Meizu & amp; 2 billion on after-sales, meizu & amp; Jingdong 6 billion overweight online


the meizu technology jingdong strategic signed in Beijing will be hand in hand, the two sides signed a $6 billion annual procurement agreement, overweight online sales channel. Time back to April 23, meizu, what’s the matter with you?

brush unwilling lonely existence move

the meizu last four new handsets promise is realized, and a year of a make a block booking mode fission into four a year, covering provide each gear. Cell phone launch vigorous, marriage ali is blaze, for a moment, eyes absorption and sentiment fly together, sales with capital.

but, in April, the beautiful watch the female users won’t phone, Letv super cell phones, no borders, the concept of a pre-emptive strike. On May 6, especially these compressors war “, millet, 360, Nubian almost made the day anniversary of the “mobile phone”, the meizu of the mobile phone is just finished, appearance has completed, the subsequent marketing service need to be normalized, natural cannot little fanfare, this just had teamed up with 2 billion, the jingdong directly to 6 billion, than the $2012 in 800 million, up 650%. Meizu is not worried about the forgotten in the corner, just ballyhooed brush presence, or very be necessary.

hungry scale

maybe someone will ask, ali has a stake in the meizu, this time the meizu teamed up with jingdong, governor ma feels and at worst will only is also “turn a blind eye”, at best “xi’s rush (greatly happy,, celebrate, infectious)”, because the governor heart lived a “YUN OS,” little evil spirit, you know.

is not their own website and offline store sales, and power, Tmall alone, jingdong amounted to 8 billion, calculate by an average of 1000 yuan, no problem of sales, 8 million, twenty million sales still pretty easily. Scale the speed of the nature is the sooner the better, a lot of good, go here.

meizu jingdong strategic cooperation signing will live

misia meizu technology vice President, said “this year Q1 meizu shipments Q1 grew 800% last year, the future meizu will pay more attention to after-sales service, meizu will invest 400 million yuan to build 2015 after-sales service system. By the end of April, meizu has more than 110 after-sales service center, open the “quick fix” door industry leading service. Work closely with jingdong because jingdong also have excellent service system. Meizu this year with jingdong to achieve bigger targets, annual purchase agreement is 6 billion, and to strive to become jingdong 618 mobile phone category sales champion.”

jingdong, chief marketing officer of a former lenovo manager, said, “the jingdong with the deepening of cooperation. As JDPhone, incarnate the blue note from the early stage of the positioning, pricing, jingdong involved all the way, with the common point defines the blue note this mobile phone across the age of one thousand yuan. 1 minute after the jingdong online sales break, the first round of buying order quantity up to 100000, created the jingdong mobile phone sales history milestone. In the future, relying on the meizu offline after-sales service system, in the jingdong mall to buy the meizu phone users can get more rapid, high-quality after-sales service.”

on April 20, cooperate with the trend of jingdong brand shop, the official opening. In the future, based on the “to provide users with better upgrade experience”, on the basis of the two sides will have greater cooperation in space.

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