentrated in the city in an and Condesa district, but cooperation is an important landmark, such as public-private accelerator StartupMexico; Word of mouth good Centraal; Social ImpactHub etc, they created a sense of unity, to become the important center of overwhelming advantage.

Hackathons and community construction activities to evaluate the city accumulation of fine ideas and can provide a new reference. By Gustavo Alvaro Moreno spearheaded “startup weekend”, opened its first international office in Mexico City in 2012, a year 50 a number of national activities; “Entrepreneurs week”, which was established by the national government mainly to undertake ecological theme exhibition, conference, held attract talents and experts all ink.

UP Global Gustavo Moreno (startup weekend home office), each year more than 50 events in ink.

even critics have to admit that the existence of government make Mexico City appearance to look brand-new. Like INADEM, the focus may be through to the whole country, but its headquarters is located in the capital. Entrepreneurs think it makes it easier to come into contact with the officer in charge of the top-down planning and find support.

, according to government figures 2014 INADEM about 620000 entrepreneurs and the micro, small and medium-sized companies raise about $658 million, enough to produce 6000 emerging companies and 73000 new jobs. Itzel Villa, a senior staff INADEM explained to me, this aspect of the public spending priority according to the regional distribution, and there are five main free decision criteria: regional development, business development, high influence of financial and entrepreneurial culture, government often provide subsidies) in private, small and medium-sized commercial projects, and micro business technology.

Alta Ventures Diego Serebrisky said to me: “INADEM is supported with about 20 seed fund, as investors are also involved in the other 8-10 fund.”

however, the most important thing is that it set up a successful company and attract important capital records made Mexico City outstanding highlights.

, for example, Conekta, online payment technology, who is in a local startup eventually extended to all ink, one of the successful example of it is now cooperating with some of Mexico’s top companies. Kichink, a e-commerce platform, has helped more than 20000 companies to realize digital business. Clip, a kind of equipment manufacturers of mobile payments, raised $1.5 million in 2013.

Mexico City, one of the widely acclaimed entrepreneurs Cristina Palacio, participated in the construction of two successful entrepreneurial projects, is worthy of note: Aventones, is now an international carpooling application, originally designed as Mexico City’s notorious traffic jams and pollution problem solution; And Rides, a collaborative software, contact want to plan to travel long distances to the same destination.

Santiago Zavala is Cesar Salazar in one of the partners of 500 Startups, is another a prominent character of Mexico City. As the Angel of the Ventures Hernan Fernandez, INADEM Adriana Tortajada, Jaguar, Erik Perez Grovas, Endeavour of Pilar Aguilar, and Venture Partners, Fernando Lelo DE Larrea.

monterrey: money center

Cesar Salazar, 500 Startups partners, insist on the country’s geographical location, Mexico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has a unique advantage: “in an economic or other ecological system cannot achieve the way and the gulf cooperation”.

so, under the SAN Antonio, the monterrey sticked in the gulf of Mexico, gains more than most of the city.

monterrey Alta Ventures, general manager of Serebrisky certainly thinks so. He said to me: “in every big city has its characteristics, Mexico City may have ‘most dynamic technology business prospects. However, to some extent, because the monterrey, adjacent to the United States, it is also in the “boom” “.

no matter how to unscramble monterrey is how to keep up with the pace of the capital cities, for the only millions of population of the city, to emphasis on the Montreal Diego puts forward corresponding “entrepreneurial spirit”.

all the ink in monterrey, people know that the person is hardworking, worked hard, maybe a bit is much more conservative than the rest of the people, but far ahead on the business acumen. This could be due to the city’s motto: “work and mood.

looking forward to the prospect of monterrey, the lack of large scale and variability, but investment in high density, especially family office has obvious advantages, has made the cover.

Alta Ventures. Diego Serebrisky

Alta Ventures, founded by Rogelio DE los Santos, is one of the country’s most enjoy a high reputation of vc firms, is a mainstay of the national investment ecosystem. Last year, according to Diego, his company made into at least 35 deal, raised more than $20 million. Naranya, a steering mechanism, but also by Pablo Salazar leadership of early investment partners, is the name of another familiar in ink.

Cowork is recognized the work of the city space. University is the most authoritative leader in hkust, 28 schools across the country, is one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America.

it is well known, hkust in encouraging entrepreneurship and sponsorship activities play a positive role, is not only in monterrey, in all the ink is the same, many other campus.

in order to understand the potential of the engineering of the city to be discovered, you need to understand WePow, video and mobile devices is one of the leaders; Sidengo, a DIY website builders and the local ImpactHub incubator company. After both are founded by traditional engineers: before an engineer is Jorge Gonzalez, one is after Andrea Yriberry.

guadalajara: engineering center