Meizu is pulled, to sales, is to rely on the offline channel


millet to build offline entity’s voice in the ear of judah, le pulled open super Lepar partner pattern, yesterday, and has a certain scale offline store meizu, announced and cooperation, and sign the agreement, to help meizu achieve sales of 2 billion yuan a year. So, we see is not the “Internet +”, but “+ Internet”, finally, the popular online business is to rely on the offline channel.

look at both sides of the cooperation goal, meizu products will be fully in offline store, 3000 and completed in year 1000 the construction of image points. 2 billion yuan for 3000 stores, nearly 700000 yuan on average every year to complete the sales target, down to about 2000 yuan a day. Spirit’s blue meizu have 699 yuan, 999 yuan of spirit’s blue NOTE MX4 1799 yuan, 2499 yuan MX4 pro, according to the average price of 1500 yuan, it is well known that one thousand yuan machine account for the proportion of relatively large, convenient calculation, according to 1000 yuan, a day to sell two phones even finished the task.

at the same time, in order to bring better after-sales service, meizu has invested 400 million yuan after construction. In the past three months, meizu concentrated completed for as many as 100, retail sales staff training, training a total of more than 2000 line of sales staff members. Combined with all kinds of operating expenses, 2 billion yuan was appear insignificant, so why should the meizu of cost to do it.

then you will say offline sales price, meizu misia said no guiding price for distributors, retailers can be arranged according to its own operating costs and profits to formulate the corresponding price, currently in jingdong day cat and offline channels can see premium sales incarnate is blue, it is consistent with millet, misia said incarnate the pricing strategy of blue and red rice series is similar.

since after “cost-effective” label on, profit margins are compressed further, alibaba strategic investment news of meizu springs to mind, rich capricious? Sales is rumored to bet against the agreement, if not meet expectations, so in that way.

yesterday at the scene, misia also revealed the meizu sales breakthrough smoothly in March 2 million, and it also released the meizu shipment targets for 19.99 million, 2015, also let a person remember once denied’s bet 20 million sales agreement. At present, the meizu independent channels has been breakthrough 1500 meizu store, and more than 26000 outlets, plus, retail, sales of 20 million seems to be a cinch.

the meizu opens up connected to meizu field, as a smart home and sell mobile phone is not the ultimate goal of meizu; At the same time, ali never give up their own YUN OS, regardless of whether they are complementary win-win cooperation, or each bosom worry bulk. Have a common goal, that is, shipments as part of the order of magnitude.

jack claims to “LeiJunZhi division”, the result of the higher and better than blue isn’t ugly, took horse governor of money, but didn’t get things right, face how can hang on to live, so, as long as it is help to increase sales, meizu is willing to take out any position to cooperate.

the increase in sales, it is necessary to perfect sale later, after all the meizu from hit a signature can’t do also won’t do a one-shot deal. And now that the smart home, so similar to Letv Lepar, offline store experience is extremely important. So, we see the offline store from blossom everywhere, to the waning of life again, now also can see, offline store in increasing the proportion of after-sales service.

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