Men’s electricity ecole: not only help you buy clothes, also tell you how to match

men’s fashion is a rise and rapid development of industry, traditional retailers and start-ups to emerge in endlessly new ways to provide more diversified and distribution products. Ecole established recently in New York, is to cater to the requirements of men and their wearing a startup and the new.

first, ecole is a shopping experience, it can help men buy clothes to make a decision.

the idea is that men need fast easy shopping experience, some men want to additional feedback, to ensure their own dress collocation is proper, such as the collocation of pants and shoes, etc. In fact, last night, I and my friends for whether his jeans and high help shoes fit launched a long discussion, so that it is necessary to such requirements.

ecole will choose from six men’s fashion brand partners, match a set of fashion in the interface. The user can click on any one single pack to choose other ways of collocation. In ecole users after collocation of your favorite dress told it is in line with the “recommended” ecole. So, men don’t have to be too much bother, can choose to suit oneself style of dress.

at the beginning of the ecole established partnership with six fashion brands, only a few of the key items to buy brand, and inventory is traditional retailers two to three times the number of sales. Its starting point is the men don’t care about seasonal, but care about clothing well-made and durability so that they can wear a few quarters. Ecole have partners made some design specially for the building.

this will help keep the breadth of choice, simplify the buying process, and make the ecole fashion collocation is to drive type.

ecole so far did not use external investment.