Method of speech network: legal vertical q&a community based on interest

Wen/Shen Xiaoxue

method is a network of words in Chinese legal questions and social community, workplace for legal professionals with professional knowledge of law, in this case, the users can post questions, browse dharmadhatu information post or workplace information retrieval law, main functional plate for: legal practice, content sharing, career development, research, skinned scoff, study abroad exam, meeting people. Method of speech network PC launched in March 2014, mobile terminal product is embodied in the micro letter public platform “law those things”.

founder and CEO of su Yang convective cloud network said: short-term positioning about products, we hope we can become a “law net” generally accepted in the legal industry exchange platform or hub, long-term positioning is hoping to use the cluster effect and platform effect in many varieties of business, service legal person.

as vertical q&a community law, the law said the net does not make a try to APP development, and su Yang have their own unique opinion: I’m not too optimistic about the APP, at present, in addition to WeChat, some tools such as weibo APP and game software, open rate is very low, making APP is directly proportional to the input and output is not too, if you can tie WeChat thighs, for example, we optimized the WeChat sharing and page shows, may be higher efficiency. Now, we didn’t do large-scale promotion, the characteristics of the specialized also limits the user volume, so our day of PV in about 30000, UV in 5000, in more than 1000 IP, WeChat the performance of the public, a bit better, the article reading quantity can reach 5000 +, focus on users in more than 25000.

so, su Yang is how to think of to cut into such a strong vertical legal professional community? Su Yang said: because the law belong to the same industry and medical industry, IT industry more professional business, this means that IT requires communication within the industry. But the law industry had not such a recognised exchange platform, legal professional group is in a state of a more dispersed. So we expect to build such a platform to make up for the vacancy. In addition, we consider that although the law group size is small relative to the general public, and the target number of users is limited, but the objective law group’s income and social status are high, and their professional requirements for new knowledge and new information update have a quick mastery, so they would be willing to in the ascension of their professional skills and knowledge growth in investment and consumption. So, in this way the market is still very large, if we can successfully in the industry of the people gathered to, and we are able to get huge profit margins.

compared with the existing legal professional communication platform, the method of net of differentiation and how to show? Su Yang said, to say the same products, at present there were laws on zhihu related content, but content of mixed fine enough, the amount is not big enough. Industry has some slight awareness of traditional BBS, but size is not big enough, plus BBS’s model has an exit stage, while vertical q&a, vertical recruit these new patterns are still rising.

su Yang, said on the product, the method of net “will do further optimization and promotion, for the moment, we will optimize the product details, based on user feedback and according to the number of users and traffic development, timely open some new modules, such as we have recently opened in the q&a community as an activity of the module. At the same time, we will strengthen the product promotion and breeding of seed users, not organize regular offline activities, the current recruitment module is free to release most of the position, the purpose is in order to attract users in prophase. After accumulating a certain amount of industry users, business model is very good planning, the candidate’s business areas include headhunting, legal rating, online training, advertising, etc., are for the legal profession. Community is the core, its role is to attract users and ensure traffic growth, all business will unfold on community.

Gradually develops the

business models will inevitably involve the content, price, and the user experience of the accused, to this, su Yang said: the user experience, we compare the believe that it is a principle of visual design directly affect the user experience, so we had a lot of work and the vision. Content for the community, we USES the team’s own original power, or use the network resources team members invited industry veteran help us create content. As the growth of the users, content creators will gradually tend to the user, produced by the user’s own content. This will have to mention the community activity, I think the community activity relies heavily on community atmosphere, this atmosphere depend on our operations, on the other hand, rely on the breeding of seed users.

the price, we will continue to on user segmentation, according to the division the spending power of different users, such as headhunting services, to the student and part-time lawyer charges will be completely different. Assuming that the future to carry out the training business, will try to elite and the opening of a strong professional training content, pricing will be at a higher level, such as legal English, using the chart to solve disputes course and so on. Legal department division is very complex, even a part-time lawyer can’t please everyone, there will always be short.

it is reported, “network” of the method are behind a team of highly educated, su Yang convective cloud network said, most people in our team is a legal education background, and the graduate student degree reached 90% above, including college students, part-time lawyers, university teachers and other professional, so we learn about the industry. Team has engaged in technical personnel, for the development of the product can be completed independently.

at present, the method of network by financing.