“Meet” with offline scenarios, focus on professional networking platform

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always can’t let a person produce favorable social products, regardless of the founder founded in time what is the purpose of the project, finally seemed off track, go towards the direction to the vulgar. Hunting cloud network recently “meet” is a professional networking mobile platform based on the industry, allows the user to find professionals around and interact with their contacts. After the founder Li Xianghao published an article entitled, also detailed out his founding principle of “talent” later.

meet talent is a professional networking mobile platform based on the industry, the user can find professionals around you and to contact them. Meet with offline application scenario for the combination of more closely. For people who work in the workplace, often have all kinds of professional confusion, business problem, need to find a peer exchanges, asking for information, resources, cooperation. Meet is user can go deep into the life in the scene professional networking products.

since sky network, if adjacent network, China has had linkedin’s followers. But like I said, however, they still deviate from the original intention, start with the recruitment, play fair are filled with all kinds of small advertisement, affect the user experience.

meet competition mainly affectionately and linkedin, but more like a copy to the mobile fuzzy linkedin and secret mix of products. In meet platform, users have a real application scenario, find peer chat business dinner is everyone in life will generally do.

to ride there are tens of thousands of registered users, is by the early users to invite quality, and in through relevant information audit registered users. Most of them are graduated from famous universities, or the people who work in the well-known enterprises.

let users in the process of about to get what they need, the more life scenes, is to do a more detailed functions meet the development direction of the next. Especially the optimized matching information function, let the user see more interested in content; Make a invitation to the directional matching, attract more suitable for the discussion of experts and experienced people. At the same time, about how to protect user privacy, eliminate spam, harassment, and will be faced with challenges.

in terms of business model, Li Xianghao tell hunting cloud network, “because meet application scenario is very clear, and the combination of offline dinner party is very close, and the working people themselves have good spending power, their own from the point of view of recruitment, business services are very valuable, so money not so far away.”

to ride is about to help users, face to eat drink coffee chat work platform. At the end of the interview, Li Xianghao to hunt again cloud network set forth his views: “speak of professional networking, you probably think of are related to recruitment, I think before do professional networking projects will be misguided. But will really is to do social, not doing the hiring.”

founder Li Xianghao focus on social product design and research, has published “the wave of SNS,” content analysis on online social networking industry. Before starting “meet”, has served in renren, Civo, street network, managed dozens of product team. Including founding “meet”, he has three entrepreneurial experience, core members are all entrepreneurial teams. Meet the other team members from everyone is well-known Internet companies, such as baidu, sina, 985 college graduates.

comes in December 2014 to obtain the count of China’s hundreds of millions of angels. The next will be considered for the next round of financing. Will hope to find can understand its business model and planning for the development of the investors.